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50% Doppelganger with Demon Summoning System / Chapter 12: DWDSS CH 011 Sometimes You get caught in crossfire

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Chapter 12: DWDSS CH 011 Sometimes You get caught in crossfire

Reino worked hard on his new found discovery of making original skills and made a few useful ones through his hard work for a week to prepare for the impending Orc attack. Although they didn't supply him with as much shop points as the first skill he invented, it still was decent enough to push his stockpiled points beyond the 50K mark. In the process, he upgraded and gained a few resistances, best of which was his elemental resistance which was raised up to medium level. He also gained enough experience to level up a few times.

At the same time the Ogres that had transformed into their evolved version : Oni, were mingling quite well with the group. And of course , Reino fought and defeated a few of them enough times to gather information through scanning and gained a new Oni transformation in his Transformation Compendium.

Oni :

Level : 75

Skills :- Active- Atom Smasher (Temporary), Active- Critical Wave (Temporary), Active- Pandemic Bomb (Temporary), Active- Bound Weapon Summon : Pole (Temporary), Passive- Supreme Strength (Temporary), Passive- Demigod's Vitality (Temporary), Unique- Sage EX (Temporary)

It turned out to be quite surprisingly the most powerful Transformation in his arsenal by far. He realized that his other transformations were matching up-to the Oni only because his latent talent and intelligent applications of his skills helped raise his skills to more than what would have been usually possible for the regular version of such monsters . in a true fight while removing Reino from the equation, Oni would beat the transformation monster up easily. It made him really eager to see if the Oni would fare up well against him when he himself was in an Oni transformation.


In the mean time as time passed they came to know of various things about the Oni. One was the fact that their ancestors had once interacted with a reincarnated individual who was a human and visited their village once when it was besieged with a dragon problem. This individual turned out to be a Samurai and after killing of the dragon and saving the Ogres he stayed with them for quite a while , passing onto them his knowledge of Japanese culture, especially those of Swords like Katana, Kodachi, Odachi, Ninjato etc. And also Samurai and Ninja type armors and clothing. Rimuru was delighted with it , maybe a bit too much and Reino suspected that Rimuru himself might be one of them. Although it was pretty much unheard of for a reincarnated soul to be born as a monster, Reino had not forgotten his first glimpse of slime and dragon and suspected quite surely that Rimuru was the slime in that future glimpse, and of-course he knew about Veldora from the Hobgoblins who was said to have been enshrined here and disappeared around the same time that Rimuru emerged in front of the goblins for the first time.

Back to the Oni, it seemed they had been adopting the Samurai and Ninja attire ever since and they had taught themselves how to blacksmith and forge swords and armor by themselves. In fact , Kurobee turned out to be their village's best blacksmith. Rimuru put him to work with Kaijin the Dwarf Elder, they got along famously with their various blacksmithing and forging methods and product ideas.

Additionally thanks to Shuna, they found how to create Silk products now. Turns out that there was this monster called Hell-Moth which could be cultivated to give decent amounts of silk every week. Shuna applied her talents along with few Goblinas (Female Hobgoblins) and successfully produced many amazing prototypes. Seeing her success, Rimuru assigned two more dwarf brothers of Kaijin , Garm and Doldo to the task of helping Shuna produce more day to day type of clothes too. Garm was made in charge of everyday clothing and underwear, while Doldo focused on High Class Dyes and Attire for clothing. Shuna , relieved of part of her burdens focused on Silk cultivation completely. Along with that , she was extremely cute and responded to Rimuru's every praise in a way that made clear that she had an enormous crush at him . But anyone else who falls for those cute blushing cheeks and shy smile should keep in mind that the Oni-hime Shuna could crush most of those in the village easily without breaking a sweat. Flirting with her should be done at your own risk.

However turned out that there was another one vying for Rimuru's affection apart from Shuna.

"Shuna-sama. Shuna-sama has found employment? Please calm your worries for I shall devote myself to Rimuru-sama." Shion said with a gleeful smirk on her face

Shion pushed herself between Rimuru and Shuna , as Shuna was giving her report to Rimuru.

"It looked as if sparks were flying between them… nah! I was probably just seeing some optical illusion, Right Rimuru?" Reino whispered to Rimuru

"Certainly looks as if it was an illusion wasn't it , ohohoho!" Rimuru agreed with Reino while giving a fake laugh

Meanwhile, between Shion and Shuna the 'Civil Argument' continued,

"Ufufu. How could that be if I shall be the one to care for Rimuru-sama?" Shuna responded smiling brightly

"Perish the thought, Hime-sama, I shall not let it come to that! I personally shall fully devote myself to Rimuru-sama!" Shion boasted while pushing up her enormous chest in front of the almost flat chested Shuna

*Bachibachibachi* (Lightning sparks)

"See? They're perfectly civil! And besides, I require no one's care. Having lived alone for a long time, I can manage all household duties. So… let's take our leave." Rimuru told Reino while planning to escape

"Damn you Raijuu! Just explode already why don't you!!" Reino shouted at fleeing Rimuru while following him.

But unfortunately it wasn't meant to be as Shuna and Shion caught up and surrounded the two of them. Reino tried to escape while leaving Rimuru behind by appealing to the two of them.

"Hello beautiful maidens , if you will excuse me I think you only have business with Rimuru so I shall just pass by and be on my way--"

"Not so fast Reino-san or we might be forced to judge you as a guilty accomplice to the crime of kidnapping Rimuru-sama, isn't that true Shion-san?" Shuna asked with a bright smile that hid sinister intent

"Truly so Hime-sama" Shion answered while flexing her muscles.

"i will be right here sitting quietly" Reino turned into Carbuncle and tried to sit cutely like a pitiful dog to gain their kindness

"Then Rimuru - Sama, between Shion and me which one would you fancy by your side" Shuna asked

"Ummm Well Shuna has her weaving now right so I will be depending on you when you are free maybe?" Rimuru replied trying to divert their attention

'The heck are you saying Rimuru bastard, what will you be depending on ??' Reino shouted in his mind

"Ufufu, I have understood ! I have been favored right ?" Shuna said cheerfully

'The heck have you understood you idiotic princess?' Reino once again retorted in his mind 'Although she is very cute when Rimuru is around'

"In that case, for the time being, please leave Rimuru-sama to me, Hime-sama!"

"(Tch.) Please take care of our lord!"

"(Fufu.) I live to serve!"

Somehow, the conversation grew heavy. At that moment , it felt as if the temperature dropped in the room…

' I probably imagined it--' Reino had just thought that when he was proven wrong

"Well I was feeling like I want to make a boiled meat dish today!!" Shuna said while turning to look at Reino who was slowly trying to crawl away.

You know, there are plenty things in this world to which you absolutely should say: I probably imagined it! This was one of them. Another was : I am innocent !!!!!!!!

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