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Chapter 17: DWDSS Chapter 016 - Orc Disaster Gelmudo

Rimuru flew into the air with his bat like wings that grew out of his back. He and Reino had discussed telepathically and decided that the safest way to take care of this guy was first bombard him with the most powerful skills they owned and then let Rimuru take care of the Demon lord when its energy is depleted. Benimaru decided to attack first

"Black Flame Prison : Hell flare!!!" Benimaru shouted.

A huge dome of Black Fire covered the Orc Disaster Gelmudo completely . Reino could judge that it was an immensely powerful move which could be really useful for him in future. He discussed with Tico who agreed to use Necronomicon to record the skills he wanted in exchange for Shop Points.

However , the result didn't turn out satisfactorily for Benimaru. Gelmudo was standing there with burnt skin that was healing at an incredible pace. He seemed to have resisted the gravest damage with his aura and his high regenerative ability took care of the rest.

Next was Ranga who let out his Racial Skill 'Black Lightning ' one of the most powerful skills among Rimuru's subordinates that even Rimuru was slightly afraid of. Orc Disaster stiffened at the great mass of Black Lightning's direct strike. But Ultimately resisted and survived through that too.

[Fuha~a! So this is pain! I even saw a glimpse of death! But, it not enough to make the great me perish!!!] Gelmudo laughed hysterically, pissing the Oni and Ranga off.

He picked off the body parts of his subordinates and even his own charred arms and at them after tearing them off. The more he ate the faster he regenerated. The more Ranga fired the more tired he got , but Gelmudo stayed the same.

"Are you kidding me ??!!" even Ranga muttered tiredly before falling unconscious through lack of energy and the strain he had put his body through.

Shion took the lead next and attacked the orc Disaster with her enormous Odachi that she swung with terrifying speed of an Iai(Single Flash) skill. Gelmudo blocked it with a great-sword of his again and again, seemed that the great sword was as good as the works produced by Kurobee. Clashing again and again, finally Shion was blown off with a terrifying slash of Gelmudo's. at that moment, a thin sharp flash was seen by his neck and with a squishing sound his head fell off, Revealing Hakurou behind him. Reino was not convinced however and started charging all his energy into Ki inside him.

Despite everyone thinking the Orc Lord was dead, his neck spewed yellow tentacle like energy and reconnected the fallen head to his neck again. Hakurou's eyes widened as he backed off hurriedly. Just as the Orc Disaster turned to grab him, pieces of his flesh started to slice apart, falling one after another.

"Beheading Formation of Restraining Strings!!" Souei appeared quietly and whispered as more and more flesh was sliced of and fell.

[Chaos Eater!!!] The Orc Disaster used its cheat like Unique magic skill that can corrode or devour any substance.

Seeing that no more chances were left , Reino took the lead now. He jumped high enough till he was vertically above the Orc Disaster and let out all the Ki he had been storing since earlier.

"Ki Blast!!!!" The entirety of his key was focused into a pillar of Ki that started to disintegrate the Orc Disaster slowly but surely. Shockwaves from the blast was creating a crater that was getting deeper and wider by the minute and sent everyone flying away. The Aura of the blast was felt far and wide in an enormous region.

The effect of the blast lasted for many minutes. When everyone could finally see, they saw that only right hand , part of the chest and the scorched head of the Orc Disaster was left on the ground.

Reino was out of energy so he could only see the Orc Disaster slowly but surely recovering. At that moment , an intense focused aura spiked in the sky. Reino looked upto see that Rimuru was slowly decending but the atmosphere around him was different.


Gelmudo POV

Demon Lord Orc Disaster was bewildered. Just as he had intended to regenerate and eat the six strong demons, another one had appeared.

A boring monster, he had thought.

The monster's magic energy was certainly high, easily surpassing that of the other six. However, the monster had continued few meaningless attacks at first. Ones even inferior to those before him. No matter how often the monster would have attacked, no damage would accumulate. Thus, the orc did not feel threatened.

Thus, just when he had designated the monster as a good meal…

The constant onslaught of attacks suddenly stopped. And, she took of her mask. And the orc saw a beautiful young face of a silver haired girl.

What is she planning? The moment he thought that,


His arm, elbow down, was cut away from his body. And where it used to be attached, a dark flame burned him.And when he looked, his enemy, with appearance of a child, held a melting sword engulfed in a dark flame. Enemy? Yes, that was an enemy. He had considered her food. Now, however, was different. There was an overwhelming difference with the presence now before him. It didn't matter that his foe's weapon had burned away. Her abilities were so high that she didn't need it! Having met an enemy for the first time since evolving, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster's body tensed'. And another strange feeling. How strange… his arm had not started regenerating! Confused, he looked at where his arm had been only to find the dark flame still burning and sealing his regeneration.

Anger burned in his eyes. Cutting his arm off at the shoulder, he had it regenerate. And, he started swinging the Butcher Knife "Meat Crusher" with all his might.

"That small child cannot withstand even a single hit!"

However. The seemingly unarmed child casually lifted her arms, produced a sword out of thin air, and received the attack. With the same sword that he had thought was burned by her skill.

NiksElDrago NiksElDrago

Hope you guys are liking this novel so far .

Check out my new work in the following link:

World Traveller With RPG System

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