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Qian Renxue - Douluo Dalu 1: Rebellious son of the Tang Family - Chapter 6 by tjv_m full book limited free

Chapter 6: Qian Renxue

Yunchuan who was being comfortably hugged in the arms of Bibi Dong, enjoying the gentle breastfeeding of the pope, was very comfortable and in complete ecstasy.

On the other hand, his twin brother Tang San had a completely different life experience than him!

A small village, Holy Soul Village.

The only blacksmith shop.

The environment of this blacksmith's shop is sloppy, filled with the smell of fireworks and rust all day long, and there is an annoying sound of iron striking.

Inside, on a fairly clean bed.

A baby who was still in the swaddling clothes suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were moving, and he didn't look like an ordinary baby at all. It's like the look that an adult can have. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!..."

Hearing the sound of hammering from outside the house, he felt his stomach growling. Tang San couldn't help but opened his mouth and began to howl: "Woo! Woo!!!"

He is no better than Yunchuan, who is exceptionally talented. He is only three months old and can't even climb. His voice is not fully developed, to speak.


The sound of iron strikes outside the door stopped.

After a while.

The door was opened.

A decadent middle-aged man covered in stinky sweat, who looked about 30 or 40 years old, walked in, holding a small bowl of yellowish white liquid on his big rough hand. Judging from the faint smell it should be milk of some animal.

After seeing the decadent middle-aged man coming in, the baby Tang San stopped crying quickly, opened his eyes, and stared at the small bowl he was holding. For him who is extremely hungry at the moment, that small bowl of milk is the source of his life!

Tang Hao took the bowl of heated goat milk left over from last night, walked slowly to the bed, picked up the baby, and leaned it in his arms, which smelled like he did not take a bath for a few days, mixed with sweat, sour and smelly urine. Tang San who was surrounded by this smell compelled with the sparks and rust of the smithery felt like vomiting~

If Yunchuan, who was enjoying the gentleness and care of the pope, comes here at the moment, I am afraid that he will be vomiting! But Tang San was already accustomed to this smell. Although he felt uncomfortable at first, he gradually got used to it.

After all, this is his dear father, and he still relies on him to live now. There is no other choice but to endure it.

Tang Hao hand holding the small bowl, spoon in the other hand, and a small Tang San resting in his arms, staring at the goat milk helplessly ... spoonful by spoonful fed his son.

Tang Hao's expression didn't change in the slightest during the whole process. For him feeding the child is just a task. There is no expression of paternal love that belongs to the father at all. From the moment his wife sacrificed and died, his heart was already dead.

Tang San drank the goat's milk in small bites, and his empty stomach gradually became warm. Frankly speaking, this small bowl of goat's milk tasted really bad overnight, let's not talk about its own smell, because of being kept overnight. There is a subtle sour taste.

But there is no other choice, otherwise he will have to be hungry if he doesn't eat. In addition, he grew up eating this kind of goat's milk since he was born and by now he got used to it, it's okay I guess.

If Yun Chuan could see his brother Tang San's treatment since childhood, he would definitely cry that he was very fortunate to be robbed by Wuhun Palace.

Such good people!

The people who robbed him instead of hurting him, they were saving him from the sea of ​​suffering!


Wuhun Hall.

Ever since he awakened the mother in Bibi Dong, Yunchuan's comfortable days have become more comfortable.

He moved out of the little baby room that he had lived for more than three months and moved in Bibi Dong's boudoir, sleeping with the pope, and enjoying the pope's personal care. As for the nanny who had taken care of him, she was fired. Obviously, the next task of nurturing him, the pope intends to complete it herself. In this way, she can fully vent her maternal love, and by the way, it can also alleviate the painful problem of lactation that had been a problem for many years.

After completing the pope's necessary and official duties every day, Bibi Dong spent the rest of the time on Yunchuan, raising him completely as her own child.

Yunchuan also behaved coquettishly, trying hard to please this woman who was his protecting umbrella in the Wuhun Hall doing everything possible to play and be a likable kid.


One month passed.

Yunchuan is four months old.

Now he can barely stand, walk swayingly, and speak clearly, especially when he calls Bibi Dong mother.

Of course, he doesn't say the complete words. After all, Yunchuan didn't want to arouse the suspicion of other people. A four-month-old baby barely saying few words, can be regarded as a genius. But if you can communicate like normal people, it would be too abnormal. It's simply telling others that this baby has a problem.

Therefore, Yunchuan has always maintained a relatively genius, but not so exaggerated. It's just for fear of acting too enchanting and being persecuted.

This day.

After breastfeeding, Bibi Dong went out to deal with her affairs as usual, leaving Yunchuan alone to play in the room. Many furniture that might hurt the children have been cleaned out and replaced by a lot of toys.

After Yunchuan became a baby, it was as if his body affected his mind, so he was idle and bored, and played with these toys. It turned out to be very interesting. It feels like it has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow of the child, and so the habit of playing with toys has become completely natural."Click!"

The door was gently opened.

Sitting on a blanket spread on the ground, Yunchuan playing with a Rubik's Cube like toy, thinking that Bibi Dong is back. Subconsciously turned his head and looked at the door, almost blurting out "mum" as usual which suddenly got stuck in his throat

Looking at the door, it was not Bibi Dong's mature and delicate figure that appeared, but a tender and thin little figure on the contrary.

It's a little girl which looked about 7-8 years old.

Long golden hair which seems to be shining, the golden eyes, and the charming facial features which are exquisite, like the most perfect masterpiece of heaven. Coupled with that small body in a little white skirt, it is simply perfect loli!

It's just that this blonde loli is staring hostilely at the little baby sitting on the carpet with a Rubik's Cube toy in his hand. As if the other party had snatched her beloved toy, her white and tender face gradually puffed up, staring at him angrily!

"Qian Renxue!"

Seeing the characteristics of this blonde little loli, Yunchuan knew her identity instantly. After all, this kind of appearance, coupled with being able to come to the pope's boudoir so unscrupulously, obviously, except for the pope's daughter and disciple, no one else has such courage.

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