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MC Status (1st Update) - Douluo Dalu 2: Legend of the Heavenly Wolf by iLyannn full book limited free

MC Status (1st Update)

Just to be clear, this story doesn't have a system, I just made this chapter to make my character's abilities clearer to readers.

I'll update this chapter as the story goes, so don't worry if he gains too many skills to remember at once.


[Name: Mo Xie]

[Age: 11 years old]

[Height: 1,60m]

[Rank: 37]

[Martial Souls: Mystic Eyes (Awakened), Mystic Heavenly Wolf (Awakened)]

[Innate Abilities]

[Eyes of Truth: Uncover the truths of the world, whether laws, illusions, failures in techniques and structures or even facilitating learning, the most evident path shows itself. (Mystic Eyes)]

[Heavenly Domain: Creates an elemental domain that traps any enemy within it until the wielder decides to release it. Within the domain, the wielder can control all the absolute elements as long as he has enough control and understanding of them, and can use them for both offense, defense and support. The wielder's attributes increase by 120% and opponents' attributes decrease by 80% (Mystic Celestial Wolf)]

[Swordsmanship Progress:]

- Sword Qi (Perfection)

- Sword Intent (Perfection)

- Sword Domain (Small Success)

- Sword Heart (None)

- Sword Dao (None)

[Sword Techniques:]

- Blazing Body Freezing Mind Slash (Comprehend from Yin-Yang Sword)

- Ice and Fire Explosion Sword (Comprehend from Yin-Yang Sword)

- Sword of Destruction (Comprehend from Yin-Yang Sword)


- Arrays: Advanced Level

- Blacksmith: Advanced Level

- Alchemy: None

- Spirit Tool Engineer: Second Class

[Spirit Rings (Mystic Eyes)]

First Ring: Illusion (3.800 years old Scarlet Cyclops)

Second Ring: Spiritual Cancellation (12.000 years old Yin-Yang Spiritual Panda)

Third Ring: Spirit Explosion (21.000 years old Three-Eyed Bat) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Spirit Rings (Mystic Heavenly Wolf)]

[Spirit Bones]

Yin-Yang Earring (External Bone) - Amplify the Light and Dark Elements by 40% and increase the control over them.

[External Skills]

[Natural Qi Refinement: Absorbing Nature's Energy it is possible to strengthen and cleanse impurities from the body and soul. It is also able to cultivate the purest possible Spiritual Power as well as strengthen the bloodline. Divided into 5 levels. (All stages strengthen the practitioner's bloodline.)]

- Purification of Impurities: Purifies both body, soul and spiritual power, leaving them 10 times purer and more powerful than normal people. The affinity within elements is also greatly strengthened.

- Body Metamorphosis: Reforms the body completely, changing bones, veins, meridians and blood, making them even more powerful and resistant, creating a perfect body for the practice of martial arts. Natural talent is greatly strengthened. Gains immunity to poison, cold and heat.

- Essence Refinement: It refines the body, soul and spiritual energy even further and brings them even closer to perfection. All internal organs are strengthened to the extreme at this stage and the body begins to absorb the laws to improve affinity and understanding of them.

- Essence Crystallization: The body is elevated to perfection with its attack power, defense, endurance, agility and vitality enhanced to the extreme. The soul and spiritual energy come to have a pure crystalline glow free from any impurities and strengthened to the extreme.

- Body of Nature: The practitioner is able to feel and use all the elements of the natural world as he wishes as long as his comprehension is sufficient. The comprehension and perception of nature at this stage is raised to the highest level possible and a Soul Core containing all the laws of nature is created which will be strengthened based on the comprehension of the laws.

[Heavenly Eyes of the Sun and Moon: Able to absorb the Essence of the Sun and Moon to strengthen the practitioner's vision, comprehension, perception and Mental Power. Divided into 5 Levels.]

- Essence of the Sun and Moon (1st Stage): At this level, perception, comprehension and vision are improved and it is possible to see more and more clearly. Mental Power is also greatly improved and memory starts to become more perfect. The control of mental and spiritual power is also greatly improved.

- Pupils of the Sun and Moon (2nd Stage): At this level the pupils begin to take on a golden and silvery color. Vision is further improved and everything starts to move in slow motion, allowing the practitioner to react faster and faster and grants the ability to Mental Attacks and see the energy flow of a living being.

- Manifestation of the Sun and Moon (3rd Stage): At this level, the vision is enhanced to an extreme level where you are able to see the smallest details in your field of vision and the pupils fully take on the golden and silvery colors. Mind Power is also enhanced and condensed to the point that it affects reality and memory becomes perfect, able to remember everything you have seen or heard.

- Integration of Sun and Moon (4th Stage): At this level it is possible to understand and affect other people's thoughts from mental power and create a spirit domain where you can see everything in a three-dimensional view. (Depends on spiritual and mental power).

- Heavenly Eyes of the Sun and Moon (5th Stage): At this level the eyes attain perfection and mental power is elevated above the realm of mortals. You can use spiritual and mental power to do anything, as long as you have enough spiritual and mental capacity. (Ex: It is possible to place an entire plane inside an illusion as long as the practitioner's mental and spiritual capacity is sufficient.)

[Shadow Steps (Movement Technique): This technique can double your speed if it were fully mastered. With this technique a person could move quickly and silently, leaving no trace to be tracked. Only a shadow could be seen slightly before disappearing from the opponent's field of vision.] (Perfection)

[Gladiator's Handbook (Close Combat Technique): It is a technique that encompassed punches, palms and kicks, methods for using and withdrawing strength, how to use your body in conjunction with spiritual power as well as other uses. It could be considered a multifunctional technique, but it still had the same power as specialized techniques.] (Perfection)

[Yin-Yang Sword (Sword Technique): It is a sword technique that implements two contrary forces that could act together, complementing each other and becoming more powerful.]

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