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100% Douluo Dalu 4: Final Douluo / Chapter 2: Ten Millennium Period

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Chapter 2: Ten Millennium Period

Ten thousand years passed, due to the great war ten thousand years ago which reaped so much energy causing the Douluo Realm to evolve. Thus comparing to the past, the Douluo Realm is larger and stronger by many many times. Rank 99 Limit Douluo is no longer the limit for humans, proven by the analysis and experiences left behind by certain predecessors. Whether it be Humans or Soul Beasts, both are able to cultivate to Rank 120. The world called Soul Beasts that reached that level as God Beasts while Humans at that level are able to live for a thousand years are respectfully addressed as "Final Douluo".

Despite this, those achieving this stage among humanity and spirit beasts in history are very few. Although they are few, it does not mean they do not exist, like the first God Beast that lived 20 thousand years ago, the Golden Eye Black Dragon King, Di Tian. In regards to humanity, there has only been six that were recorded in Shrek Academy as legends. These six individuals are three couples, just like the partner of Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin ten thousand years ago. The six are the remaining members of the Shrek Seven Monster; Time Dragon Douluo Xie Xie, Heaven Fall Douluo Yuanen Yehui, Holy Angel Douluo Le Zhengyu, Starry Sky Douluo Xu Xiaoyan, Star God Douluo Ye Xinglan and Ultimate Destruction Douluo Xu Lizhi. They had all reached the apex of the Soul Master of what the new Douluo Realm could allow. Though before that, the whereabouts of Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin and Silver Dragon Douluo Gu Yuena was still beyond comprehension. It wasn't that Humanity and Spirit Beasts alike did not send out large search parties, but the outcome of it could only make one sigh to oneself.

Today, in the heart of the continent is the sacred training ground of all Spirit Masters, because it was where Shrek City sits on, no, Shrek City is of the past, now there is only one seat for the most prosperous and largest city in all of Douluo Continent. The people called it the Eternal Heaven City.

Somewhere within the Arctic, ten thousand meters below the surface lie a peculiar diamond shaped yet large piece of ice. There seems to be a pair of silhouette intertwining as gold and silver within the core of the huge ice. A golden spear pierces through both their chest yet they both embraced each other refusing to let go, in fear that in doing so they would lose sight of the other party. Yet from within the belly of the silver figure shined with a feeble seven colored radiance, seemingly with a weak breath of life that is gradually coming into the world as well.


Meanwhile, a bright white boat was on the sea surface conducting their duty patrol.

"Headquarters, this is Patrol Vessel Sea Prestige. The recent observations show that the influencing factor for the ten percent faster rate of icebergs thawing is incomprehensible.

If this continues on, the sea level will surely rise further, the impacts affecting the various coastal cities will be too great." A roughly forty-year-old middle-aged man is right now reporting to the Navy Headquarters on the Arctic Circle's situation. On his shoulders are two bars of three stars indicating his rank as a Captain, at the same time he is also the Patrol Vessel's ship captain.

[Notes: In the PRC/US/UK Armed Forces, three stars would mean Colonel, in the navy, however, it indicates the rank of a captain]

"Have you discover the origin of the illogical cause?" The Headquarters send through a burst of deep male voice.

"Reporting, not for the time being, though my perception tells me that this is like an energy wave from within the deepest area within the ice." the Captain speaks his thoughts with slight uncertainty.

"Oh? Can it be that below this sheet of ice hides something that is out of proportion?" the speaker from headquarters on the other side seemingly lost in his own thoughts.

"Forget it, forcefully investigating the situation below will only throw the ecology of the Artics into chaos, this won't sit well with the life principles of Humans and Soul Beasts. However, the accelerating thawing is more urgent, just use the Freezing Stabilizing Tool to delay it."


Lin Family, as time goes a crying sound loud and clear appears.

"Sir! Madam has given birth! It's a girl!" a maid jubilantly exclaimed as she left the room, rushing to the tall and straight handsome male that is walking back and forth nervously perspiring as she yelled.

"Rea...Really?" The man was stunned. In other words, his eyes were fully red and laughed. Under the gaze of the maid, he ran into the delivery room insanely.

The man's eyes were looking upon his beautiful lady, who has a pale face on the bed, tenderly and pitifully, hastily making his way to the bedside grasping her hand tightly.

"My dear, it's been hard on you. You are the best." the man smiled, treating her tenderly.

"Hubby, where are our children, quickly carry her for me to see." the lady shakes her head, smiling

"Very well, I'll carry her here." the man finished speaking and turned to the cradle behind him. The infant in it was carried ever so gently filling his eyes with joy and happiness as if the infant in his bosom is his most precious treasure.

"Come, come and see your mother, little child." the man continues smiling placing the baby in the lady's bosom.

The lady carries the baby girl, eyes filled to the brim with the radiance of a mother's love, daughter and mother alike inheriting a pair of bright and beautiful eyes. With such a handsome face, completely a pretty baby, once she grows up it will be troubling.

"Hubby, come and help the child pick a name." her fingers lightly rubs the baby girl's nose, slightly smiling.

"En, I have already thought of it, the birth of this child, seemingly allowed both of our lives to reborn anew, I hope that in the future, she would be a kind and willing to help child. Thus, she shall be named Lin Xuehan, pure as the snow, with a forgiving heart."

[林雪涵: Lin = Forest (Last Name), Xue = Snow & Han = Tolerant]

"Lin Xuehan? Good name! Then I shall call you Lil' Xuehan next time, ge~" she looks down at the baby girl and smiles lightly. [ge = giggles]

"Gegege~", as if Lil' Xuehan could understand, laughing baby-ish.

"Hehe, you are my life's greatest joy and happiness." smiling, the man held the mother-daughter duo in his embrace, the scene was exceedingly warm.

"Booom! A loud terrific bang sounded from within the depths of the Arctic Circle and came forth a fierce matchless aura gushing into the skies which formed the phantom of a great dragon of seven colours, emitting out one large aura of the Dragon Race in the four directions.

"Shuaash!" Ten thousand meters deep in the core in the large piece of ice, seven coloured brilliance shined more and more dazzling, before forming into a cocoon, leaving for the surface.

"Warning Alert! Warning Alert, detecting a powerful energy source, energy power index has reached 11! Warning Alert…" the alarm hurriedly rang immediately waking all personnel of Oceanus Prestige, sending them into a state of alertness.

"How did this happen? Captain Liu Yun asks with a frown.

"Reporting to Ship Captain, a huge energy source has been discovered a hundred thirty-seven kilometres southwest at beginning of the eruption. The central range has already gone beyond the limits of the radar detector!" a soldier resisting his panic-stricken heart reports hurriedly.

"You can report the situation to Headquarters first, I will first go take a look." Liu Yun heavily says.

"Yes! Ship Captain must be careful, this energy exceeds our imaginations." the soldier hesitated for a while before nodding.

Without sparing any more nonsense, Liu Yun's body flashed outside the ship mid-air. Waving his right right hand, a blue mecha unit appears beside him, entering it and immediately spreading eight soul-guided light wings turning southwest and sped toward it.

Star Dou Great Forest, one handsome man abruptly looked up, a thread of gold hair streak across his face while tears surged out from that golden pupil. In a moment, several figures appeared beside this man, incredible yet tears are also flowing down non-stop, their sight facing towards the north.

[Note: I feel that the "a thread of gold hair streak across his face" may instead be "a thread of gold shine flashed across his face" but I don't have enough details]

"Bi...Big Boss, thi..this" an over three meters tall robust male trembling says while tears continually stream down his face.

"It is the aura of His Majesty." a purple hair female trembles while wiping her tears.

Are the people present currently not precisely the Soul Beasts rulers, Di Tian as well as Xiong Zun fellow Kings of Soul Beasts?

[If this isn't the Di Tian I'm thinking it is, I will revert back to the use of Sky Emperor]

A fabric of space beside Di Tian tore open, and two men walked out with heights of over two meters, indeed it is the two uncles of Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin, Heavenly Green Bull-Python and Overlord Titan Ape, Da Ming and Er Ming?

"Not only the Silver Dragon King but also Wulin's aura." Da Ming's eyes moisten with a sound that was difficult to calm down.

"I knew it, I knew it, Wulin wouldn't die just like that!"

Er Ming has the capacity to a King of Soul Beasts, roughly on the same level as the current Emperor who's definitely mighty, yet his emotions are violently fluctuating.

"Let us go!" Di Tian did not say much and instantly used a kind of ultimate speed and rushed toward the north.

"We should quickly get moving too." Da Ming says toward Er Ming, soon after his body flashed following behind Di Tian. Er Ming nods his head and leaps after them. A time of pause after, Bear Monarch, Purple Beauty, Jade Beauty & Myriad Evil King, several Kings of Soul Beasts all left towards the Arctic Circle.

[Bear Monarch or Bright Monarch XD?]

"Eternal Heaven City, Shrek Academy's Sea God Pavilion, a ten meters long wooden table was fully seated, every one of their aura permeates around causing the space to vibrate. There is a handsome man on the first seat, although the calmest, everyone one present knew that this man's strength is exceedingly great, the Sea God Pavilion's Pavilion Master


"Everyone present must have felt it too, the energy from the Arctic Circle. The sheer magnitude of it is beyond our expectations." the young man smiles.

"Pavilion Master, I think the energy is unusual, this is possibly the perpetrators of the recent accelerating thawing of the Arctic Circle Ice Mountain." an elder with a pair of bright and piercing eyes gradually speaks.

"That's right, Pavilion Master. This energy may perhaps create a colossal impact on us or we could perhaps think of an idea to control it." a fifty-year-old looking female speaks and many people seated nodded their heads.

"Don't, best to let it as it is, could be the will be the will of heaven, although this energy more or less creates some impacts, but they…" another elder shakes his head and wasn't done speaking.

"This is the power of creation." the young man suddenly laughed, saying "And also the Beast Kings seem to also be interested in this."

"Power of Creation?!" the people present suddenly cried out. "Pavi...Pavilion Master, is this true?" the fifty-year-old man said in a daze.

"Hehe, let's go, we shall visit to see too." the instant he finished, the young man became an after image.

"Go, we should go and see too!" a group of elders suddenly looked at each other and nodded, following the man.

onlyTruly onlyTruly

I will start editing more when i have alot more time!


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