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Chapter 2: Martial Spirit - Douluo Dalu: Sheng Feng - Chapter 2 by Lord_KronosxX full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Martial Spirit

"Chopsticks! Trash, Innant Spirit Power 0"

"Straw hat! Trash, Innate Spirit Power 0"

The sounds of shattered dreams and fractured hearts, along with the cries of children is everything anyone passing by could hear near the Spirit Hall of a poor village.

Time after time the Spirit Master Jin Mo went through the students of Kotta Village one by one, awakening thier Martail spirits at record breaking speed.

"This is? What is this, I have never seen it before." Jin Mo's sight was on a weirdly shaped Martial Soul he couldn't identify.

"You...let us test your Spirit Power."

The boy places his hand on the crystal ball, his legs shaking as he begs the Gods to take pity on him and make the crystal shine with light. Answering his prayers It shines before disappearing like thin air.

"Spirit Power 3! As long as you train then you could become a Spirit Master. Tell me boy would you like to join the Spirit Hall?" Jin Mo wasted no time to invite someone with a rare Martial Soul to join the most domineering faction in Douluo Continent.

The boy's eyes twinkled like the midnight stars in the sky. Just by the smile across his face Jin Mo knew the answer.


'Good, finally someone worth while'

"Alright, once I finish here then I will take you with me back to the Spirit Hall, wait in the corner until I call for you."

The boy skips happily off the stage and Jin Mo calls the last child on the list for this village.

"Sheng Feng."

Hearing his name being called Sheng Feng almost sprinted to the stage. Withholding himself from excitment, he leisurely steps to the Spirit Master as if he was the least intrested of them all.

Like the many times before Jin Mo went through the procedures of awakening the Martial Spirit.

"Relax, when you are calm your Martail Spirit shall show itself." He forces his Spirit power inside of Sheng Feng to rue the Martial Spirit that lies dormant.

The warmth of Spirit Power overflowed Sheng Fengs being. The light casting off his hand blinded every child in the building, even Jin Mo, who squinted his eyes from the light.

The brightness dimmed until it vanished leaving behind Sheng Feng's Martial Spirit. Waiting for the light to go away Jin Mo searched his Martial Soul, frowning upon the sight while scrunching his eyebrows together he tightens the grip on his arm.

A spear rusted with age, damaged and unsightly, hovered above Sheng Feng's hand. Jin Mo was perplexed, it was indeed a useful Martial Tool and as long as he had even a fraction of Spirit Power there was no doubt he could become a Spirit Master.

However there was no significance of the spear, he looked closely but he could not find the reason behind the blinding shine of light when it awakened. 'What a let down! To think I believed I was witnessing the birth of a genius,' were the thoughts of the disappointed Spirit Master.

Sheng Feng opened his eye's, smiling as if he had won the million dollar lottery.


Name: Sheng Feng

Spirit Rank: 10

(1)Spirit: Chaos Spear

(2)Spirit: Elemental Monkey King


Frowning from placing his expectations too high Jin Mo proceeds to the next stage, "Place your hand on the crystal to test your Spirit Power."

Doing such the glassy crystal ball shined a blue light considerably dimmer then the awakening of his Martial Soul.

"Innate Spirit Power 5. You will definitely become a Spirit Master, would you also like to join the Spirit Hall?" Though his hopes were crushed the Martial Spirit wasn't bad. Another Spirit Master in the hall would be welcomed.

The corners of Sheng Fengs lips curled upward.

The memory of the Spirit Master treating his father like he was unworthy of his time even after receiving nothing but respect resurfaced, and the feeling of discomfort returned, ruining his mood once again. From spirited to indifferent in an instant, he faced Jin Mo.

"No thanks." 'There is also a bunny rabbit I desperately want to catch and joining the Spirit Hall may be fit for other reincarnaters but not for me. I can't live freely with a behemoth watching over me.'

The pits of Jin Mo's stomache tightened and though he denied respectfully it did nothing for the bitterneess in his mouth. But remembering he had a child with a mysterious Martial Spirit softened the blow tremendously.

"I see. Well it is your choice in the matter, it is only a waste to see someone unable to reach thier full potential because of limited resources."

With the ceremony over children left the buildings each one full of various emotions. Jin Mo took the child he successfully recruited, leaving the village in a slightly better mood then he had at his initial arrival.

Sheng Feng walks out last. Stepping on the dirt ground his eye's adjusts to the brightness outside, which was night and day compared to the inside of the Spirit Hall.

He raced to his hut where he knew his father was patiently waiting for his return while taking this time to go through the information about his Martial Spirits.

'Deliberately controlling my Spirit power was easier then I imagined. I only did that on a whim but because that Spirit Master thought nothing of my talents, rejecting the Spirit Hall without courting thier attention became a whole lot easier.

A Spirit Tool and a Beast Spirit. How would he look if he found out I have Dual Martial Spirits with Inant Full Power?'

The warmth and welcoming of the shabby hut surrounded him, signaling his arrival. His father was not in the livingroom like he expected, after searching the hut he found Sheng Xin in his room sitting on the end of his shabby bed.

"Feng'er. Have you awakened your Martial Spirit?" He asked in his raspy vioce.

"Yes father." Revealing his hand a rusted spear floats above his palm, causing Sheng Xin to open his eyes daringly close to popping out of his skull.

Sheng Xin grabs his arm, pulling it closer to take a better look.

Tears of joy flowed through his fathers eyes as he laughs out loud like a giddy maniac. "It's her, It's her. Hahaha I knew it! There's no doubt you are her child!"

By the text of his words Sheng Feng knew who his father reffered to was his faceless mother.

"Father, deos this spear has to do something with mother?" He asked.

"Yes! Yes! Thank the heavens!"

"Sheng Feng lisen to me clearly." Sheng Xin eyes became serious, his vioce strong and sharp.

Nodding, he concentrates on his fathers words.

"This Spear is the same one Lou Ran used before you born. If my memories serves me right, then it should be called the Choas Spear. It's domineering for...well i don't really know for what but it is one of the most mysterious Martial Souls in Douluo Continent.

"I only know this because of Luo Ran however she never told me the true extents within the Spear...Feng'er you have to promise me that you will become a Spirit Master, it will be a disgrace to her legacy if not."

Unbeknownst to Sheng Xin he already had plans to be a Spirit Master regardless of what Martial Spirit he awakened. "Of course father. I plan to soar through the heavens as a dragon among men," he resolved.

"HAHAHA Thats my boy."

The hardy slaps on his shoulder made him retreat futher away from Shin Xin.

"Alright Alright, Feng'er tell me what is your Spirit Power?"

Once again stretching out his hand he realesed his Martial Spirit without restraining his Spirit Power.

Sheng Xin spranged from his bed, believing his eye's has deceived him.

"Th- This This....INANT FULL SPIRIT POWER!!! HAHAHA. MY SON IS A GENIUS!" the excitment he has could not be contained.

After all a child born with Inant full Spirit Power is said to happen once every one-hundred years. Sheng Feng having full Spirit Power along with his mothers spear was to much for his heart to bear.

Seeing Sheng Feng giving him weird glances his forces himself to calm down. "Cough~Of course Of course, It is only natural I suppose, after all just look at your Martial Spirit."

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The day went on without changes in thier normal schedule. It wasn't until after dinner did Sheng Fengs door open and his father walked inside his beedroom holding a pinkish letter in his hand.

"Feng'er there is a college nearby called Nuoding College, where young children go to train their Martial Spirits, I only have one quota givin to every village in its vicinity, do you want it? As the village head I have the administration to give it to you," Sheng Xin asked.

He wouldn't force Sheng Feng if he refused, however he believed it was the perfect place for him to go at a young age.

If he could teach him himself he would, atlast he was born without any Sprit Power though he had a Domineering Martial Spirit he could never cultivate it. Shackled to fate he never could use it to its true potential.

"It would be foolish of me to miss out on an opportunity to grow my strength." Sheng Feng kept the calm face outside, while keeping his emotions inside contained.

"Haha just like your mother. The Academy will open in three months so you have the rest of your time to get used to your Martial Spirit and train yourself to have an edge above the rest. Though it's not like you haven't been doing so the past six years of your life."


The rivers of time flowed on.

The moonlight reflecting on the silent lake shimmered in the corner of Sheng Feng's eyes. The blowing air created ripples in the waters while he was doing a variety of exercises to improve his Martail Spirit.

A majestic Spear in his hand, he swayed it left and right, tripping or falling because of its heavy weight. One could tell this is his first time experiencing using a spear larger then the length of his arm by the way he clumsily thrusts it forward, taking quick stabs at the air infront of him.

The ungraceful dance would even make the amateur Spear artist's hide in embarrassment.

"I just can't get used to it. I'm gaining control with every swing or stab but its too little to even consider it a small gain! At this rate it'll take me more then three months to use the Chaos Spear successfully.

"Maybe I should withhold this for today?"

The spear in his hand disappears. Closing his eye's he integrates with his second Martial Spirit, becoming twice as large compared to his six year old self. Dark hair grows all over his body, forming around his arms and legs only sparing his stomache and chest.

His short midnight hair grew longer, reaching his waist, falling as the wind blows on his face.

Opening his eyes Sheng Feng knew the difference in his form then before. His sight went from tunnel vision to being able to spot the fishes swimming in the lake camouflaged by the light of the night. His legs contained a new found explosiveness like he could launch himself off the planet further then NASA's high tech rockets.

Jumping in the air he reached a hieght impossible for his six year old body to accomplish. Coming down he jumps again. The springyness in his knees was as bouncy as a trampolines, taking him further then before.

He roughly lands on the ground as he shouts his excitement through the air. "This is exhilarating!"

A tapping on his head caused him to look behind him. A furry black tail moved side to side on its own, hitting his lower neck while sliding across his shoulders. Connected to his lower back, the extra limb had a thought of its own as he was unable to control it.

"Thats gonna take some getting used to and some training to control." he remarked, not at all suprised by the growth of an extra limb.

While testing the limits he could manage with his Beast Spirit time ticks on.

Sheng Feng has learned a few things during this time.

By intergrating with his Martial Spirit, the Elemental Monkey King, his strength increases by 100% doubling his raw power. If he can carry 60kg worth of weight then with the use of his knew found strength the wieght of 120kg would be more then bearable.

However this isn't all the Martial spirit is capable of. By increasing Sheng Fengs resistance up to 25% of common elements such as water fire earth etc. it boosts his defense capabilities. His tough shelled fur harder then the skin of an average Spirit Master.

Sheng Feng closes his eyes and the black beads around his neck glows a faint gold, warming his body all over.

Opening his eye's infront of him was a stone pillar standing tall, reaching the heights of an a two hundred year oak tree. Engraved in the center was serval words in a language foriegn to the people of Douluo Continent.


Immortal Realm


Time Dilation 5:1

Time Alloted: 3 hrs per Day

Soul energy: 2X

Spirit Beasts: 1-1000 yrs old


"Its still the same huh."

Sheng Feng's transmigration cheat the Immortal Realm, was the sole reason he believed he could stand against other geniuses head on.

Allowing him to farm Spirit rings by killing the Spirit beasts within the realm and absobing their years, he didn't have to worry how weak a ring was. As long as it was useful he could farm its years to bring out its full potential.

"Should I find a Spirit Ring or use the rest of my time cultivating?"

Though he has been in the Immortal Realm for three hours a day for the last six years he never went beyond the closed steel gate that separated himself from the diffrent biomes surrounding the center area.

"Whats the rush? Got three hours a day anyway, I'd rather be prepared to fight my first Spirit Beast then going in guns blazing, swinging my Spear around like some poor idiot," he says.

Since the Soul Power is more potent inside the Immortal Realm then cultivating inside would increases his strength faster then outside.

"A pity I can only come here three hours a day."

Crossing his legs and sitting in the lotus position he deos what any normal reincarnater would do. Cultivate Cultivate Cultivate some more.


The ticking of a clock is neverending. Days turn to nights while nights welcomes a new day. Three months go by in what seems like a blink of an eye.

Sheng Feng's dance with his Choas Spear became a little more elegant, a little more graceful with the passage of time. Though he still doesn't have a technique of his own, if he encounters an enemy then he could utilize his Spear to attack and defend himself accordingly.

Mimicking the ancient barbarian and neanderthals, rough but efficient.

His beast form steadly gotten more natural. The black tail behind him still swayed on it's own but with pratice he could now move it the way he wanted, with immense concentration that is.

He spent three hours in the Immortal Realm each and everyday to achieve perfection in his preformance. Though not perfect for him he was atleast satisfied.

'I have to thank that bastard for forcing me to learn martial arts all those years.'

Walking behind his father almost side by side as they headed to Nuoding Academy, he knew the next few years would be crucial in his life. And the years after would play an even more important role in his plans to become known throughout Douluo Continent.

"Feng'er this will be your first step in the world of Spirit Masters, I've told you serval times before but to survive you must be cautious. You must be wry of even the one's closest to you.

Though that doesn't mean you can't trust anyone because here you will have an opportunity to make an ally that will follow you through the rest of your life. Don't be..."

The rambling of his father caused him to shut his ears and ignore the sounds around him. Like this he made it to the entrance of the well known Academy.

'Finally here.'

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