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Chapter 5: Chapter 05

Tang Qilin's eyes were full of self-confidence. He had been looking forward to this Martial Spirit awakening for a long time, and it happened to be able to verify a certain guess in his heart.

He already knew the whole process of Martial Soul's awakening, so he walked into the hexagonal circle under the eyes of everyone, waiting for Wuhun's awakening.

At this time, Tang Qilin's heart was extremely calm, to the point that he was not as excited and nervous as Tang Bulin and the others. Looking at Tang Qilin, who was calm, Tang Xiao couldn't help but raise his evaluation again.

The next moment, as the six soul powers were poured into the soul stone, a golden light rose, and then enveloped Tang Qilin in the center of the magic circle. The first feeling of Tang Qilin, who was in the center of the circle, was warmth. No wonder Tang Bulin and others entered the circle before, their expressions were much calmer and no longer as nervous as before.

Then, Tang Qilin clearly sensed that this warm breath continued to penetrate into his body. Through his inner vision, he could clearly see the golden light spots entering the body, and there were more and more trend.

Outside the magic circle, Tang Xiao's eyes showed a look of surprise. He found that the golden light spots gathered in Tang Wilin's body had exceeded the sum of Tang Jun and Tang Peng. After a while, the golden light did not converge towards Tang Qilin again.

At the same time, Tang Qilin sensed that the internal strength of the Ninth Path which has been subtle for several years in his body, began to fluctuate. Under the friction of that warm golden force, something seemed to be broken in his body, followed by that warm golden force, it actually gathered towards his left hand.

The next moment, a sky blue and black colored Clear Sky Hammer appeared in the palm of Tang Qilin's left hand, and the terrifying weight made Tang Qilin frowned. He can be sure that Tang Bulin, Tang Peng and Tang Jun's Clear Sky Hammer are not as heavy as his because he saw how easy they carry their hammer.

If it weren't for his extremely strong physical fitness and the tempering of the Ninth Path's internal strength, he couldn't easily pick it up. Looking at the Clear Sky Hammer meaningfully that was formed by the internal strength of the golden light, Tang Qilin seemed to understand something!

Just when Tang Qilin was looking at his Clear Sky Hammer, there was already a disturbance outside. As the Sect Master, Tang Xiao noticed the strangeness of Tang Qilin's Martial Spirit for the first time. As soon as an idea flashed through his mind, he came to Tang Qilin's side and grabbed Tang Bufan's left hand, and carefully looked at his Clear Sky Hammer, this make Tang Qilin frown.

The five elders who were a little further away from Tang Qilin followed Tang Xiao closely, and they seemed to have realized something as they look in their face was clearly shown by the shocked in their eyes. In the distance, many disciples of the sect who saw Tang Qilin's Martial Spirit were also surprised, and the crowd kept shouting in exclamation.

"It's actually not a black Clear Sky Hammer, has the Martial Spirit mutated?"

"It should be! Otherwise, the sect master and elders won't check it immediately! Just don't know whether the martial spirit will become stronger or weaker?"

There are still many discussions of this kind. Tang Guran and Shing Zhinger are also very nervous, but since the Sect Master and the elders have to evaluate it, they had to wait patiently.

Tang Bulin, Tang Jun and Tang Peng whispered in the back, "The boss is the boss, and even the momentum created by his Martial Spirit awakening is stronger than us!"

In the formation, Tang Qilin was startled by the battle of talk of the sect master and the elders, isn't it just that the color of the martial spirit is slightly different? It seems unnecessary to make such a big fuss.

It took a long time before Tang Xiao had finished appraising Tang Qilin's martial spirit, and he was amazed. One after another the five elders seemed to have finished identifying Tang Qilin's martial spirit. Tang Qilin took the martial spirit back with his mind, looking at the Sect Master and the elders with doubts, expecting their explanation but quietly hides his Ninth Path cultivation.

Tang Xiao didn't answer Tang Qilin but instead said to the five elders: "All the elders, what do you think?"

The five elders glanced at each other, and in the end the second elder with the most prestige opened his mouth to answer: "It seems that the Sect Master has already reached a conclusion. According to our judgment, Tang Qilin's martial spirit have indeed mutated and become stronger. In addition to the strength attributes of our Clear Sky Hammer itself, it also has additional lightning attributes. A strong paralysis ability, maybe it also forms a talent field?"

After a pause, the second elder continued: "This is probably the first mutated Clear Sky Hammer spirit of our Clear Sky Sect!" The tone was incredibly loud so eberuone from the vicinity could hear it.

Tang Xiao nodded: "I have the same opinion as the elder, but there is one thing I still can't figure out. How could his martial spirit mutate? I remember his mother's martial spirit seems to be just an ordinary snake spirit, is it weird?"

The second elder smiled lightly, "Sect Master, how can we understand the formation of a mutated martial arts soul? In short, Tang Qilin's Clear Sky Hammer martial arts soul has become stronger. This is a good thing!"

Tang Xiao did think about it too. At this time, Tang Qilin weakly whisper to the elders: "Sect Master and elders can you tell me what happened?"

Tang Xiao remembered Tang Qilin in the hexagon circle and couldn't help but laugh, they seemed to ignore the protagonist who made the elders and himself ruckus. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-legend_17065109005333405/chapter-05_49770221518514322">;s-legend_17065109005333405/chapter-05_49770221518514322</a> for visiting.

The second elder touched his beard and said kindly: "It's nothing, but your Clear Sky Hammer is stronger than theirs. Okay kid, you haven't checked your spirit power! Let's see what level your spirit power is. "

Tang Qilin pretended to understand and nodded but he knew everything in his heart. He heard the conversation between the Sect Master and several elders just now. His own martial spirit has been mutated, it has been strengthened, and it also has a lot of lightning attributes. Thinking of this, there was a flash of light in his mind, the attribute of lightning may be related to the lightninf that strikes him from his previous life.

Afterwards, several elders dispersed, staring at Tang Qilin without moving their eyes on him, even a fly won't escape from their eyes. They all guessed in their hearts that Tang Qilin's innate spirit power was probably at the full level, after all, the martial spirit could be enhanced, and the spirit power could not be too low.

Sure enough, Tang Qilin's left hand was pressed on the blue soul power crystal, and the blue crystal ball emitted a dazzling light, even more dazzling than the previous Tang Peng and Tang Jun test. The blue halo on the crystal ball filled the crystal almost instantly The ball shook everyone present.

"Innately full soul power!" Tang Xiao and several elders said one word. The moment these words escaped from their mouth, the people gathered their all looked at Tang Qilin with bright eyes, this six-year-old boy, today can be said to have given them too much shock.

The mutated Clear Sky Hammer spirit, coupled with the innate full soul power, combined, makes his future full of infinite possibilities. Titled Douluo would definitely be able to reach, but they didn't know how far he could go on this road.

Thinking of this, Tang Xiao and the five elders looked at each other. If this four children are well trained perhaps this is their hope against the Spirit Hall Palace, especially Tang Qilin. The people around him had already boiled to the extreme, Tang Qilin turned out to have full innate soul power. It was unbelievable, because the sect seemed to have not born such a genius for many years.

Those third-generation disciples of the Clear Sky Sect still don't understand what this means, but the second-generation disciples all know that Tang Qilin's future is limitless, and he is likely to be the next heir to the Sect.

Sect Master Tang Xiao has never married and the Sect Master successor can only be selected among the three generations of disciples. According to Tang Qilin's talent, it is difficult for the three generations of disciples to compete with him, only those who are older than him have some opportunities.

Behind, Tang Guran and Shing Zhinger were extremely proud to see their son's innate soul power. What would you expect if you see your son in the center stage, being proud. Parents always stands for you even if you are in the most baddest and greatest time.

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