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System? - Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler - Chapter 4 by Nine_Clouds full book limited free

Chapter 4: System?

(AN: I will try to upload three chapters a day, but let's see the progression of this story first)

--- Chapter 4 ---


[System Type 69 Z Awakened]

'Eh?! Huh?' Yunlong tilted his head when he heard a mechanical voice in his head.

'Isn't this a little bit too late?' He thought while seeing a blue virtual screen appear in front of his face.

'If only the system got awakened earlier, maybe I won't die to Itachi and All for one's hand.' He added in his heart while remembering the torture he had to endure, which makes him shivering every time he thought about it.

"Yunlong, what happens?!" Bibi Dongxue panicked when she feels her son's body suddenly trembled.

[Do you want to bound the system with your soul?]


Yunlong is trying to calm himself down as he can see his mother stared at him with a worried expression.

'She's in panic.' Yunlong thought before shaking his head while shifted his gaze back to the virtual blue screen.

[Do you want to bound the system with your soul?]

'Yes, I accept the system.' He said in his head as the screen changing.




[Error??? Detected]

[Failed to bound...]

'Huh? Error? Failed?!' Yunlong thought while staring at the system screen with a doubt in his heart.

[Three Souls Detected, Searching for solutions]

'Three souls...' Yunlong tilted his head as he had reincarnated and dead three times a row.


[Solutions, fuse three souls into one]

[Do you want to fuse your souls?]


'Yes.' Yunlong answered as a hollow feeling in his heart is being filled by something.



[Generating Enhanced System Mode]

'Hmm? Something is changing, but I don't what's changed?' Yunlong thought while feeling a warmth in his chest.

[System Type 69 Z Successfully Bound]

[You have gained three innate abilities]

[Copy Wheel Eye: Sharingan]

[White Light Grace]

[Mortal Sin: Gluttony]


[Because of the requirements, [Copy Wheel Eye: Sharingan] and

[White Light Grace] would be sealed until the host reached four years old]

'Uh... Okay.' Yunlong thought while nodded as he heard the system monotonously voice in his head.

'Three skills, huh... Two of them got sealed, though.' He added in his heart while feeling bitter because he can guess why he could get the Mortal Sin: Gluttony.

'System.' Yunlong called the system as a screen instantly appeared in front of his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Yes, host]

'Can I name you?' He thought while staring at the screen.

[You can, host]

Yunlong nodded his head when he heard his system's reply.

'Hmm, a name... What about Neo.' He thought as the system suddenly reacting.

[Renaming the system...]


'Okay, show me your functions.' Yunlong thought as the screen changing into a black screen with four options.

[1. Status]

[2. Map]

[3. Quest]

[4. Fusion]

'Quest and Fusion...' Yunlong thought with a frown while thinking about something.

[Quest, The system would generate a quest according to the host's situation or wish as each of the Quest's rewarded with system points and additional rewards]

[You could freely accept or reject a Quest]

[Fusion is an extra function from enhanced system mode, you could fuse technique, skill, item, bloodline, etc. with system points]

'Oh, It's not as bad as I thought.' Yunlong whispered in his heart while released a sigh of relief.

'Open my status.' He thought as the system screen once again changing.

[Name: Yunlong(Fourth Life), 3+]

[Age: 3 months]

[Title: Reincarnator]

[Martial Soul: not yet awakened]

[Innate Skills: Sharingan, White Light Grace, Mortal Sin: Gluttony]

'Reincarnator, huh...' Yunlong thought while remembering a few unpleasant memory.

[Title: Reincarnatror]

[Type: Passive]

[Grade: Rare]

[Description: Someone who goes through a cycle of reincarnation]

[Effect: Increase Luck by 25%]


Yunlong's mouth twitched when he read the title's effect because all of his reincarnations were so unlucky, which leads to his deaths.

'This title is opposite of my situation back then...' He whispered in his heart before released a sigh.

Bibi Dongxue is observing her son, and when she saw Yunlong sighed, she then asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Mama?" Yunlong instinctively nodded before realizing what is he doing.

Bibi Dongxie walked a nearby chair as she sat on it, and she starts to open her clothes, which caught Yunlong off guard.

'Ah, even though I already see it for three months, it's still glorious to see.' Yunlong thought as Bibi Dongxue shoved her bosom into his mouth.

'Hungry, why I suddenly feel so hungry?!' He added in his heart while a sweet liquid entered his mouth.

[Mortal Sin: Gluttony activated]

[Mortal Sin: Gluttony skill is the ability to steal the skills and stats of a person by consuming its soul, but in exchange for this, the user suffers from an uncontrollable hunger, and the only way to ease the pain is to have a constant supply of souls to feed it]

[Because the Grade of skill is low, the amount of hunger and absorption got minimalized]

'What a skill...' Yunlong thought as Bibi Dongxue suddenly feels her spirit energy got sucked out.

'Even though it's only a little bit, I can feel my spirit energy

got sucked out by Yunlong.' Bibi Dongxue thought while staring at her son, whose eyes glowed with a red light.

'Weird... the spirit energy is nourishing Yunlong's body, but it's gone in a split second after reaching his stomach.' She added in her heart before calmly closing her eyes and tried to check her son's condition.

"His stomach is like an endless hole." Bibi Dongxue muttered as Yunlong released a burp.

'Uh, finally.' Yunlong thought as his eyes stop glowing and the hunger disappeared.

Both of them are staring at each other before Bibi Dongxue chuckled because her son's expression is so cute right now.

'This place is already far enough from the spirit hall.' Bibi Dongxue thought while thinking about something.

'Maybe we should stay in this place for a few years.' She added in her heart.

"Home..." Bibi Dongxue muttered while she shifted her gaze around the house.

"This house is enough for us, right." She added while her son is staring at her.

Yunlong nodded his head as Bibi Dongxue chuckled once again and then smiled, "That's my son."

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