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Chapter 55: Goodbyes (55)

Broly approached Dr Limiter sadly, Broly wasn't a very emotional person but a feeling he could describe welled up in his chest when he saw him.

"Broly! I haven't seen you in ages! Are you feeling ok? Isn't everything alright? Is your-"

"I'm fine," Broly said quietly.

"But I want to leave Planet Sythis for a bit, just to clear my head," Broly said, his eyes becoming firm.

Dr Limiter let out a sigh before looking at Broly with warm eyes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's the logical conclusion," he said gently.

"That's what Queen Nana said," Broly softly responded.

"She's a smart woman," Dr Limiter said, his eyes concealing his true thoughts.

Dr Limiter then let out another sigh and reached under his desk, bringing out a small wooden chest.

Broly kept quiet, looking at the box curiously.

"I wanted to give this to you on your 18th birthday but there is no guarantee you'll back at that time, the universe is an unpredictable place after all," Dr Limiter said reluctantly.

Broly looked at the chest reaching towards it but Dr Limiter slapped his hand.

"It's a birthday present! Don't touch it until you turn 18," he said shoving the chest into Broly's chest then hobbling back to his desk.

"I hate goodbyes, stop staring at an old man and go enjoy your life!" he said shooing Broly away.

"But sir!" Broly tried.

"Go!" Dr Limiter yelled adamantly.

Belatedly Broly left Dr Limiter's office, leaving the department headquarters, flying away towards his house.

Tears welled up in Dr Limiter's eyes as he smiled warmly.

'I knew this day would come but I didn't think I would be so affected by that damned monkey' he chuckled softly as he involuntarily reminisced, the memories growing rapidly in his mind like a tree.

Dr Limiter sighed for the third time and continued with his work.

'Best not to think about it'

"Dad, I'm home!" Broly shouted, closing the door behind him.

Inside the mansion, he could hear shouting and curses followed by laughter.

'Aunt Celery and Uncle Aspa must be home,' Broly thought, not put off by the raucous atmosphere at all.

"Paragus help me convince him! He's a grown man he should be able to clean his own room!" Celery cried.

"We're in a loving relationship and she's the woman, she's the one who should be doing all the cleaning!" Aspa said as a rebuttal.

"Well actually-" Paragus tried.

"I do! Yet you can't do something as simple as putting your own dishes in the sink!" Celery interrupted.

"Why should I handle dishes? You're my wife! You're supposed to do it for me!"

"Wife?" Paragus asked, looking at Aspa sideways.

"Girlfriend! I meant girlfriend!" Aspa shouted quickly, his face lighting up like a Christmas tree.

The atmosphere in the room quietened drastically as Broly entered, Aspa's face brightened red to a scary degree as Broly spoke.

"I have an announcement to make," Broly said, completely derailing the conversation.

Celery opened her mouth, about to say something but Broly interrupted.

"I want to leave Planet Sythis, not forever! J-Just until I can make sure I won't go crazy again," Broly said faintly.

A look of complete defeat overcame Paragus while Celery and Aspa both jumped at Broly.


"Are you sure?"

"That's a big decision to make!"

"You're so young! You can't-"

"Let him go!" Paragus said firmly, his voice rising all above all of the others.

"Let him go," he said quieter, still looking at the ground.

Broly looked at his father who couldn't look at him, holding back the tears that welled up in his eyes.

Broly breathed in and out, trying to calm himself.

"If that's what you want to do but don't leave yet Broly, I've got some stuff I need to give you," Celery said, hurrying past Broly in the corridor.

Aspa walked up to Broly putting a hand on his shoulder, reaching upwards.

"If you see Freiza...punch him in the chest for me," Aspa said, a look of deep seriousness on his face.

Broly's face cracked and a smile formed on his face.

Aspa chuckled.

"Don't be too hard on yourself, you're a thousand times better than I was when I was your age, don't forget you're only 16!" Aspa said Broly, speaking from his heart.

Broly couldn't fight the tears that streamed down his face.

Aspa smiled warmly.

"Don't cry kid, you're acting as if you're not coming back," Aspa said walking past Broly.

"Then again, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't you're strong enough to look out for yourself, you don't need to stay cooped up on this Planet like we do," Aspa said passingly.

Broly eyes drifted to his dad who was also crying.

"Look at how soft I've gotten," Paragus said self deprecatingly.

"Back on Planet Vegeta, I saw guys who buried their family with their own hands and never batted an eye, yet my kid wants to leave for the weekend and I turn into a slobbering mess," Paragus said, a woeful smile forming as he cried.

Broly couldn't fight his emotions, a deep sadness he couldn't explain washed over him and he considered staying.

"Actually, maybe I don't have to-"

"Broly," Paragus interrupted Broly and looked at him, straight into his wet eyes.

"We came to this Planet in the first place for you, we left Planet Vegeta for you, a fifth of the Saiyan population were sacrificed by Freiza for you. In this entire universe, you are the only one that I have, if I find out that you died...I'll kill you," Paragus said sincerely.

Broly couldn't even bring himself to laugh as he broke down in front of his father, unable to come with the foreign emotions that overwhelmed him.


"This is something you need to do," Paragus said clearly.

"I did the same thing when I was your age after the incident," Paragus continued, picking Broly up.

"This Planet wasn't what I wanted for you anyway, your own adventure starts now," Paragus said, pulling Broly, bringing him into a hug.


That was all Broly could muster out, amidst the storm in his mind.

[A few days later]

Broly sat in the captain's seat in the navigation room of his spaceship, leaning back.

"Where to first Mr Yellow?" he asked, dryly.

"Cheer up Brother, this is all about you and remember, the more you think about home the more redundant this trip will be, you're not leaving forever after all," Mr Yellow said wisely.

Paragus' words echoed in Broly's head.

"Your own adventure starts now"

"Yeah, your right," Broly said aloud, before closing his eyes and readying his mind.

'Come out! I know you're still there' he thought willfully, beckoning the voice.

'So you finally prepared yourself!' the voice said, mockingly.

[Narrator: Emotions? In Dragon Ball? Mr Author, have you lost your mind? What's the point of this if there's no fighting and screaming! He's lost the plot! He's-]

[Gunshot sound effects]

[Storyteller: Sorry about that! The Author has hired me to replace Mr Narrator as he was unable to do his job properly, he only woke up halfway through the Tournament Saga so he was clearly unfit for work, don't worry you're in safe hands now!]


Yami + Janemba = ????

Thank you for reading!

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