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100% Dragon Emperor! Martial God! / Chapter 37: Chapter 37: What’s there to Discuss?

Chapter 37: What’s there to Discuss? - Dragon Emperor! Martial God! - Chapter 37 by Selina_54 full book limited free

Chapter 37: Chapter 37: What’s there to Discuss?

As the vice chairman softened his stance, Ling Yun immediately put on a smile, since to him, everything could be discussed. Flashing a righteous look, Ling Yun said, "How about this, we'll let ourselves be taken advantage of just a little. All you need to do is foot the bill for our meal. After that, just give us one to two thousand dollars in order to compensate for the emotional trauma inflicted on the ladies. Look how traumatized they are!"

Hearing his demand, Tang Meng shivered in his heart.

Cao Shanshan and Zhang Ling glanced upwards at the sky and touched up their clothes, acting as if they didn't know Ling Yun.

"If that's okay, I'll let this slide. If not, I'll continue beating your guys up!" Ling Yun exclaimed arrogantly, waving the beer bottle.

Knowing that the vice chairman would give in, Ling Yun acted proudly, without even the slightest hint of remorse or hesitation.

Upon hearing Ling Yun's words, the group of guys was scared to death. Left with no other choice, the vice chairman replied, "Fine, fine… We'll compensate…"

This time, they really had no other option.

In Ling Yun's heart, he was beaming. Turning his head to face Zhang Dong, he said, "Bring them down to foot the bill."

Zhang Dong thought to himself, He played this well. Aside from having to hit those jerks, we got a free meal and some cash! Since it was them who had gotten a good deal, Zhang Dong remained silent, nodding his head to Ling Yun.

The rest of the guys who stayed tried coming up with the money. It didn't take long for them to come up with one thousand dollars. Agonizingly, the vice chairman handed the money over to Ling Yun, forcefully looking down at Tu Gang before looking straight up.

Ling Yun counted and slid the money into his pocket before nodding his head and releasing Tu Gang from his feet.

Squatting down with his fat body, Ling Yun patted the back of Tu Gang's head and said, "Kid, do not feel wronged, you can't afford to provoke some people. Consider yourself lucky today, understand?"

Tu Gang was overwhelmed with pain, shame, and anger. Forcefully, he nodded his head and stayed down.

What Ling Yun said was actually true. If the same thing had happened in Cultivation World, this bunch of guys would be lucky to even be alive.

After that, Ling Yun stood up. Touching his earlobe, he smiled at Cao Shanshan and the group and uttered, "My apologies to the ladies. I know that you guys aren't satisfied with the trivial amount I got for your emotional trauma. But I am magnanimous and have a good heart. After all, we must be kind to others, right?"

Cao Shanshan immediately rolled her eyes at him. Ning Lingyu blushed and looked elsewhere, while Zhang Ling secretly smiled happily.

"Alright, we are done eating and the bill has been paid. Let's head back to the room and take our things. We need to hurry back to school… We cannot be late for our lessons."

As Tu Gang's men stared speechlessly at them as if they were some weird creatures, Ling Yun led his friends back to the private room, swaggering on the way there. After taking their things, they left Savant's Restaurant.

As soon as they exited the restaurant, Zhang Ling walked beside Ling Yun, grabbing his arm with both her hands for no reason. She exclaimed, "Hey handsome, today's meal doesn't count!"

In Zhang Ling's heart, Ling Yun's status had been upgraded from a useless coward to a dashing, handsome guy. Within a day, so much had changed!

Upon hearing what Zhang Ling said, Ling Yun was stunned momentarily.

He opened his mouth and replied loudly, "What? Doesn't count? How shameless can you get? Look at you, trying to stand straight after eating so much… How does it not count?"

Zhang Ling grabbed Ling Yun's arm tightly with both her hands, subtly rubbing her bulging breasts on his arm, acting as if she didn't know. She looked up and rebutted, "Hey… Today's bill wasn't paid by you, how can it count as your treat?"

Ling Yun was unable to resist Zhang Ling, distracted by her amazing and voluptuous breasts, Ling Yun reluctantly replied, "Zhang Ling, that's not true… I could've requested more compensation and paid the bill myself. I'm just a little lazy, that's all…"

"I don't care… If I hadn't booked a room in this restaurant, you wouldn't have gotten a free meal and earned a thousand dollars. So you should thank me, right…?" Zhang Ling replied.

Since Ling Yun was so stubborn and shameless, Zhang Ling decided to be even more shameless. She held Ling Yun's arm tightly and shook her body, refusing to let go. This definitely affected Ling Yun a little.

Only seventeen years old, yet they're already so big…

Ling Yun was unable to resist and glanced at Cao Shanshan's chest, thinking to himself, "Those are definitely bigger."

Feeling Ling Yun's perverted gaze, Cao Shanshan shook her body slightly, and exclaimed, "Hmph!" with a slight hint of annoyance. She was either upset at Ling Yun's perverted glance, or at Zhang Ling and him being so close to each other.

"Ling Yun, I know you're running so much in order to lose weight, right? If you really slim down, I promise to become your girlfriend, okay? Wow… I feel so safe with him!" Zhang Ling mumbled crazily to herself.

Zhang Ling's words were overheard by the five others, causing them to have goosebumps.

"This Zhang Ling is a little too bold and too direct, isn't she…?"

Even Ling Yun was no longer able to stand her. He pulled out his arm from Zhang Ling's grip, coughed softly and said, "Regarding this… We'll talk about it next time…"

Ling Yun surrendered completely.

Flashing her eyes at Ling Yun, Zhang Ling asked, "So do you still owe me a treat?"

"Of course… Of course, I do…" Ling Yun, now sweating profusely, had no choice but to embarrassedly promise her in order to make her let go.

Ling Yun didn't have a choice since his sister Ning Lingyu was staring at him and trying hard not to laugh.

It didn't take long for them to reach the crowded street of Xuefu Road. Since the sun was starting to set and Chinese lanterns were hanging around, it was as if they were in a beautiful painting.

Ling Yun stopped in his tracks. Looking left and right, he glanced at his friends who were waiting to cross the road and said, "You guys can head back first. I have some things to do, I'll catch you guys later."

Everyone turned and displayed different looks, expressing their own thoughts.

Chai Hanlin hesitated and replied in a low voice, "Erm… Ling Yun, night revision will start in approximately 10 minutes…"

Tang Meng then moved over to Ling Yun's side. He realized that as long as he was together with Ling Yun, he would never find himself on the losing end. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-martial-god!_20584300805689805/chapter-37-what%E2%80%99s-there-to-discuss_55531662984931582">!-martial-god!_20584300805689805/chapter-37-what%E2%80%99s-there-to-discuss_55531662984931582</a> for visiting.

What was skipping classes to Tang Meng? In fact, it was something that he is proud of!

However, Cao Shanshan's eyes were filled with disappointment and pity. She was so angry to the extent that she almost exploded with rage. Due to the large crowd, she contained her emotions to the best of her ability.

"Brother…" Knowing that Ling Yun was going to skip class, Ning Lingyun turned anxious. Pouting her lips and stomping her feet, she flashed a sad look, as if she was going to cry if he decided to skip class.

Zhang Dong tried to help and said, "Ling Yun, if you continue today's performance and study seriously for the next two months, getting into university is possible. We're study humanities, it's all just memory work!"

Noticing that his sentence made all his friends take his sister's side, Ling Yun had a moment of regret. He thought to himself, Why not head back to school first? I'll come out secretly to buy my things later…

Ling Yun scratched his head and said, "Lingyu, since we are going back home tomorrow, I wanted to buy some things for Mother…"

Since he was testing his sister's reaction, he made sure to speak carefully. As soon as Ning Lingyu heaved a sigh of relief, Ling Yun became less worried. He smiled and said, "Sister, I promise you, from next week onwards, I won't skip any more classes. Is that okay?"

Since Ning Lingyu heard that Ling Yun wanted to buy some things for Mother, her heart and stance softened.

She wanted to rely on her own abilities. As long as her brother was willing to work hard, even if it meant not studying for the next two months, she would tutor her brother so that he could enter university.

Since she was also unable to help her brother at that time, she decided to let him go. Although his brother reverted back to his old ways, compared to before, he actually became much better. What more could she ask from him?

"Then, you must promise me that you will come back to school directly after buying the items…" Ning Lingyu stated her condition.

"Don't worry, when I say I will get into university, it means I will! I always keep my promises to you!" Feeling Ning Lingyu's concern, his pride soared as he replied passionately.

I always keep my promises to you! Cao Shanshan repeated those words inside her heart. Her eyes lit up as she recalled, once upon a time, that Cao Tianlong had said those exact same words to her.

This guy is as shameful as Cao Tianlong…

Yet, for some reason, the tightly knitted heart of the rich, arrogant and gorgeous Cao Shanshan opened up ever so slightly.

Once the light turned green, five of them crossed the road and headed back to school. Ling Yun looked at Tang Meng and said, "Why are you still here?"

Tang Meng shook his long hair and replied proudly, "Fatty, I know the stores around the school really well. What are you looking for? I can bring you there! Of course, you know this place pretty well too… However, I can bargain for better prices for you!"

Afraid that Ling Yun wouldn't bring him along, the little tyrant started to promote himself non-stop.

"Fine, fine. I want to buy the sandbag that I carried this morning. Where can I buy it?" Ling Yun asked.

Since Tang Meng had managed to successfully promote himself, he exclaimed happily, "You still have to ask? Of course, it's from the sports equipment and sporting goods store! There's a big one in front, let me bring you there!"

After he finished talking, Tang Meng and Ling Yun hurriedly crossed the road and headed east.

In Ling Yun's heart, he tabulated the things that he needed to purchase. He decided that he should buy a mobile phone for Ning Lingyu first, followed by sports shoes and sportswear. Finally, he would get the sandbag and some miscellaneous sporting goods.

Upon hearing that Ling Yun was going to purchase a mobile phone for Ning Lingyu, Tang Meng naturally got excited. Without shopping at the sporting goods store, he dragged Ling Yun and headed the other way.

"Look at your excited face, don't tell me that you really like my sister…" Ling Yun questioned, staring intently at Tang Meng.

If Tang Meng said something wrong, Ling Yun would probably bash him up on the spot.

Tang Meng scratched his head and replied sheepishly, "Boss, even if I really want you to be brother-in-law, your sister must also be fond of me. However, is liking someone wrong?"

Ling Yun lifted his head to look at the sky and pondered for a moment, nodding his head and not saying a word.

Tang Meng was right, liking someone wasn't wrong.

"Since you like Lingyu so much, do you want to pay for it?"

Tang Meng almost stumbled when he heard Ling Yun. Recalling Ling Yun's vicious and shameless mouth when it came to money, he replied, "I wish… But what if Lingyu doesn't accept…?"

Ling Yun laughed and replied, "If we both keep our mouths quiet…"

Knowing that he had lost, Tang Meng raised both his hands, surrendering, and said, "I am not buying. If Lingyu finds out, she will be furious! I don't want to make her angry."

"Buy it for me then, I won't be angry…"

Tang Meng was speechless, "…"

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