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[Ding! Dragon Monarch System has been activated.]
Aditya finds himself in the body of a 19 years old dragon. Aditya learns the misfortune fate of the former Aditya. Being a man from the 21st century, Aditya decides to change his fate.
Being married to the 7 goddesses of this world, Aditya walks on a path to prove himself to his wives and to his family.

"Goddess of War"
"Goddess of Alchemy"
"Goddess of Wealth"
"Goddess of Wisdom"
"Goddess of Lust"
"Goddess of Music"
"Goddess of Nature"
Genre: - Romance, Harem, R-18, Cultivation, Kingdom building, Rare Bloodline, conquer, lightnovel, action, adventure, evolution, system, levelup, transmigration.
For every 100 Power stones, 1 extra chapter
every 200 PS, 2 extra chapter
every 300 PS, 3 extra chapter
every 400 PS, 4 extra chapter

Disclaimer: - The image used is not mine. If the author messages me, I will take down the image.

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    It's not everyday I see writers of Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Cheers mate 🍻 Best of Luck :-) I'm proud to be Bangladeshi. I haven't read the book yet but thought a review would help ;-)

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    at the start of the story it says that the life of the mc is tied to the life of the godesses but nobody cares about his life or death this doesnt make sense to me. like there should be people willing to keep him alive so these godesses stay alive

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    I dropped it in chapter 134, so the review is obviously up there. The characters and the story are clichéd and without depth, but it's something common in this type of literature (a drunk who sells the castle's lighting to buy booze completely changes his personality and vices and nobody thinks it's strange? The goddess of alchemy working as a maid for two years for someone she hates and despite the powerful father, he sends a bodyguard who at the time was weak to protect someone that any nation would do anything to get their hands? Yes, sure...). But here the lack of human reactions/emotions from the MC and other characters makes the history worse... and to make it even worse the MC just reacts to what happens around him and has no goals... Does he want to expand his empire? No, he just react to aggression (which usually doesn't make sense) to counterattack and conquer territories. Does he want to gather his brides? No, on the contrary, they are the ones who, thanks to the plot, go after him. Do you want to get or beat the parents who abandoned the MC? No. The only thing he does is follow the system blindly, without the ability to make decisions of his own. Another point is his lack of character or humanity... Basically in chapter 133 he killed millions of innocents (whether men, women, children, babies, passing travelers, merchants...) for something he saw in a dream?! And immediately after that he makes a joke using hid intellectual level equivalent to a 5 year old child with the "bride" he called but forgot because he was busy doing genocide. The author must have put this in as comic relief, but it's so stupid it's pathetic instead of funny... I had already seriously thought about dropping it when, a few chapters before, the MC in 2 minutes of conversation decided to kill all the officers of a guild (at the time he killed the two leaders) of merchants and stole all their goods, because they had more soldiers than allowed and have been disrespectful and arrogant, and to make matters worse the other merchants of the nation are worried but then they are calm when the king "explains" why he did it, without presenting proof or without making a judgment... who would entrust their money and your life to such a king and government as this? Not even in the Middle Ages would kings do something so stupid. I had hope that the story would get better, but everything (both the story and the intelligence of the characters) got even worse.

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    After reading the first 3 chapters, I really love this novel and want to see its future. There is romance, action, kindgombuilding material in this novel.

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    waah mere sher, really good work here. Liked it a lot. Keep going, it has some darn good potential if properly executed. Loved the concept of it so far.

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    There's a huge loophole in this novel .. if his wife truely bound by life contract at least they put something or protect him so they won't die .. it doesn't make sense they only put Julia and butler guy .. They're Goddess from there perspective continent and yet they can't put at least 8 tier .old man. To keep him safe ..

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    Guys don't read this s***t because the author is nerfing the mc by making the excuse to make the mc adapt to his current powers. This is such a bull**** since mc has the innate adaptability skill which makes him adapt to his skills faster but still the mc doesn't upgrade his powers due to his underestimation of his own powers even when his retained xp can amount to directly promote him to level 4 star but still won't progress. You know why that is, it's because this author wants to show his extreme hardships and s***t when the mc has the power to destroy anything he has. I say it's a waste of time to see his hardships when he can destroy his problems which op skills. Sigh I really wanted a good kingdom building novel with op mc.

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    This book is less ridiculous than the one where MC got 5wifes because his father despised him.... At least here he got 7wifes for normal reasons. Still Author's writing quality is terrible and logic isn't much better than book mentioned before.

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    After reading half of the chapter, I had one question: Does the author know what pronouns are? In each (well, almost) paragraph, the hero's name is mentioned more than twice. And to protect my eyes, I decided that with this work we are not on the way

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    1. I got a dig bick 2. You that read wrong 3. You read that wrong too 4. You checked 5. You smiled 7. You are wandering why you are still reading this 8. You saw that mistake, right? (On 7) 10. But did you see that I skipped 6? 10. You checked 11. And saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said "saw you" not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. Follow me for exp ;) 16. Give my exp 'novel' a good review with a reminder and I'll leave you another 5 star ;) 17. I'm just wasting your time, but if you were entertained, leave a like and happy reading! expexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexpexp

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    not good, contradicts alot of things through out story, no depth in romance or kingdom building or well story plot in general, need proof reading i mean like "she was mad and couldnt continue eating so she stopped talking and continued eating" and this type of writing continues to happen alot throughout the story

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    Warning MC is not really a dragon, just some random teenager who can't keep his d*** in his pants. Well I don't get it how someone could call him a dragon, there is nothing dragon above him.

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    story was good at early but now it's pathetic. the MC doesn't level up when can level up to save himself. what's the use than.

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    Don’t get me wrong the novel is good, but there’s a lot of flaws to it especially with the character build up and I’m talking about level wise after 400 chapters, He is still in third order even though many around him is already ranked up. I mean the mere fact that he almost died in the last 50 chapters should, tell you how it is. I mean he has so much experience points saved up that he can jump all the way to the fifth peak order but the author use the excuse of he needs to build his foundation but it’s already been over 100 chapters or even more 300 Now let’s talk about the writing quality, to be honest, many of you might not like it in the beginning, but it does get better, but then after 350 chapters in he changes the writing completely. As in if you’re not used to Archaic way of writing, which is pretty much old English Shakespeare, etc then you’re gonna have a pretty much a hard time reading the story Now let’s go to the kingdom building in my personal opinion I enjoyed it. I mean the mere fact that he was able to build his empire from scratch after many trials, and tribulations is dope. Now, if you were here for the romance that I can say to you that so far, it’s been great in my opinion, at least from my perspective personally, the relationship does not look like it’s forced and it takes over hundreds of chapters for things to develop and etc. Plus it’s a harem, so plus for many of you. Overall I gave the story a 3.6 don’t get me wrong. The story is good in the beginning going up to around 300 but I feel like everything just started going downhill and the story became repetitive. One thing you will tend to notice a lot is every time the author explains a certain character. He will repeat the same thing, 40 to 50 to 60 chapters later and you’ll just sit there and ask yourself why is he writing this because we’ve already covered it. Trust me if you pay attention to details, you will notice it. I do hope you guys read the story and form your own opinion but this is my opinion and I’m gonna drop the story. Of course I will come back to see how it goes but after reading 400+ chapters. I just can’t take it anymore. I feel like it has went downhill instead. To the author, I don’t know if you’re gonna read this or not but I wish you all the best and hope blessings go your way.

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    Good story but the author seems to have forgotten that the MC's system is supposed to help him level up because it the current chapters the mc has an excessive amount of unused experience points that for some reason he won't use even if he or someone he cares about life is in danger(like in the latest chapter how he almost died but it could have been avoided if the MC had used his exp. points.

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    I have to be honest after chapter 200 he keeps getting nerfed no matter how any else he tries to say other I'll date my reasons to 1 every time that the author has sid when he decides to level up he can instantly get to peak 5th order just off of using his exp saved but then him using all of it only gets him to beginning 4th order Bro has been gassing up the MC TO MUCH Then when actually used becomes weaker then he should have been Bro has been saying if used all his eco saver it he's guaranteed to get to peak 5th order I waited 300 chapters for 1 level up at this point I would go read apocalypse : my girlfriend is a succubus Forgot the actual title since its been a while but at least not expecting a level up 300 chapter of him getting humbled to be only getting to 4th order just so you guys know Leo got to 4th order before the Mc His excuse sis that he has a high cultivation speed when Leo was a stage above him I'm pretty sure Leo is like 8-10years younger?????? Those are the reasons

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    I honestly liked this novel a lot, but the author has forced to nerf the mc since chapter 130 approximately. Being that the mc has battles constantly to acostumbrate at his power. reason is reasonable but after many battles, reason becomes stupid (My english is very bad)

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    I actually quite enjoy this novel. From the characters, their various interactions, the world building, even the sometimes questionable and overly mysterious plot. Author also does well in regard to not neglecting the harem members despite their continued growth in number, they each have a unique charm that sets them apart from one another. My main gripe with this novel is in how the author refuses to advance the MC’s Order. Anyone familiar with this genre have all read novels where the MC would be stagnant at a single level for dozens if not 100-200 chapters, but at least the reasons given were understandable and weren’t worth harping over. Here, that isn’t remotely close to being the problem as the MC advances by means of XP. The issue here is that it’s been accumulating for hundreds of chapters and the MC advances at a snails pace or not at all even if the situation calls for it. He can be facing death and rather than use the XP he has to perhaps make a last ditch effort, on several occasions he has just accepted the fact that he may just die. Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous? At this point, it’s clear that the author is just using this as a plot device to introduce more challenges to the MC and increase tension, but it’s done poorly and feels forced every single time. The initial excuse was that the MC wanted to refine his powers before advancing, then after a time it changed to him not arousing suspicion from others if he were to advance too fast. Previously, that made sense, but as of now when he should(author somehow always manages to introduce someone who can threaten his life every few dozen chapters) have no equal outside of the Main Continent, those reasons no longer matter. As of late, I had hope that he’d finally start utilizing his XP and advancing because apparently he can easily reach Peak 6th Order and it was stated that he’d start being less cautious, but not even a dozen chapters later and he almost dies once again. The author may as well be treating his readers as a joke at this point with such a glaring flaw in the story that has not been addressed after so long of many people pointing it out. Still a good read, but prepare yourself to be frustrated to no end when this type of situation continues to occur.

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    This story was good starting out but the author obviously has know idea what he is doing it makes no sense why he is not leveling up he has xp stocked up for 100s of chapters the he complains when he’s getting beaten up or always near death when all he needs to do is level up. It’s so annoying he’s said so many times he can easily level up to 5th order but dosent want to and wants to master the abilities he has now that is so stupid he’s been in so many fights that he has already mastered them if this continues I will be dropping it I hope the author sees this in fixes it it makes no sense how can you be so dumb

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    Author Dark_Bangali