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Chapter 570: Gluttony (2)

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"Mortal, I shall never forgive you." Vixili roared at Jon.

"I frankly don't care… hold up! You're the sister, right?"

At that moment, Jon managed to identify Vixili among the crowd of Dremora that pretty much looked alike to him.

"The sister?" She asked back in confusion.

"Yeah, Xikil's sister."

"You! That's right! You were the one who kidnapped him. I always knew this good for nothing will fall one day so low that he will be kidnapped by a mere mortal." Vixili roared in anger and walked towards Jon who felt amused by her ignorance.

"Do I have to extinguish a few of your comrades to put you in line as well?" Jon asked as he exerted his pressure towards her.

"Kuh!" She retreated in front of his brutish aura and fell on one knee.

For Jon to use the Chaos Infection in order to extinguish the souls of the Daedra was a risky plan since it may alert the Daedric Prince who created that fake animus he destroyed, i.e. Molag Bal.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"Straight to the point, eh? I like that." Jon said and looked around, "I came to borrow your forge and some manpower, to be honest."

Hearing his absurd demand, Vixili had to pause a moment in order to realize it.

"My forge?"


"And my kyn."

"Pretty much so."

"You're mad?"

"Since the day I got licked by the Skooma cat."

Jon was pretty chill about the whole situation leaving the Daedra who are in bad shape around him in a confused state.

"We may obey you if you conjured and bound us, Mortal. But we certainly won't forge anything for you… especially the human called Krilon." Vixili made a firm stance.

This wasn't something driven by pride or fear, these are the rules.

"How intriguing!" Jon said, "I would certainly be pleased if Vixili of the Wicked Horns clan, one of the most famous Blacksmiths in Oblivion, forge something for me."

"You know of me?" She asked.

"Xikil is one talkative fellow." Jon winked.

"Argh! This wretched fool. He doesn't even know how to keep a damn secret from a mortal." Vixili roared in anger, "You can so much extinguish his soul or damn him into a mortal worm."

"Wow!" Jon was taken aback by her attitude, "Did you just hear that, Xikil? Your sister is a bitch."

As he turned around and spoke to the Daedric Titan tied in chains and dragged by a Minotaur and a Bone Colossus. Vixili had a weird look on her face while trying to figure out who this Xikil that Jon just spoke to.

"Either way, let's just get it over with. I remember the main forge is that way."

Jon signaled for Jax and Wrath to follow him as he walked further into the Black Forge. Meanwhile, Vixili had this weird idea of what became of her brother.


She hurriedly followed Jon who was approaching one of the largest fire pits in the Forge. There was a large platform and all manners of extreme forging tools.

"This will be perfect." He said full of excitement as he turned to Xikil, "Aren't you happy as well, Xikil? We will have you set in no time, no worries."

At that time, Vixili caught up to Jon and saw him talking to the bound Daedric Titan calling him Xikil.

"What have you done to him?" She asked in a face that would have gone pale if not for its Daedric colors.

"Oh, him? I switched his vestige from his old body into this magnificent one. As you can see, he is quite powerful at the moment but still the same old Xikil from inside." Jon said.

Vixili was looking at the Daedric Titan in disbelief.

"I heard that the Daedric Titan who guarded the Hollow City has disappeared indeed but I never thought it would be…" She said as she looked at Jon, "You could do something like that?"

"Yeah, nothing too difficult." Jon nodded.

Vixili's eyes lit with the color of envy as she gazed at the mighty Titan.

"You human… you lack creativity!" She said, "Are you telling me that this magnificent body is wasted on some trash like Xikil? I can't believe it."

Jon raised his brows in surprise.

"Trash like Xikil doesn't deserve this body! Hey, put me there instead of him. Put me there and let me show you the true power a Dremora Overkyn can muster."

Vixili was showing a strange side of the Dremora which Jon never saw before. He knew that the Dremora are the worst of the worst but they had a strong sense of kinship. Xikil seemed now like an outcast.

"So… you want me to cast Xikil out of this body and make you into a Daedric Titan?"

"Yes. Do this, Mortal. Do this and I will be in your debt." She said with a wide confident grin.

"Well…" Jon looked between Vixili and Xikil.

While Vixili was confident in her superiority over Xikil, Xikil was unable to do anything but glare with total anger at Vixili who asked Jon to put her soul into the body of the Daedric Titan.

Here is the thing about the Daedric creatures in general. They don't have growth or development so they will never grow stronger no matter what they do. They are born with a certain potential which when they reach, they never bypass.

Having the body of a Daedric Titan means this level can be reinstated to fit the body of a Titan. After all, Titans are on the top of Oblivion's food chain.

It was true that Xikil was a failure as a Titan and she would be stronger than him if given the same chance but Jon had another thing in mind. He merely snapped his fingers and the chains holding Xikil disappeared.

At that time, the excited Vixili saw a large shadow cover her from behind. As she turned around, she saw Xikil glaring at her.

"Sister…" Xikil spoke solemnly as he looked down on her.

"Hmph! You idiot piece of shit. I'll have you know that…"


Without even letting her finish her sentence, Xikil raised his hand and struck down towards Vixili. The result was so gruesome that it can't even be called remains anymore.

"Sheesh! That's some guro hentai for you." Jon said, nudging the gore mess with the tip of his sword then turned back to Xikil, "Feeling alright, bud?"

Xikil wasn't in any form alright. After getting beaten by Jon and getting dragged by Jax and Wrath then being demeaned by Vixili, there was a psychological limit to even what a Dremora can endure. Jon's bullying aside, Xikil always thought that Vixili would one day bust him out of Jon's control and return him to Coldharbour as a proud Daedric Titan but now he lost all faith in his clan.

"Your sister was…"

"She is not my sister… not anymore."

Even though Jon was about to act as if consoling him, Xikil took the matter way too dramatically.

"Alright." Jon wasn't in any mood to get dragged in a Daedric drama thus he decided to take matters into his own hand, "Let's get the fuck started."

He grabbed Xikil's tail and all of sudden, exerted all his force into swinging the Daedric Titan right into the fire pit. The scene after Xikil was suddenly swung was covered later in nasty smoke and poisonous eruptions.


Xikil was even more taken aback by this as he helplessly tried to escape the fire pit. It wasn't only fire down there but there was even lava mixed with the blue Azure Plasm of Coldharbour turning it into some sort of blue molten mixture of some serious heat.

"Just endure it a bit. I'll lift you up after you… soften up." Jon said as he completely ignored all the ruckus Xikil was doing down there.

At that point, he turned away and found a workbench nearby filled with Cold Iron and Ebony materials.


"Yes, Master."

"You and Wrath start looking for any of that famous Cold Ebony alloy around this forge. Also, capture any Dremora in your way and bring them to me. Wrath, you are authorized to summon Undead."


Both of the large monsters started going around doing the errands Jon gave them. Meanwhile, he took out two Dragon Horns from his Cube.

And when it says Dragon Horns, it doesn't refer to the Artifact that is a Dragon Horn which is used to disable Dragons but it refers to actual Horns harvested from the corpses of Dragons. The Dragons Jon killed so far number to four and they had a large number of horns on them.

"Master, here is the alloy." Jax came by pulling up a large cart on his own.

"Go check on Xikil."

Jax followed Jon's orders obediently as he always does and stood over the edge of the fire pit.

"Are you doing alright down there, Demon?" He called.

"Fuck off, cowhead!" Xikil replied in full rage.

Jax then turned to Jon.

"He said the fire down there is getting cooler?" Jax conveyed.

"Ah! That's the spirit, Xikil, that's the spirit, boy." Jon became excited even though he heard everything.

It was at this moment when Wrath arrived with a few undead with him leading a few Dremora who were taken as prisoners.

"Wrath, put them on the wheel device over there. It opens the chimney which supplies the fire pit with more lava so we can help our boy Xikil down there loosen up."


The dull voiced Wrath bowed and glared at the Dremora prisoners he had to go on and start manning the wheel device. From time to time, he would use a composite whip made of short bones to make the Dremora act more energetic. Nothing is as good at Wrath when handling Dremora.

The chimney to the fire pit poured more lava with Xikil howling from pain. At that moment, Jon ordered Jax to push in the alloy of Cold Ebony into the fire pit for its content to melt and encase Xikil over a few minutes.

To Xikil, the pain was agonizing, To Jon, it is a formulated plan that he had in mind for a long time and is finally happening. Now all that he needs is to strike the metal while it is hot.

"Nefertiti, your turn."

From the shade of Jon, Nefertiti moved through the shadow and transformed into a bolt of Shadow Energy that encompassed Xikil. Once that was done, she transferred herself upwards and bound him on the large platform as he was struggling and trying to escape.

In his hand, Jon stood over Xikil with the [Deadland Hammer] in his hand while wearing the legendary gauntlet, [Wraithguard]. He looked down on the struggling Xikil and spoke in a morbid tone.

"Xikil, my boy. What you experienced a while ago was something and what you are about to experience is a whole new animal. Are you ready?"

"… fa… yo…" Xikil wasn't even able to reply.

"What is that?" Jon tilted his head.

"He said he is excited." Jax translated.

Jon's eyes moistened as if he was touched by Xikil's spirit and couldn't help but shed a man-tear.

"Boy, I am touched." He said, "That's why we will go with double the pain and half the suffering. Good luck!"

And the [Daedland Hammer] descended on the heated body of the Daedric Titan which is mixed with a strong Daedric Alloy.

*Tink* *Tink* *Tink*

For an hour, Jon kept smiting the body of the Daedric Titan causing all the impurities in it to be driven out. The bones of a Daedric Titan are made of Dragon Materials but since Molag Bal wanted to increase their numbers, he made an imitation of such a material that is impossible to acquire. On the other hand, Jon had four Skeletons of Dragons which were barely touched and they were very usable.

Jon imbued the body of Xikil with some fragments of the Dragon bones he had and started shrinking the overall size of Xikil. He even used his Chaos Infection to destroy the influence of Molag Bal over the soul of Xikil.

Such a method of arcane craftsmanship was never even used before. A Mortal Man redesigning one of the Daedric Creatures which were made by a Daedric Prince with Premium-grade materials. If Molag Bal was to see what Jon is recreating here, he may even consider giving up on his Sphere of Brutality.

By the end of it, Xikil's body became way smaller, only three meters long and almost a ton in weight. Xikil was still under the shadow influence of Nefertiti which had a role in this great process.

At this moment, a naked female Dremora invaded the Forging Area to witness what was happening.

"What… What are you doing?"

"Vixili? Come and take a look yourself." Jon invited her in.

As a Daedra, Vixili can reincarnate immediately after death in the nearby Azure Prism. She was still wet due to the process and didn't get the chance to even make herself decent. She walked closer with her eyes open wide looking at the body lying on her large station which Jon was working on.

"No! You… You ruined the body?" She said with a horrified look.

Looking at her, she must be blinded by greed over the possession of the body of a Daedric Titan. It got her to get killed once by the disappointed Xikil but she seemed to be not giving up yet. Either way, it doesn't sound half bad to him.

"Whatever!" Jon ignored her, "I need you to help me put the last touches. Grab a hammer and hit where I tell you to hit."

"Mortal, I…'

"Or I will simply have to ruin all your forge and kill everyone here." Jon added a warning.


Dejectedly, Vixili grabbed a hammer and followed Jon's orders by the word. She is a skilled smith and the way she wielded the hammer far surpassed Jon which made him go through the phase of refinement and she went through the reshaping. With that, the body of a whole new creature was perfectly formed.

The face was still the scary one of a Daedric Titan, it had the wings from the back and the powerful limbs but it was much smaller and a few times more terrifying.

"Jax, bring the horns."

The two Dragon Horns which Jon brought were the core of this process. They were very rich with Magicka and vital energy making them some of the most terrifying materials ever used to forge anything. Jon ordered Jax to fix them on Xikil's head and Vixili to start merging them with the head.

The final appearance was something to behold.

The two horns were abnormally large for the face as they were completely covering the forehead. They rose up in a strange manner making it look as if they are crowns on his head. [A/n: Hellboy Horns]

Xikil himself became fully black from the effect of the Cold Ebony alloy being refined with his skin but now.

However… there was one spot that Jon seemed to have left untouched.

"When will you reforge that area?" Vixili spoke, pointing at the third large leg between Xikil's two legs.

"Wait!" Jon looked at her with a horrified face, "You want me to hit another man's… ehem… with a hammer?"

"The… size is not fitting well with the body… I was just saying." Vixili explained.

"I can see that." Jon nodded at her with the same horrified look lingering in his eyes before continuing, "That's why we are going to use a Mold."

"A Mold?" She asked.


"So… you want me to forge one or make one with sand."

Jon was even more horrified by that woman now.

"Let me ask you something." He said, trying to ascertain something, "Is the answer to everything is 'Forge' in your head?"

She looked aside not sure how to answer before shrugging her shoulders.

"It depends."

"That's right. It depends." Jon said, "Males, humans and most certainly Dremora, prefer organic molds."

"Organic… molds?" She asked.


Vixili failed to understand what Jon was aiming for before having a morbid moment of Deja Vu as the shadow of a much larger creature covered her from behind once again.

She turned around only to see the newly created Daedra standing on his feet and lifting her up from her head with his index and thumb.

"Xikil… you… you wouldn't dare." She said as the Daedric blood ran away from her face.

Xikil twisted expressions were those of absolute cruelty as he replied.

"As a human once said… Bitch I do."

And a great thing happened.

"Alright, Xikil. Finish up with… remolding your little brother and meet me outside." Jon said as he gathered up his equipment, "We are having visitors."

Jon walked out to the entrance of the Black Forge as he felt the presence he was waiting for all along. With Xikil 3.0 now functional, he will finish what he started almost three years ago.

It is time to meet with the Volkihar Vampires.


[Xikil] <Daedric Titan>

- Soul Draining Flame

- Size Manipulation (NEW)

- Dragon Horns (NEW)


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