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CHAPTER 19: GETTING USED TO LIVING THERE - DREAM LOVE : DREAM LAND - Chapter 19 by Aira_Rin full book limited free


After finding out about herself, Jieun felt more comfortable to adjust to the atmosphere there day by day. She also found out that the café in front of the mansion was also hers. Her mother opened a café to remember her husband while she was there.

Jieun also feels calm when there is something similar there like her home in the real world as if her father is here to accompany her. So every day, she will manage the café and monitor its progress.

But Jieun doesn't spend her daily time just there. Once she helps the baker make breads, cakes and biscuits using her own recipes, she will go out and hand over other things to the employees. Then she would walk around the village and socialize with everyone. Everyone in the village now felt like her big family, which she never had before and it actually makes her happy. As she gets more comfortable in that world each day she honestly fell in love with them all.

Jieun can also hear stories about her mother's kindness here and there so that she sometimes feels like her mother is still alive. In the real world Jieun sometimes doesn't really remember about her mother because she was always sick when her mother was still alive. But, when she tried to remember about her, she could still feel her warm touch.

Also, when she comes out, she never get back home without gifts, receive from all the villagers there. Their kindness is really in another level and she feel like being pampered every day.

Today, Jieun observe the village at every angle while thinking. Some of the technology, there is more advanced than the real world, but there are also some that outdated.

Like vehicles, they use small cars that accommodate 4 people at a time and have seats facing each other. The car is driverless and charged using solar energy and definitely some special power. While in the car, just say the destination and the car will take them there. In addition, they also still use horses for transportation.

But technologies like telephones or televisions do not exist here. They also still use the service of birds to send letters everywhere. Being there make Jieun always learning new things and never getting bored. At least not yet.

While Jieun was walking alone in the busy village, Ayana ran from a distance and approached her.

"My lady!" She called breathlessly.

"What's wrong?" Jieun asked after seeing Ayana, who was earnestly running towards her as if to tell her something.

"There's nothing wrong. I just saw you walking around and wanted to tag along." Ayana said with a wide smile on her face.

"Are you already done doing the job given by Granny Susan? I don't want to see her getting angry at you again. "

"Ouu... You're so sweet for worrying about me my lady. Don't worry. I've finished all my tasks for today."

During the day, in addition to accompanying Jieun, Ayana would help Granny Susan in her little clothing store. Granny Susan is a great seamstress and even all of Jieun's clothes are made by her.

"Lady Jieun!" Suddenly came a little girl running towards them happily.

"Slow down Marilyn. Or you'll fall and get hurt." Ayana warned the little girl.

"It's all right, Auntie Aya. I'm not a child." The little girl said it herself.

Ayana watched Jieun with a disbelieving face as she said, "I don't understand why I was always called auntie by her when I was only 22. It definitely made me feel old."

Jieun only let out a small laugh by Ayana dissatisfaction.

"You're older than me Auntie Aya." Marilyn said the reason.

"But you can call me sister Aya, right?" Ayana tried to persuade.

"No!" Marilyn's firm answer made Jieun and Ayana a little stunned.

"Mom said sister is related to blood. You're not coming out of mom's belly. So you're not my sister." Marilynn explained to the two adults in front of her.

"Ouch! I was hit right in my heart by a 7 -year -old girl." Ayana just relented.

"You are very smart Marilyn." Jieun praise while rubbing the little girl's head.

"So, why are you running here just now?" Ayana asks after calming herself.

"Ah! I almost forgot." Marilyn handed a medium-large plastic to Jieun.

"Mom asked me to give the first milk this week from our new cow to share with Lady Jieun."

Jieun feel touched by the gift and accept it with an open heart.

"Thank you so much. Said thank you to your mother also okay. "

"I will."

Jieun then bring out the Caramel Toffee she made at the mansion from her sling bag and gave it to the little girl.

"Here is some candy for you. Share it with your family okay. " Jieun saying it gently.

Since she was always given various things from the villagers she was always ready with a little gift so that she would not only receive but also able to give something back.

"Wow... It's look delicious. Thank you Lady Jieun." Marilyn said as she ran to her house happily. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Look at her now all happy like that." Ayana said as she watched the child disappear into the crowd. "Oh, the other day you want to ask me something, don't you? What is it?" Ayana remembered her past conversation with Jieun that get interrupted the other day.

"Not that important. I just want to know what your power is. I don't remember when was the last time I saw you use it." Jieun said carefully.

"Of course you've never seen me use it my lady. It is because I'm bad at it. While the old granny could use her power of the wind to make a tornado and make me float in it until dizzy, I have absolutely no advantage in using my own power. "

"What? Granny did that to you?" Jieun trying to imagine how it was then.

"She did... When she was just too angry. Luckily, it's just a small tornado. But compare to that my strength almost made this whole village burn when I was little. That's why I never tried to use it. Even with training it felt hard for me."

"So you're a fire user, huh? It's sound interesting to me. I think if you practice harder it will come in handy one day. It's nice to have power doesn't it?" Jieun give an honest opinion.

"Really? I never thought about that. Emm... Do you feel left out here because you don't have any power my lady?"

"Me? Not really. I actually never felt that way. I find all the powers interesting and just that. I've never felt small here just because I don't have them."

"You better not. Because you're the special one here and everyone loves you so much." Ayana said it clearly. She did not want Jieun to feel isolated in the village.

"Are you going to the forest today?" Ayana asked again when she remembered Jieun's desire to visit her mother grave that day.

Jieun looks in the direction of the forest. Her granny had just told her that the forest was her mother's favorite place to find herbs and plants for medicine.

After her mother died, granny made the empty grave there symbolically as a place to commemorate. The villagers there think that the grave is inhabited because only granny knows the secret. So, today she decided to go there to see her mother's favorite place to know her better.

"I will." Jieun say softly.

"Are you walking there?"

"I'm thinking of horseback riding but I'm not good at it yet, so yes, walking is the best option as it's only a 20 minute away. I can enjoy the scenery along the way and also exercising."

"Want me to go there with you?"

Jieun give a soft smile to Ayana and she immediately knows that Jieun wants to be alone this time.

"Even so, please be careful and don't wander in the forest because you can get lost. Just visit the grave." Ayana's advising her repeatedly.

"I will be careful, miss Ayana." Jieun say playfully.

"If you are not coming after 2 hours I will come and get you."

"Alright, alright. Don't worry. " Jieun assure Ayana that everything will be alright.

Ayana finally obeys though deep inside of her heart, she still really worried about Jieun.

Aira_Rin Aira_Rin

Ready to meet the prince charming? Next chapter is FL and ML time -_^

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