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100% Dropped This Shitty Story / Chapter 34: Plans

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Chapter 34: Plans

It has been approximately 2 weeks since Lucifer made that decision and people are flocking in on his town. But it truly baffled Lucifer how easily the people decided to move in on his town even though they knew he is the devil.

Lucifer was glad that Fitoria and Artemis finally moved out of the mansion but unfortunately for him, Zoe moved out with Artemis.

He could now be seen looking at the town through his balcony with a dissatisfied expression as he thought, 'Why is this happening? The two troublemakers are gone, yes, but why is my precious little baby going with them?!' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He then glared hatefully at Fitoria Artemis who just walk right through the gates and thought, 'And why the hell are they still coming back every other day!?'

Lucifer then turned around and stared blankly at Ayane who was laying on the bed and thought, 'And why is she still in here!? Can't she get the picture that I don't want her here!?'

Lucifer felt frustrated about how Ayane follows Death like a lost puppy. When he moves into another room just because he was sick and tired of Ayane being there, she still followed Death when his wife got on the bed with him!

He even threatened her (didn't work she just doesn't listen), bounded her (didn't work she just wormed her way to the bed or room), and even tried disciplining her! (Still didn't work as she doesn't care [she got off on it] if she gets punished)

Lucifer then sighed in defeat and whispered, "What a troublesome maid I got."

Ayane seemed to hear him say that as she sat up and said, "Hmm? What was that Lord Lucifer?"

Lucifer hooked his head in exasperation and said, "I said, 'What a troublesome maid I got.'"

Ayane smiled cheekily at him and laid back down on the bed. Lucifer gave her an analyzing look and said, "What the hell are you doing here? Don't you have work to do?"

Ayane turned her head towards him and said, "Hmmmm? I got maids for that."

Lucifer raised an eyebrow and asked, "And where in the world did you get all that money from?"

Ayane smiled cheerfully at him and said, "From you of course!"

Lucifer's eyebrows raised at that as he said, "From me? But I don't have money laying around in the house for you to take?"

Ayane shooked her head in amusement and said, "No, no, no Lord Lucifer. The money that gave me when you first conjured gold could last us a couple more months if I keep the maids."

Lucifer kept one eyebrow raised and lowered the other as he said, "What do you mean by couple more months? We're leaving this dimension 3 days from now."

Ayane immediately got up on her feet at that as she said, "WHAT?! Huh?! What do you mean by that Lord Lucifer!?"

Lucifer shrugged his shoulders and said, "It is exactly what I said is going to happen. Death and the girls already know of it."

Ayane moved her hands around frantically as she said, "B-b-but, But what about your plans about Sir Erhand and Lord Naofumi?!"

Lucifer looked at her in confusion and asked, "What in the world do you mean by Lord Naofumi? Since when was he a lord? And Erhand and a couple more humans and demi-humans are already in my inner world living in it."

Ayane stopped her frantic hand movements and lowered her head in embarrassment while saying, "I thought that Lord Naofumi would be the next lord of this town when we're gone as he seems to be your subordinate or minion of sorts."

Lucifer nodded his head at her words and proudly said, "Yes, Naofumi is my minion and he will be the next ruler of this town once we leave this dimension."

Ayane looked at him in confusion and asked, "Ummm, Lord Lucifer? You once said that Lord Naofumi would be one of the pillars of your kingdom in your inner world and that Raphtalia will go inside your inner world too. What happened to that?"

Lucifer chuckled in amusement and said, "Foolish girl, do you actually think that I'd waste an asset like that? An asset that I poured my time and effort to make him stronger just to leave him on his merry way? I painstakingly had to give him a flesh of my devil form and a feather of my angelic wings just to give him a stupid power-up! And you think that I'm just gonna leave that stupid boy here? Not on my watch. I'm gonna get back here as soon as I want to wage wars on kingdoms just to freak him out."

Ayane looked blankly at Lucifer as he said those words and chuckled nervously once he finished, "Ahaha-hahahaha as expected of you, Lord Lucifer."

Lucifer then walked towards the door and said, "Come Ayane, the others are already downstairs. We need to be there or Death will nag me to sleep again."

Ayane giggled as she followed Lucifer in her 'work mode'. Lucifer finds her work mode much more relaxing to be with than her usual self. Her work mode is like when Grayfia from DxD is in here work mode... speaking of Dxd, should he go there? Hmmmmm, he'll think about it.

After a few minutes of walking, Lucifer and Ayane finally arrived at the dining table. He was pleasantly surprised to see food on the table as he was usually the one to do all the cooking in the house. He can see all of them eating the food but were making ugly faces as if they were eating shit.

What in the world is happening? Why are they making those faces? And are those the maids? Why are they eating too? And why the hell is your face so emotionless Naofumi!? Raphtalia and Filo are crying while eating the food beside you!

He scanned the room and found the culprit. Maybe he should just run? Nah, too troublesome when he has to finally explain to Death why he ran away.

He knows that he's an all-powerful being and all but Death's cooking just makes you want to die instead of living after tasting it.

Lucifer ignored the begging faces of the girls and turned towards Naofumi while saying, "Ahhh Naofumi, my second favorite minion after Keith! Are we finally going to talk things through?"

Naofumi raised his head and looked at him like he was his savior and pushed the plate of 'food' away while saying, "Lord Lucifer! How come you were so late?"

Lucifer made a Rolex out of thin air and wore it quickly before reading the time and said, "Hmmm, it seems that I wasn't late but the lot of you are just too early. Maybe if you guys were a little later then I would be the one cooking the feast."

Death smiled lovingly at him and said, "Don't worry honey. I just didn't want you to do all the cooking every single day."

Lucifer smiled back at her but thought to himself, 'But can't you see the suffering look on our precious little daughter? How could I allow that!?'

Lucifer then turned towards Naofumi and smiled, "So, how's your power-up going?"

Naofumi smiled brightly at him and replied, "It's going great Lord Lucifer! I feel like I'm the strongest out of the humans with the materials you gave to my shield!"

Lucifer scoffed at what he said, "If you aren't the strongest human right now due to my flesh and feather then I would've blasted you to oblivion for just wasting my time and resources! If used properly, those 'material' that I've given you can wipe out this dimension you're living in."

Naofumi's, Raphtalia's, Filo's, Fitoria's, Artemis', and Zoe's eyes widened at that. Wiping out a whole dimension with a single feather and a piece of flesh!? How stong could Lucifer possibly be if he can wipe a dimension out of existence with just a single of his feather!?

Naofumi gulped the accumulating saliva in his mouth and said, "T-T-Thank you for the generous gift Lord Lucifer! How could I repay you?"

Lucifer gave Naofumi a devilish smile and replied, "By becoming my general of course!"

Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo, Artemis, and Fitoria looked at Lucifer in confusion as they didn't know what he was going on about. General? General of what? This town?

Lucifer looked at his side and saw Death nod at him and remained silent as Death walked towards the confused group to explain to them what's going on.

A couple of minutes later, Lucifer uncrossed his legs and lowered his tea from god knows where and said to the surprised and shooked group, "So you up for it? General Iwatani?"

Naofumi quickly looked at him and stood up while standing straight as a board and replied, "I won't let you down, Lord Lucifer!"

Lucifer chuckled in amusement at his ridiculous actions and said, "How come you are so easy to accept any and all of my requests, brat?"

Naofumi looked at him seriously and replied, "Because you and Erhard were there for me when all of them turned their backs on me. With Erhard going with you, who else is going to be here for me? Raphtalia and Filo are a given but who else? I'm quick to accept your request on being your General as even my friends in the Knights turned on the King and joined you."

Raphtalia blushed a deep red when Naofumi looked at her so affectionately and looked at Lucifer to avoid eye contact with her master. Her face was so contented like there was nothing in the world that could ruin her moment.

Unfortunately for her, Lucifer knows how to ruin her moment as he said, "But you're not going with us just yet."

Naofumi, Raphtalia, and even Filo looked at Lucifer in confusion at what he meant. Naofumi and Raphtalia remained quiet but Filo jumped over the table and landed on Lucifer's lap and said, "What do you mean by that, Papa?" while giving him the most innocent of looks.

It seems that when Filo saw Lucifer's angel wings, she immediately thought that he was her father and has been calling him that ever since.

We can now find Zoe Morningstar looking at both of them in jealousy but still stayed quiet as Death rested her right hand on her shoulders while whispering, "I know what you're feeling now honey. Filo-chan does see me as her mother a little but she still favors Lucifer to an unhealthy extent."

Zoe and Death looked at the 'father and daughter' duo with wry smiles and just tried to hide their jealousy.

Lucifer looked at both of them with a sweatdrop sliding down his head and thought, 'What are you doing all jealous over there Zoe?! You're the one that doesn't want to come close to me cause I'm a male! And Death, why are you so jealous? She's like this with you if you approach her!'

Lucifer shook his head in exasperation and looked at Filo's big and innocent eyes and said, "Because your Naofumi-nii and Raphtalia-nee don't have a baby right now. I only wanted to take Raphtalia with me as she's the only demi-human that has a raccoon bloodline that I've seen in this kingdom and it's too troublesome to take another person from the other nations."

Naofumi and Raphtalia started to stutter due to his words and flayed their hands around in exaggeration while the other people in the room laughed at their misfortune.

Lucifer's face then turned serious as he said, "I'm being serious about this Naofumi. I'm giving you 15-20 years. By the time I come back I expect you two to already have a child. I don't care if you two are not in a relationship right now but I can see how you two look at each other so I know that both of you will do it."

Naofumi sighed in defeat and looked at Raphtalia's blushing face and whispered, "We'll talk later."

She could only nod her head while looking down in embarrassment. Artemis, who was silently eating the food Ayane was giving her, scoffed and thought, 'And another maiden falls to "love". Why are most women so into men? Can't they try and be with a woman?'

Lucifer, who heard her thoughts, deadpanned and thought, 'I can now see why Ayane was so brainwashed. Why is she so adamant about women loving men? She should know that not all men are rotten.'

But he quickly shrugged it off as he said to Naofumi, "The Morningstar family are leaving this dimension in exactly 3 days. So I have to implant knowledge about how to be a Mayor or a Lord of a town in your head."

Lucifer then picked Filo up and had her stand on her own feet as he walked towards the panicking Naofumi who screamed, "What!? What do you mean by implant!? What are you going to do!? Why are you coming closer with that menacing grin!?! Lord Lucifer, please answer me!"

Lucifer's smile widened as he said, "I want to come closer to you for the implanting of knowledge. Why?"

Naofumi's face despaired as he looked at the right hand of Lucifer coming closer to his face and could only scream, "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"


I'm happy to say that I've already written 2 chapters for the so-called rewrite of this book. I think it's a rewrite but I'm not so sure about that now after reading it. I think I made a completely new book with a new plot and all that. So expect to see the book in a couple of days now!

Now that I'm writing another book and the book was based on this one, I think I'm gonna drop this one now. But I'll think about it if there are still people who want me to continue writing this shitty book.

And to all the people who supports me in writing this fic till now, thank you.

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