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28.42% DUST BENEATH THE OCEAN / Chapter 27: Carried Away by Pain

Carried Away by Pain - DUST BENEATH THE OCEAN - Chapter 27 by Tirso_Habla_Gamba full book limited free

Chapter 27: Carried Away by Pain

While they stood beside the bed, Maia had observed that the room was highly romantic. The room was large and air – conditioned with large and long curtains with glamorous designs. The bed was big and very comfy. Maia's observation about the beauty of the things which surrounded her was distracted when Earl ran slowly his fingers through her straight hair, down her arms, and enfolded his hands around her waist. Maia arched her head and savored the hot kisses she felt in her neck. Maia raised her right arm and caressed few locks of his hair. She slightly rubbed her body to him which eventually produced a warm ignition.

''You will teach me a lesson which could not be found in any books.''

Maia's voice was husky as the hot kisses in her nape increased its intensity. Sensational vibrations amplified the ripples circling below her navel. Her body clamored to let Earl squeezed off the sweet and succulent pulp hidden on the rifted part in between of her thighs. She wanted Earl to pound it inside and let the sweet honey juice be poured out profusely.

''Yes. A kind of lesson that you will never forget.''

He answered her with a coarse voice and inhaled deeply because of the sudden twinge of sensations he felt in between his thighs.

''A lesson that could not be found even in the book of fairy tales. I hate fairy tales, Earl.''

''Oh, why you did hate fairy tales, Maia?''

''Because fairy tales are all about crimes, corruptions, greed and abused of powers.''

''Well, Maia. This is beyond fantasy and even beyond the Elysian Fields where all your worries will vanish for a while.''

Earl rotated slowly her body to face him and kissed her lips hungrily. Maia responded to his kiss and opened her mouth to fight and propitiated with his tongue as it explored the deepest part of her precious and sweet lips. While they kissed deeply, Earl unzipped her gown and it automatically fell on the floor. A luscious body welcomed the eyes of Earl that heightened his sensual pain. His pulsating conduit hardened much and reached the highest crest of his virility and his desire for her intensified. But he was not in hurry, he wanted to feel every inch of her flesh. He cupped her small right breast and kneaded her swollen small nipple while he licked the other one. Maia's body arched with delight as she enjoyed the heat that warmed up her body. Then, Earl's lips slid down to the epicenter of her world. The moment he touched the ultra-expensive locus of her, the successive ripples of electrifying vibrations started to oscillate. She felt her body had flown into a rage as she had produced different types of waves when the vibrations spattered every nerve of her body. She felt the tremor of seismic waves of magic touch went to the deepest abyss aimed to reach the core of her existence and break the membrane enclosed on it to extract the stored molten lava of stamina. Maia surrendered everything as she screamed and collapsed in the tormenting spasm. She clasped tightly his head and had tweaked few locks of hair of him. As the burning sensual pain inside their bodies continued to blaze with high energy and intensity, Maia helped Earl to remove the belt of his pants and pulled it down. Earl jiggled out his pants on his feet and kicked it on the side of the bed. In just an instant, two au naturel bodies responding to their bodily needs. She clung her arms around his neck. Not in hurry to release the burning pure substance inside of him, he elusively intercalated the conduit that would help him to release the extra energy he had. Earl felt the warm and pulpy welcome as she delightfully and conveniently accessed him by her soft pack. Maia's mouth rounded as she gasped for some air as she felt her special orifice was amply filled more than she needed. She arched her body in a very sensual way as he cupped her waist while they danced in the tune of music that their own bodies had produced. The impact it created forced Earl to explore for more. Like a diver, he wanted to plunge in the deepest bottomless gulf of her. Few seconds, Maia found herself leaning on the wall nearby the window. She hotly kissed him that made Earl to overheat with madness of desire.

''Is it alright here?''

Maia felt the warm breath of Earl as he whispered in her right ear.

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She answered him with hoarse voice carried away by the sensational touch of Earl as she felt his wet kisses on her neck that enticed her more.

''I think, I'm almost dying here.''

Earl answered her with a slight hesitation.

''No. You're very much alive.''

Maia clung to him and kissed Earl's sensual lips full of gusto inducing the static electricity inside him to continue for much rigorous and deeper venereal experiences. He lifted her left leg and his as hard as rock conduit sprang and automatically engrossed by the precious orifice of her. Her left leg curled around the waist of him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He hastily thrust on her. She felt the gigantic force reached the abysmal emptiness in her life that devitalized her legs. The bulky volume of it made Maia to hold the cold railings of the window by her right hand while her left hand curled around on the neck of Earl. She lifted her body as her both legs now coiled around the waist of him. Earl felt unexplained pleasure as she fully accommodated him as he propelled inside to the deepest hollow of her life. It kittled even the tiniest nerve of him and brought his mind to the strongest carnal insanity he had never experienced in his entire life. He felt that in any moment a violent released of intensified energy would occur. It was heightened the moment she coiled her legs around him that made him to increase his thrust and aimed to light the deepest wick of candle she had inside. Suddenly, a tickling sensation started to propagate in every nerve of him, until it made his body moved like a turbulent tornado. He bent her knees slightly as he gathered all his strength. The strongest pressure inside of her boundless hollow abruptly magnetized the glutinous energy out of his lively penstock, he thrust himself upward with great physical strength that made their bodies suitably fitted for a while. The perfect moment made Maia clung tightly on the metal bar of the window. Their necks were stiffed while the heads arched upward as they both sang the hymn of long deep moan of deliverance which echoed inside of the room.

Maia and Earl John lay on the bed with widely opened eyes. Earl John brushed few locks of her hair while she touched playfully the hairy chest of Earl John.

''Why we did not make it here in bed?''

Maia asked with curiosity in her mind.

''Because the bed is for lovemaking only.''

He answered her impassively.

''So, what do you call to the things that we did just a while ago? Was it not lovemaking?''

''No. It was not. Lovemaking is for married couple only. We simply comply with our fleshly needs. Or simply a commerce.''

Maia smiled silently. She sensed that Earl's face became serious.

''Marry me, Maia. I love you.''

He said the words while he stared at the ceiling.

''What? Are you serious? This is just a one – night stand. What happened here will be just left here and forgot forever.''

Maia pulled her body up sat on the edge of her bed and wrapped her breasts with the mattress.

''I know that you're not a virgin anymore. I don't care about your past. I'm here to erase those worst memories that you had before. I will give you a chance to start a new life that you want.''

''No. I cannot!!!''

Maia's voice raised in high pitch.

''But why?''

''It's none of your business.''

Earl John walked and stopped in front of her, stood naked. He had a sexy body with six – pack abs. His tired and quite long funicular rod in between of his muscular legs was heavy and waved as he moved.

''I can give to you everything you want. I'm rich. Anything that can make you happy. ''

Maia got up and started to dress herself.


She picked up her bag swung its strap on her shoulder and left Earl John behind confused and dejected. Earl John proved to himself this time that money can't really buy love.

She got out of the room and walked briskly hoping not to cross her path with Alejandro. But as she turned right, it was not the right choice. Alejandro was at the corridor held his phone on his ear talked to someone. The position of his hand and arm blocked his sight that made him not to see her. Maia's blood raced with anger, she turned left to look for another exit.

'Not this time, Alejandro!'

In a few minutes, she found Selene sitting at the stool in front of the counter and ordered foods for breakfast. Take out. After five minutes of waiting, they left the five – storey building at 8:30 in the morning. They both decided not to go for island hopping anymore for they were both tired for the same reasons. Ten minutes had passed, Alejandro arrived in the counter to order white wine.

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