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10% DXD: Aspect Of Greed. / Chapter 1: Freedom

Freedom - DXD: Aspect Of Greed. - Chapter 1 by flipperloki5577 full book limited free

Chapter 1: Freedom

"We cannot negotiate with people who say what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable." - John F. Kennedy


'A life for a rebirth is a cruel but fair way in which the multiverse works, an insignificant Japanese man has died so that I can escape the confines of my never-ending prison, his sacrifice for me will not go in vain. I will bestow on his body his greedy desire for a never-ending flock of women.'

<General Pov, Kuoh Town, Japan>

As the Evil piece entered Issei's cold body, a green light absorbed it, draining it of its power before spitting it back at the confused Rias. The green light turned into a glow that slowly consumed the body of the boy as it lay motionless on the dusty path, a cold wind pushing the red-haired girl away from the body she slowly approached.

The glow faded, Issei's eyes flung open, a cold aura swept out of him, freezing his surroundings, his now green eyes surveying his surroundings, eyeing the girl in front of him, a smirk covering his face.

<Greed's Pov, Kuoh town, Japan>

'So I'm finally free, only took 4 and a half million years to create a crack in my prison big enough to escape from, I made the mistake of challenging the supreme gods too quickly, after all, I'm the aspect of Greed, not Pride, that guy is an asshole.'

'So assess my surroundings, small town, Japan, Dragon trapped in my arm, hot girl in front of me, dying hot girl behind her, she killed 'me', hot girl one resurrected 'me', Dying girl is an angel of some sort, Hot girl one uses demonic power. I have some demonic power in my body? System show my status'

Greed's Status

Name: Issei Hyoudou (Greed)

Race: Human/Weak Devil

Age: Forgotten (Immortal)

Title: The Second Sin

Class: Devourer


Perception: F (0%)

Magic (intellect) : A (0%)

Endurance: A (0%)

Agility: D (0%)

Strength: D (0%)

Charisma: A (0%)

Luck: SSS (0%)

Aspects: Greed (locked)


The Endless Hunger (MAX)- Allows the hosts to eat other living beings, gaining a portion of their skills and abilities upon completion. Secondary effect: Gaining the complete loyalty of attractive women will add a smaller amount of their skills and abilities.


'So all of my abilities bar endless hunger faded away in prison? That sucks, I might as well eat the fallen Angel, try and see what she will give me. After all my Special stats are dreadful, an F in perception? Is that cause I couldn't see the strength of a Supreme God? Bullshit.'

"Umm Issei are you okay?"

'Hot Girl one is staring at me in confusion, to be fair I have been staring off into space while I gather my thoughts.'

"Who are you? Issei has died as you saw, my name is Greed, it a pleasure to make your acquittance."

'I can feel magic begin to pool into her hands, I may have made a mistake by telling her the truth, I really should have just told a lie, I hate my low fucking perception....'

"So which demon is stupid enough to steel the body of a pawn, contracted to the Gremory Family?"

'Well shit, I need to get to the body behind her, if logic remains true, I should be able to steal a holy ability off of the Angel and use it to kill the Devil.'

"I'm not from this realm of existence, I have been trapped in a prison for nearly four million years, I can give you the secrets needed to elevate your family to the next level and then some."

A giant ball of fire was flung at Greed as a response to his statement, barely dodging it, rolling to the side of the girl he flung out his leg and pushed her, quickly tripping her up. As she landed, Greed touched the dying fallen Angel, her screams as he consumed her, gave the Devil a rush of Adrenaline, she quickly got up and faced Greed once more.

'Next to no real battle experience, her being new to combat might save me here. System display any gains from the Angel.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

*Holy power, Summon light-based Weapons, Cloth manipulation gained*

'So I just make my magic flow through my right hand and '

Before Greed could finish speaking a large spear made out of light appeared in his right hand, smiling he uttered" We don't have to fight, I'm sure somewhere under this skin, the same lovable pervert is hidden."

"H-Holy magic, how did you summon that, you are a Devil now."

"I am a Devil, a very hungry one, you have a choice, we both turn around and walkway or I eat you, you have five seconds to decide."


A large spear flew past her face as she pondered, on instinct Rias withdrew back to her club room.

'Teleportation? I will need to learn that, seems extremely useful.'

Greed then began to shake his right arm aggressively, saying" Wakey Wakey Dragon, either you come out or I go in."

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