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7.27% DxD: The Hero of Charity / Chapter 3: Childhood

Childhood - DxD: The Hero of Charity - Chapter 3 by OmniverseDivine full book limited free

Chapter 3: Childhood

Five years have already passed since the birth of Karna. Within a certain town, in a certain residence, a game of hide and seek was taking place right now. A young Karna kept his eyes closed while facing the wall as his parents quickly hid inside the house. After counting from one to ten, Karna started looking for them.

It didn't take him more than a few minutes to find both of them, who had hidden beneath the bed of their bedroom.

"I found you both!" Karna hopped onto his parents after finding them. He had a cheerful smile on his face. His parents started laughing as they got out of their hiding spot and Karna was carried by his father on the man's shoulder. Their names were Gorou Hyoudou and Miki Hyoudou.

While laughing cheerfully on top of Gorou's shoulder, Karna said "Dad, let's play horse riding!"

"Karna, we talked about this. You promised to have dinner after playing hide and seek." Miki said.

"But I want to play more!" Karna said as he crossed his arms and puffed out his cheeks in annoyance.

Gorou laughed at his son's cute reaction and said "Hey! No need to be angry. We will play once again after eating dinner! And Grandpa will also be coming tomorrow!"

At Gorou's words, Karna's face immediately became cheerful once again as he hugged Gorou and said "Really! Thanks, dad! You're the best!" Karma kissed Gorou on the cheek.

"Alright you two. Enough playing around! Now, it's time to eat." Miki said with a smile on her face. This is how their daily life was. Ever since Karna's birth, every single day was filled with happiness and joy. All of them sat at the dinner table and had dinner together. Both Miki and Gorou fed Karna in turns. After a bit more of playing around, it was finally bed time.

Karna laid on the bed of his bedroom alongside Miki as she caressed his head, meanwhile both of them together listened to the story that Gorou was reading. After a few minutes, Karna eyelids became heavy as he fell asleep. Miki planted a kiss on his forehead and got up from the bed. Gorou kept the story book on the book shelf and both of them also went to bed in their own bedroom.

When everyone in the house had fallen asleep, Karna opened his eyes and sat up on his bed. He got out of his bed and climbed up to the rooftop using the window. He sat on the cold hard roof while peering at the beautiful full moon in the night sky and the twinkling stars surrounding it.

He still remembered. No, what's there to remember when he hadn't actually forgotten anything? Karna remembered it all, about his first life. He could also make use of his powers if he wanted to. He simply didn't do it because he didn't want to ruin his current life.

Karna had already given a lot of thoughts to his current situation. He remembered the sudden spacial rift that appeared and swallowed him up. Even though it seemed the same, Karna could tell this world was different from the world he knew, from the world where he use to live. He could tell from the difference in energy variations as well as his connection with nature. He had previously thought that he had simply been reborn into the future, but this world was far too different in terms of energy and other important factors.

Sitting on top of the roof and feeling the cold breeze that washed over his face, Karna thought about his current life. Compared to his miserable past life, this life was simply a paradise. His wish for a happy and peaceful life was granted. He had two loving parents who would always dote on him and also a loving grandfather who would also visit him from time to time, the only issue was that his grandfather was a pervert.

Karna had a warm smile on his face as he thought about his new family members. They were all silly but Karna has become close to them. He had come to see them as his own family. He wanted to continue this lifestyle forever if possible.

But unfortunately, life is never so simple. From the moment he had been born, Karna had sensed the presence of other supernatural beings. He had even sensed the divine presence of Gods and Goddesses and presences who had power levels close to that of the aforementioned Gods.

Karna knew that these presences had been searching for him from the moment of his birth. That's why he completely sealed away his abilities, so that they wouldn't be able to detect even its traces. He can again unseal his power anytime and from the looks of things, he might have to do it sooner than later. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Aside from spending time with his family, Karna had also been investigating about this new world. He had learnt that this town he was living in is called Kuoh and it was situated in a country called Japan. He had also learnt about the other countries of this Planet called Earth, learning about this world's version of his original motherland, the nation of Āryāvarta, now known as India.

He had even read the epic of Mahabharata, where the ancient conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravas as well as the war of Kurukshetra had been written. Strangely though, it didn't have even remotely mention him. Even though this world had it's own version of Arjuna, it seemed that a version of Karna didn't exist here. Or another theory is that this world did have a version of him, but after Karna was born here, this world's version of him had been erased from existence due to a paradox.

Karna didn't really care much about himself. But he was surprised when he learned that this world also had it's own versions of all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, but strangely his father, God Surya also didn't exist in this world...

Karna stopped thinking about such things and stood up from his sitting position. Tomorrow his grandfather would arrive and it might be the very last time he gets to meet his grandfather. His grandfather was already very old and Karna had already sensed the man's lifespan was near it's end. But even without that, Karna might probably never meet him again or his parents. The reason? Soon, very soon, Karna is going to have to leave his family.

Why? Because Karna knew very well that his existence would put their lives in danger without a doubt. He didn't want them to come in contact with the supernatural world. Besides that, Karna was doing this for another reason.

Karna had noticed the extreme amount of corruption in this world. There were millions of people who were dying due to hunger and poverty while the corrupt people in power kept fattening out their bellies, feeding on the wealth of the poor. Karna wouldn't allow such a thing, he couldn't stand it. Ever since way back till now, it didn't sit right with him that he would enjoy a life of peace while there will be other people suffering.

Karna was happy. He was very happy and satisfied with these five years where he experienced so many different emotions that he never had the opportunity to experience in his previous life. He was satisfied with what he received and now it was time to move on and begin a new chapter of life. Karna thought about the future as his expression turned cold and chilling. His eyes regained the dangerous sharpness of a merciless warrior that they had once upon a time. But there was one more emotion hidden in those deep sharp eyes that no one was able to discern, loneliness....

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