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3.63% DxD: The Hero of Charity / Chapter 1: End of an Era

End of an Era - DxD: The Hero of Charity - Chapter 1 by OmniverseDivine full book limited free

Chapter 1: End of an Era

Presently in the world of Nasuverse, a raging battle for the ages raged across a certain battlefield as two warriors clashed against each other in a battle to the death. Their attacks sent out powerful shockwaves and explosions that shook the earth and their thundering warcry bellowed through the heavens. Indeed, this was the Battlefield of Kurukshetra. And the warriors engaging in a fierce battle were the Son of Indra Arjuna and Son of Surya Karna.

The two fated rivals and enemies were the only ones remaining on the Battlefield aside from the God Krishna, who was the charioteer of Arjuna's chariot. The Endowed Hero Arjuna stood on his chariot and kept firing dangerous arrows covered in deadly azure flames in rapid succession at his destined opponent the Hero of Generosity Karna. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But Karna deflected all of Arjuna's arrows as he stood up on his own ordinary chariot that couldn't even be compared to Arjuna's Divine Chariot. One shot from Karna's bow would shake Arjuna's whole chariot and one shot from Arjuna's bow would send Karna's chariot a few yards back. But even in this instance, Karna was obviously the better and stronger among the two and more praiseworthy. Arjuna's Divine Chariot was gifted to him by the Flame God Agni and the flag it carried 'Kapi Dhwaj', carried the God Hanuman within it. And the wheels of his chariot carried the divine power of God Shani. With three Gods being on Arjuna's chariot as well as their divine blessings, Arjuna obviously had a massive advantage.

But despite the odds against him, the arrows shot from Karna's bow covered in destructive crimson flames were even stronger than Arjuna's arrows, as he countered all of Arjuna's attacks and was putting him on edge. But this was nothing surprising to either Krishna or Arjuna, however, because even if he wouldn't like to admit it, Karna surpassed him easily and that's why he had never fought a direct battle against Karna before because that meant certain death,

But this time, Karna couldn't win, no matter what. As Karna's victory almost became certain, his charioteer betrayed him and his chariot's wheel got stuck in a large hole. This was no coincidence, however, as this was due to Karna's curse. When his charioteer refused to remove the wheel, Karna had to get down to remove the wheel of the chariot. But due to his curse, despite his superhuman strength, Karna was unable to lift the chariot's wheel.

Using this crucial moment as his opportunity, Arjuna drew the string of his bow to it's utmost limits and fired his final arrow at Karna. In that moment, Karna displayed a rare smile on his face that carried various emotions behind ir, but for the most part, he felt relief. Karna accepted his death with a smile on his face without any hatred as Arjuna's arrow pierced through his head, he had shot down the Sun.

As Karna's soul drifted through the afterlife, his soul merged with his father, the Sun God Surya. Karna was finally free from his painful destiny of continuous betrayal and misfortune. But there was one wish that remained in his heart, "If....I am to ever be given a second chance at life....maybe I could finally experience happiness...."

Suddenly an anomaly occurred as a huge rift appeared in space-time that swallowed him up. Karna was surprised at the situation but before he could do anything, he was already travelling at a speed millions of times faster than light. Karna closed his eyes and accepted his father without much resistance. Karna's body became covered in a bright later of light before it disappeared into tiny motes of light. He had disappeared from the world of Nasuverse. His wish for reincarnation would be fulfilled in another world.

And maybe one day, he might return to this world, to settle his score with Arjuna and defeat him in a fair battle not between two arch enemies, but a battle between two brothers and fated rivals. The two would surely meet one day, but when would that happen only time could tell. Before that, Karna would be reborn in another world, leading the happy and peaceful life he had always desired covered in twists and turns as well as interactions that would earn him friends, allies and loved ones. The journey of the Hero of Charity in another world now begins.

OmniverseDivine OmniverseDivine

Hello everyone. This is my first work and my language isn't English, so pls excuse any grammatical mistakes. If you like the fanfic, pls support it by donating power stones. I'll relase one or two chapters a day and the word count for each chapter will be 1000-2000. Thee will be another chapter today, so look forward to that.

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