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Chapter 9 Sage Hadem - Earth Is In Trouble But With The System, Escape Earth, Make A Comeback - Chapter 9 by Shico_rai full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 9 Sage Hadem

Then the hologram started to shine and expanded much clearly in detail.

The hologram starts to play the recording of the history of the sage plant. The sage world was in its golden age before their annihilation. They have countless combat spaceships outside their planet patrolling. The planet's huge continents are surrounded by rivers of water.

The sage continents has numerable tall towers that pierced the skies proudly. Floating Island that has its city and mythical beast with wings are flying and circling the floating Island.

The middle of their cities has a beautiful blue crystal. The blue crystals are chained by the four towers. Many Sage beings would come near the beautiful crystal while carrying their children.

The Sage beings would help their children touch the beautiful crystal. The Sage children that finish touching the beautiful crystal, later on, a pale blue light would glow in their bodies.

The Sage children regardless of their talent and strength would then become extremely strong and talented. The blue crystal is submerged in the waters of a lake. The blue crystal absorbed the waters little by little as the light of the crystal would look much beautiful.

The Blue Star crystal was the key to their growth and becoming dominant in the high realm.

The hologram is changed again and this time a group of people is sitting around the table arguing. The Elderly man with a scar on his face stood up and shouted at the young man opposite to him.

He furiously said.

"We cannot lower ourselves with the other race!" (Young Hadem)

The young man that is being shouted at by the elderly man has an appearance of Hadem Sage when he was young.

The young man Hadem's expression started to distort as he angrily said.

"The star crystal is dying, we need the help of the other race to give the star crystal an energy if we do not feed the crystal its next target would be us!" (Young Hadem)

"hmmm, I don't believe you!" The Elderly man with a scar said.

Another Elder stood up and said.

"We are both Elders in this gathering, we should decide based on votes!" Then one by one they all raised their arms in favor of the elderly scar-faced man.

The young hadem face becomes full of despair said.

"YOUR DECISION TODAY! WILL RESULT IN THE EXTINCTION OF OUR RACE!" Hadem shouted at the top of his lungs while bashing the round table.

But everybody ignored him.

The hologram changed again to the older hadem.

Now Hadem is standing in a room that has many fleshy walls.

"Our race was too reliant on the star crystal. The star crystal is a gift from the superior planet of abaddons. we thought that there was nothing wrong with the crystal that they have gifted us. With the star crystal, it has strengthened our race, that the higher realm would fear us. But who would have thought, the star crystal that my people love was a curse that bounds our race. The more our people absorb the power of the star crystal the greater the star crystal absorbs our planet's energy. Finally when there is no more to absorb. The Star crystal would cannibalize its energy to provide function. The Sages that touch the crystal will also be absorbed by the star crystal as they were marked when they touch and absorb some of its power. Our race found out about the scheme of the superior race but alas it was already too late....." Hadem sadly said.

The hologram change again. This time the place changes to a white lab room. Lights with different colors could be seen on the table. A monster with wolves like figure is inside the tube. Its eyes remain looking at hadem even though its eyes are without life.

Hadem paced toward the table and picked up the blue light device. Hadem then came near the beast inside the tube. Hadem turn on the blue light at the beast's chest area, a red crystal could be seen on it.

Haden took a deep breath and introduce the beast toward the recording.

"This is my contract beast since I was young, he is a brother to me" Hadem clinched his fist as he look into the eyes of his brother.

While saying "I failed brother, I'm sorry I couldn't save you!" Hadem clenched his teeth while saying that.

As Hadem finishes talking, his hands tremble for a moment.

"We were running out of time. To prevent ourselves from being absorbed, by the star crystal we had to find a solution. My contract beast volunteered itself to experiment. We used the dead star crystal to merge with our cores. Because only the dead star crystal cannot be absorbed anymore. But our experiment failed!" Hadem roared and punched the table.

Hadem then gasped for air desperately. While touching his heart.

"The Star crystal is absorbing my very being, I'm running out of time!" (Hadem)

Hadem took out a knife and slashed his hand. Blood slowly falls to the ground. Haden's body started to turn deep blue. He used a forbidden technique of their race.

He become calm again unlike when he was gasping for air.

"I activated a blood technique of our race to temporarily suppress the star crystal absorption" (Hadem)

Had blood continue to flow out. But hadem did not seem to mind it. He looks at the recording and starts explaining.

"We suspected that the superior race is going to collect the star crystal when it finishes absorbing the planet's energy" (Hadem)

Then Hadem look, besides the table, a transparent orb could be seen. Inside this orb, a girl could be seen sleeping soundly. Hadem came near the orb as he touched the orb, as though he want to touch the girl inside.

Without turning his head toward the recording device. He starts talking.

"This is my daughter, my precious daughter" Hadem continues to touch the orb.

Hadem continues to speak.

"When she was born, her mother pass away, and she is the only one that I have, her name is Blossom Ironforge" (Hadem)

As he finishes talking he closes his eyes for a moment.

"My brother's experiment was a failure, but I will not fail my daughter!" Hadem said as his resolve becomes firm.

Hadem took out a vial containing a red powder inside. Hadem explained that this powder inside the vial is the star crystal.

"The crystal is known to be unbreakable as long as it continues to absorb energy. But without energy the star crystal becomes vulnerable. Even though the crystal has no more energy. It is still one of the hardest materials known. The crystal hardness is already comparable to the dragon bones. I had to put it inside the miniature sun, while slowly grinding it into powder" (Hadem)

"To minimize the crystal absorption and to prevent my daughter from being absorbed by the much bigger crystal. I have to powder the crystal and also to increase the chance of the experiment" (Hadem)

Hadem knew that it is the only way to control the star crystal from absorbing her. He already injected his daughter with a tranquilizer. To prevent her from disagreeing with the experiment.

Hadem opens the cover glass of the orb. He then took out an injection while putting the powdered star crystal inside the injection.

He leans toward his daughter and kissed her forehead, he looks at her lovingly while he reaches toward her arm. He injected her as the injection needle pierced her and stop at her bones. Hadem then pressed the injection as the powdered star crystal slowly spreading inside her bones.

Hadem still touching his daughter's arm, start to explain at the recording.

"This is the first stage of the experiment. Using the star crystal to merge with her bones, to have a characteristic of the crystal" Hadem said.

Hadem is silent for a moment then said.

"The second part is to make her into a homunculus, a body of an undead. To prevent the Abaddons from hunter her down and to preserve the Sage race" Hadem explained.

Hadem stop touching his daughter's arm ad he took a deep breath while closing the cover.

The moment the cover of the orb closed. The Orb is released inside a liquid gel as it slowly submerges blossom inside the tube.

Hadem looks at the recorder device while saying. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Stranger, please help my daughter is getting out of this planet as the Abaddon will surely eliminate her if they found her!" Hadem gritted his teeth as he said that while kneeling at the recorder.

When the gel is fully submerging his daughter blossom. She suddenly start trashing down, from left to right as she struggled inside the Orb. Hadem stood up and came near his daughter he touched the Orb cover. He wanted to smash the cover and stop the experiment. Hadem forcefully stop the impulse to stop the experiment, but he knew deep down that the experiment is the only way.

Even though his daughter keeps struggling inside the Orb. He could only watch her helplessly, if he is not weak his daughter wouldn't have suffered this torment.

Hadem could only continue to look at his daughter as teardrops started forming at the corner of his eyes and slide down on his cheeks.

Hadem lifted his hand toward his chest area while clinching his palm. Hadem knew that his life is ending soon as the effect of the forbidden skill is fading away.

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