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11.66% Eden World / Chapter 6: too hurt and damn Strong

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Chapter 6: too hurt and damn Strong

"ah... I'm so tired, mom can you at least didn't buy this much stuff? Even there are some not for celebration." I said that while throwing my tired body to the sofa leaving the shopping bag on the table.

Su Ling'er sees me laying on the sofa, sit beside me. After that I feel my shoulder being massaged by her, I feel good when she massaged my shoulder.

"ah.. there dear..ah yes that place..ah good."

My mom saw me and Su Ling'er already so intimate like a married couple, secretly lift the bag and walk towards the kitchen.

I saw my mom gonna start to prepare ingredients on the kitchen, I stop Su Ling'er massage even though I still didn't satisfied with it. I whisper in her ear.

" My dear Ling'er, later tonight we sleep together while playing Eden World Online. At that place, we can enjoy so much there as we won't need to worry about getting pregnant. "

Hear my whisper in her ear, she blushed and punch my chest with her little fist.

"you damn pervert, don't always think bad stuff. If not I will ignore you."

As she said that she ran towards my mom in the kitchen to help her prepare the ingredients. I saw that and I can only shake my head.

" Jian, can you call your father to tell him to come back a bit early as we will have a celebration. Also, tell your father that I will allow him to drink his beloved beer and sake!."

I immediately call my father to tell him that he has to come back early or else he won't get a chance to drink his beloved beer and sake. Hearing me speak like that, my dad immediately works like a superhuman with unlimited energy where his work done so fast.

I try to imagine my dad do his work at super speed, that might be fun to watch if I were there.

Walking to my bedroom, I prepare another pillow and blanket so I can use it with Su Ling'er. Done with that I took out God Gen given by Author-sama.

Author: Damn this Stupid protagonist!! How can he keep saying my name everytime he is gonna use item given by me? Let's see how you gonna deal with EDITED Goddess Of War! I'm gonna watch how you will cry later. ( cursed the author in another realm to this Xue Jian the protagonist)

I suddenly shivering as I feel something watching me and I feel cold sweat at my back. Tilt my face to right and left, I didn't see anyone or I might be hallucinating.

I change my gen inside GB from Normal Gen to God Gen. Well with this God Gen I might be able to fight with that Goddess Of War one on one.

Imagining I stand above the mountain with my harem female and guild only for female. I feel I'm getting turned on, thinking to want to have a bath together with Su Ling'er with I didn't dare to ask her as I'm afraid my mom and dad will know that we had done that stuff.

Let out a sigh I press inject gen at the GB. I lay on the bed as I wait for my mom and Su Ling'er doing their preparation, suddenly I feel energy surging inside my body. From that energy, I feel hot as I didn't expect this pain going to happen, after hot feeling starting to fade away. What happens next was my body feel cold. Hot and cold come one after one when I feel it change so fast. I yelled to heaven.

"Damn Author!! How can you give me this bad Gen!!"

The author in heaven: haiizz...protagonist always have to suffer you know? (reading other novels) and what will you gain if you suddenly feel your energy surging too fast? So be thankful that your author letting you feel pain, well this pain helping you to control element so do your best my Stupid and shameless protagonist. ( facing down as Author closing the novel in his hand, he cried with a smiling face. Goodbye my dear stupid protagonist)

As I keep withstand this pain, my body also starting to change from the slender body to muscular body. If Su Ling'er saw his body turned to a muscular body, she might love her crazily.

Slowly this pain was gone as time passed, around two hours. My body turned to normal but the only difference from the start till now is only his slender body turned to a Muscular body.

"I have to punish that Author if I meet him." I said this as I try to check my body, but I surprised due to the thunder sound suddenly appear.

"Okay.okay!! I'm sorry almighty Author- dono!!"

Didn't dare to curse that author again, I try to clench my hand tightly. What comes to my view surprised me as I saw a fire in my hand.

"ahh, fire fire fire...hothothot...."

But I noticed something when I shout hot, what I noticed is that I didn't feel hot instead I feel normal and warm. With fire on my hand, I try to imagine this fire disappear from my hand, and it really disappears when I open my eyes again.

Knowing how to make it disappear, I try to imagine a fire in my right hand and ice sword in my left hand. When I saw that it really happen, I'm surprised at this kind of stuff so good and handy.

Thinking of how this can be used to lit cigarettes, this fire really handy. And this ice really cools too if I use it to cool my tea or other juices.

If other know what he is thinking then other would call him stupid guy. With this ice and fire, he can form a spear or sword and hunt something in the forest or with that fire he can work as a forger to forge something good.

While thinking that I shiver again as I remember the pain I felt earlier. Knowing that kind of pain, I have to be careful about injecting gen inside my body.

Let out a sigh, I leave my bedroom. I'm surprised and shocked as I tried to open door its broken due to my uncontrolled strength I thought in my mind

' damn STRONG '

. I suddenly feel a headache as I have to fix this door tomorrow.

Coming down, I saw my father and mother talking with Su Ling'er

"yo you finally get down brat. Why you didn't tell me that we have a visitor and that visitor is my Daughter In law!!!"

"well its a surprise and you didn't ask !" with a proud feeling, I stand there with my two hands on my waist.

"Okay, let us start our celebrating, well for my son and Daughter in law being a couple. Cheers!!"

As I said down my father immediately raise his cup of sake. I know he couldn't calm down since he came back for sake and beer, but I raise my cup and cheers too.

Su Ling'er embarrassed when she heard my father shout celebrating we two being a couple. Yeah, I love her embarrassed expression, with that thought in my mind I decided to protect her.

Raising my hand and pick up my chopsticks, I try to control my strength so this chopstick didn't break. But too bad, these chopsticks break when I try to use it.

With teary eyes, I get another chopstick again and it broke again. let out a sigh as my bad luck for getting this gen, I try another again.

When I lift my head and saw my father, mother and Su Ling'er shocked expression, I only let out a dry laugh since this is my fault to broke so many chopsticks.

Without any choice, I can only use spoon since I only need to scoop and lift it to my mouth. Thought of something, I scoop my rice and some vegetables. I bring my spoon to Su Ling'er mouth.

"Ling'er open your mouth,..ah.."

Treating it like a mom feeding her child, I fed Su Ling'er using my spoon. Her face flushed red when I fed her like that but she eats it even though its embarrassing.

My mother and father saw I do that to Su Ling'er also smile happily and those two tried feeding each other. Seeing that I only smile and let them have fun, when I want to continue eating, I saw chopstick moving to my mouth.

"Hubby... can you.. open your mouth? Like ..ah...." with a flushed face, she feeds me with her chopsticks.

Well, this kind of thing happens well too. Is what I thought in my head and I eat what Ling'er feed me.

After the lovey-dovey passed as the food on the table already gone, we clean it and sit in the living room.

"oh yeah dad, mom. here is GB used for playing game Eden World Online. You two can acts freely in that world. Oh yeah dad, in that game you can do with mom almost all days if you want as in there player won't get pregnant." I said to them two and at the last part, I said it in low voice to my dad.

My dad knows what I meant and he nods happily. Seeing that I thought in my mind, 'don't tell me that dad and mom haven't do it since I was born?!'. But I immediately try to think of other things.

" well this gen here are Super gen so you two can use it . each person can use only three gen. So I don't really care which one you two gonna use, now I'm gonna play with my dear Ling'er"

Saying that I pull Su Ling'er towards my bedroom. She feels numb from today event that she got tired of surprise.

SaraCross SaraCross

hello guys

what do you feel guys? is it good? or bad?

try this other novel: Lucky Inheritor.

i didn't give up this novel and other novel.

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