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60% El Society / Chapter 3: Chapter 03 : The hospital

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Chapter 3: Chapter 03 : The hospital

( urghh.. my head hurts..what is that light ? so annoying's so white.. where am i ? )

* tooot..tooot..tooot..* (medical machine for the heart beat etc )

" isn't he moving little bit ".( nurse assistant 1)

" how lucky you are ". ( nurse in charge )

" just on time ". (nurse assistant 1 said)

( what are they saying, god i still feel dizzy )

" hurry call the doctor" .

" patient number 36. has finally woken up ".

( patient ? they mean me ?..wait..does that mean, i'm in the hospital ? i defenitly was near the lake..what's going on)

" check his vital signs ".

" he seems good ".

" let's take him to one of the empty rooms to rest ".

" Thankfully we arrived just on time ".

" not now officer, he just woke up ".

" better now than him running ".

(what does the police mean by that..why i should be running)

" but tell me first, how did you know that he woke up, it's been a long time you know ".

" that is the profission secret for being a great officer ".

( yeah right, profission of bribery )

" I'm sorry officer..we already informed the patient family and now they are on their way ".

" I just need to ask him few questions ".

" he is still a minor and we don't know what will happen to him ".

" okay then, in this case i will see what his family say about this ".

" if want you can go sit in the waiting area ".

* tshht..tshht* ( a walkie talkie)

< a call to all the unit in the R5 zone re-group immedietly there has been....>

" I will be back again ".

( you are just lucky playing the doctor, but that will not last long )

. . .

" thank woke up, I can't believe that i was going to stop your machine to let you die,

what a poor boy ".

( what does she mean by that ?)

" what are babbling about .. what if he hears you".

" don't worry he slept again ".

" so it's true ?"

" what is true ?"

" about what you said earlier ".

" this poor boy family signed a contract that they are willing to let go of their son ".

( what ?? they want me dead ?)

-" guess he came back from the dead ".

" don't say that.. you are an intern right ? ".

" yes, i am. ".

" what are you doing here? ".

" i got curious, after all i'm here to learn, so tell me.. why didn't you remove the equipmemt from him ".

" as i said it was a miracle.. by the time i was going to remove everything .. he opened his eyes and moved his finger hands and legs suddenly ".

( i couldn't expect more from that family )

" hey nurse what is going on? "

" omg sorry young boy that you woke up from our noise, were we loud ? did you hear anything? ".

( oh no, i don't know why i have this bad feelings but i should be careful now)

" urgggh uhmm.. my head hurts little bit ".

" did you hear anything weird ? ".

" not really but what am i doing here ? " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" you just woke up from a coma..get some rest now ".

" coma ..what do you mean? ".

" the doctor will explain later ".

" please at least tell me for how long ? ".

( what an annoying young man no wonder the wanted him dead )

" its a miracle that you woke up ".

" tell me. * ouch my head* ".

" it's been 2 years ".

( two years ..two full years no ..there must be a mistake.. i don't think i can take all this .. i should rest )

. . .

( in the main reception area of the hospital )

an extrodinary entrance as an old lady with a tight short black dress from dior and a fox furr around her neck not to mention her shoes and bag were made of snake leather.

she was with her husband who as well wore branded suit and their son as well.

all the eyes were on them..and the talk that didnt stop from the moment they eneterd.

" Good afternoon,(as she removed her sunglasses ) I've been called by Dr. and he informed me that the patient in the cpu has woken up and we were supposee to go to him ".

" excuse me madam.. but what is your name ? and what is the patient name ? ".

" ah pardon me ".

she didn't like it much when the receptionist didn't even had a glance at her so she the raised her bag on the desk just to show she kept searching for her wallet, even though she always put it in the right zipper of the bag.

" I was just happy that he woke up, that i forget to give you my information just a second ".

" no problem madam ".

" ah, i found it, here it is ".

The nurse was shocked of that kind of attitude so she kept staring her and at how much that bag is worth, then the madam took her card back she had a smirk on her face as if she won some kind lottery.

. . .

outside kais' room there was the doctor looking at the patients paper, that is when the kai family have arrived.

" This way, He is right here madam ".

" what happened, we heared that be woke up, is that even possiable? ".

" not quietly, we too think its incrediable as well ".

" we can see him right ?".

" yes, you can, but for now we will let him rest then will take full examination before we can discharge him, since what happened to him was really a miracle"

"indeed it is, waking up now that is"

" and before i go, some police officer came to check on your boy but i told to come when you are around ".

" great ". as the lady raised her eyebrows and smiled gently.

. . .

As he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was his cousin eating from the hospital fruit basket, his aunt and her husband were standing next to him just looking at him.

" look dear, he has his eyes wide open" as the husband kept holding the metal with the bed.

" indeed it is, how do you feel ?".

( should i even bother to talk )

" maybe he is not feeling well ?"

" maybe he can speak no more "

" don't say that about your cousin, johnathan".

"but, dad look at him"

" dear can you take john and wait me outside"

" let's listen to your mom, she know better".

" now, can you speak ?".

" yes ".

" I just finished talking to the doctor, he told us you can go after the full body examination, isn't that great, that now you can go back home".

" yes, mam ".

" we are glad that you woke up, the rest of the family feels the same".

( haah as if, i know that you wanted me dead ).

" thank you " said it with a gentle fake smile.

( I wish if ryan was here instead, i would feel alot much better ).

" I was wondering, do you remember anything that happened to you ? , we were shocked when we saw you infront of the door gate laying down soaked in blood, we were worried about you "

" what about my friends ? "

" what friends ? you were there alone ".

( there is something wrong is going on )

Then he explained to her that he went to play with his friends and suddenly, all he remembers playing around then thats it, but he couldn't describe where they really where or what they were doing or what actually happened there.

Then they stayed there for few days before being discharged out the hospital.

Even though the incident was closed because no one mentioned it, nor was anyone reported a missing child, but to kai this was no incident to be forgotten.

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