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Chapter 724: Arachnophilia

The awkward walk continues even as they walk past the bonfire surrounded by a pond of lava... They're saluted and welcomed by the Chaos Servants as the ascend the stairs to the Chaos Temple, the delicately carved stone pleasing the eyes as the duo walk towards the large entrance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They walk into the large hall containing Gwenevere's huge sofa that Reima had plopped here, heading to the left wall and entering a room.

Inside Ciri spots a huge bed in the corner of the room, large bookcases containing different Pyromancies and strangely, romance novels within them. The room itself was ornately decorated with gold plating and inscriptions, a low stone table sits in the middle of it without any chairs nearby.

Quelaag scuttles in and gestures towards the table, resting her spider-body on the ground and propping her human upper-half on it.

Ciri slowly sits down onto the floor, the table seeming to have been designed for use without chairs, understandable considering Quelaag and her sister aren't able to use them. "So, what is it that you wanted to ask me?" she questions, taking her boots off and rubbing her feet... The trek up the mountain making her grateful for the reprieve.

Quelaag "Ah, forgive my impoliteness, after walking so far you must be parched..." she mutters, walking over to a cabinet and pulling out a bottle of wine as well as two glasses.

Ciri "You're not going to poison me are you?" she jokes, as Quelaag fills the glasses.

Quelaag smiles, "If it meant eliminating my competition then I might be tempted to." she says, drinking a good amount to show it wasn't dangerous to either of them.

Ciri nods, sipping the wine as Quelaag watches with a slightly too-intense look... "This isn't about Reima is it?" she asks, feeling that Quelaag's mood and attitude has been better than normal, if a bit weird.

Quelaag shakes her head, "No..." she says as she circles her finger around the rim of her glass, "I was just interested in your relationship with Miss Delacour... We'd recently met and I've learned a few curious things about you that I hadn't known before.

Ciri "Fleur? She's not upset about how it ended is she?" she asks, having not spoken to her since they'd arrived in this world.

Quelaag shakes her head, "No, she seems perfectly content with that ginger toy of hers, it just came up in conversation." she shrugs.

Ciri "Well, what do you want to know?... It might be kind of awkward talking about this, to be honest, I have no idea why I'm willing to tell you about it." she mutters, feeling an urge to open up to Quelaag, and perhaps more?

Quelaag sips her wine, the Amortentia not being able to affect the person its keyed to... She can't exactly fall in love with herself... Can she? "Fleur told me a couple stories about the time you were romantically involved."

Ciri blushes slightly, "Really? I'd have thought she'd keep that kind of thing private... I'll have to talk with her after this."

Quelaag shakes her head, "She had been drinking a lot and was under the impression I was very close to the two of you. I don't think saying that is a lie either, right?"

Ciri "No, I don't suppose it is... You are very important to us Quelaag." she says unconsciously, thinking that perhaps her feelings towards Quelaag were more complicated than just "Important". "My relationship with Fleur was... Weird, to say the least. She was enamored with Rei and didn't give more than a fleeting glance to myself. Thinking back on it, I had been... Manipulative, using her emotions for Rei and his for me to push the three of us into a relationship.

Rei had wanted to enter a proper relationship with me, whatever that's supposed to mean, and didn't want to add problems to our already complicated dynamic by including Fleur... Sure it worked out for the both of us in the end, but Fleur's the one that ended up hurt when we had to leave."

Quelaag leans in, "Do you have any regrets?" she asks, Ciri unconsciously breathing in Quelaag's scent.

Ciri "No, I don't... We all wanted different things and weren't prepared to sacrifice for the other, Fleur to stay with her family and friends, while we had other more pressing things to deal with."

Quelaag "The Wild Hunt?"

Ciri nods, "And the White Frost, we didn't end up visiting her like we'd said we would... And while I'd like to say we were distracted with other things, it was more that neither of us wished to reopen old wounds by seeing her again... Atleast, that's what I think happened." she says, her breathing increasingly getting heavier. A lustful glint in her eye towards Quelaag.

Quelaag sees her state and presses further towards her goal, "Do you think any chance of a polyamorous relationship is over for you?"

Ciri blushes and struggles to restrain the urge to throw off her clothes, "I-I don't know... I won't betray Rei, both of us have been trying to stay faithful to one another and I haven't mentioned wanting to experiment... After how our relationship with Fleur ended, I didn't want to push him into something like that again."

Quelaag lets a strap from the red dress Reima had given her so long ago fall, revealing more skin to Ciri. "I'm sure, if you tried hard enough... You could make it work." she says, resting her hand over Ciri's.

Ciri swallows her saliva and glances away with a red face, not removing Quelaag's hand, "Do... Do you really think that?"

Quelaag nods, "The only thing that matters is finding the perfect candidate... Right?" she says, her body starting to morph as her spider lower-half transforms into human legs.

As if a dam had broken, the things holding Ciri back from ravaging Quelaag were gone... Her magic flares and she blinks atop Quelaag, both of them falling down and beginning to wrestle tongues on the floor, Ciri acting like the other's lips were a life-line.

Ciri's face is pushed away by Quelaag's finger, the woman smiling as she nods her head towards the bed. "The floor is dirty... but the bed is free."

Niggross Niggross

Hopefully this clears up a few issues you guys have, I'm sure it still has some issues though, so please let me know what you think.

If you like my content or want to read ahead please go to, I'd appreciate it.

As always, if I missed anything please let me know.

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