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Chapter 896: Fisherman

Reima "Yo." he waves at his friends making their way up the mountain.

Solaire "Jolly!" he waves back, holding a certain masked woman's hand. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Reima "I see you two have stopped hiding it then?" he asks, feeling it was about time.

Risryn nods, "We decided to just make it official, it's not as if everyone did not already know." she admits.

Reima "Well yeah, you two were making it pretty obvious... Though, I'll remind you that disappearing from your official duties to... Youknow, is highly unprofessional."

Solaire chuckles nervously, "Aha... You noticed that after all?" he says scratching the back of his head.

Reima "Everything that happens in Ichor is noted, to be honest, I'd rather have not been told what you were doing by the House Elves. They seemed to think the details were important..." he looks at Risryn, "I didn't know you were into that kinda stuff..."

Risryn has an unseen blush under her mask at his words, but gives no other indication that she's embarrassed, "It would be in your best interests to forget about that." she states.

Reima shrugs, "Too late, plus it makes for good blackmail material."

Risryn's about to give him a kick but is interrupted when Selina runs over and hugs her waist.

Selina "Auntie Risryn, later will you show me how to do more cool kicks?" she asks with puppy-dog eyes, "Its my birthday after all."

Risryn crosses her arms and looks to the side, "Ancient martial techniques? I would be breaking the rules if I did that..." she glances at the girl and sighs, "But, I suppose if you be good I'll show you a few."

Selina "Thank you auntie!" she cheers.

Solaire holds his chest, "Ooof, seems like my dear niece has forgotten all about her uncle." he says in mock-sadness.

Selina jumps at him in response and he twirls her around with, returning to his cheerful demeanour.

Solaire "Haha! A jolly birthday to you!" he says, throwing her in the air before catching her, "I think you'll find your present satisfactory" he gives a thumbs up.

Selina "Thank you uncle!"

Reima's about tell the duo where to find their seating when the next guests arrive...

Priscilla walks up, "Hello brother, Risryn, Selina." she states, holding a toddler in her arms. Their turquoise eyes almost match Priscilla's own slitted green ones, the resemblance doesn't end there however, the small tufts of fur on their body, horns protruding from their forehead, and short fluffy tail confirms who their parentage is.

Solaire hugs Priscilla and kisses the toddler on their forehead as they try to squirm away, "Greetings sister, I see you've brought young Pristina with you?"

Priscilla nods, "She wanted to see her big sister's birthday, isn't that right?" she looks to the child who nods and tries to squirm out of her arms.

Ciri steps forwards and hugs the half-breed, "How are you Priscilla?" she asks just as Pristina jumps out of her arms, only to be caught by the tail by Reima.

Reima "You may escape your mother, but you'll need to think again if you wanna try that with me." he says, only to find the child sitting comfortably in his arms.

Selina blinks atop Reima's shoulders and rubs the toddlers head, "Hey sis! You want some sweets?" she asks, holding out some chocolate.

Pristina eyes it greedily and extends her hands, only for Selina to move it out of her reach, the toddler squirms for it but keeps getting teased whenever she's close...

Selina giggles, "You're so cute!" she says, her eyes widening when the chocolate starts glowing turqouise and floating towards Pristina. "Dad, are you doing that?"

Reima sweatdrops, "Er, no... Anyawy, you guys should really start finding your seating." he says, handing the toddler to Solaire.

Ciri and Priscilla had finished whatever they were talking and the latter begins walking towards Reima, "Rei." she says simply, giving him a hug and kissing him on the cheek.

Reima "Cilla... Shame about that husband of yours, is he not worried about you living in Kaer Morhen with us?"

Priscilla can only shrug, "Yes, if only my "husband" spent more time with our child." she says before walking off with Solaire.

Selina "Her husband sounds like a bad person dad." she says from the side.

Ciri "Yes... Seems the man can't help but think with his lower-half." she mutters with a sigh.

Reima coughs into his fist, "I suppose I can talk to her husband to see if they'll spend more time with Pristina... Anyway, oh would you look who it is." he says, pointing towards the next guests.

Two figures were walking towards them, one with yellow eyes and black sclara, the other with regular blue ones. Both wore black leather, but the one with yellow eyes seemed more refined that you'd expect.

Reima "Regis!" he says walking up and giving a forearm handshake.

Regis grins, showing his enlarged fangs, it was always nice to greet someone who weren't wary about his new Elder Vampire eyes. "Greetings my friend, I trust everything thus far has gone as expected."

Reima nods, "It has, a few bumps but they're more due to my negligence than anything else... I see you've brought Dettlaff." he adds.

Dettlaff steps forwards and gives a firm handshake, "Its been a while Reima."

Reima nods, "And you Dettlaff, just so you know, I expect your best behaviour today... If I hear about you tearing someone apart or threatening to do so, your punishment will not be light."

Dettlaff "Ofcourse, I'd not dare cause trouble for such an occasion."

Regis "So where's the birthday girl then?" he asks, looking up just as the girl blinks above him, landing on his shoulders.

Selina "Hey uncle Regis!"

Regis "Ah, Selina... As chipper as ever I see?" he says, not minding the girl sitting on his shoulders.

Ciri "Sorry about that Regis, she's probably excited at not seeing you for a while."

Selina "You suddenly stopped reading us bedtime stories, what gives!"

Regis looks sheepish, "Ah, well, I found myself infatuated with a woman who ended up not returning my feelings. I admit I'd not felt up to visiting..."

Selina "As Dad says, there is plenty of fish in the sea! Don't worry Regis, you'll find someone one day." she offers happily.

Regis sends an amused look at Reima, "That definitely sounds like something he'd say, he seems quite the fisherman after all."

Reima crosses his arms and slowly shakes his head, "Oh, ha, ha... I'll talk to you two later, Geralt and Yennefer are already here with Calan, I assume you'd want to see you Godson."

Regis nods, "Its a promise." he says, putting down Selina and ruffling her hair, "Don't ever lose that spark." he says with a smile, walking away with Dettlaff.

Niggross Niggross

Hope you guys enjoyed the chap, if I missed anything please let me know.

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