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96.57% Elder Blood Witcher / Chapter 872: I'm Lava'n it...

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Chapter 872: I'm Lava'n it...

Adria grips El'druin with her claws hands, only for the blade to slice them clean off aswell... She can't even muster a scream at having been run through, air slowly escapes her lungs as if to mimic a groan... "W-wha? H-ow?" she asks as loud as she can, which turns out is not very.

Tyrael "You were overconfident. Did you truly believe me to be powerless? Or has your transformation made you mad?" he replies, clearly distaining her.

Adria looks down at her wound which was now streaming with an ungodly amount of blood, her eyes widen as she finally realises she was truly about to die. "No... Please, don't..."

Tyael slowly shakes his head, "You didn't give Leah a chance, why should I give you one? Demon." he states, gripping her shoulder and tearing El'druin out of her body.

As a demon, Adria had incredible vitality, but one does not simply recover from having your heart pierced and one side of your body slashed through... She tries to retain her balance but eventually falls onto her back in a crumpled mess, blood still spurting out of her wounds, somehow having not been drained of it already.

Tyrael looks down at her corpse somberly for a moment, wondering if he could've noticed her intentions earlier. If he had, Leah would still be alive, he'd have all the Prime Evils locked in the Black Soulstone, and they'd not be cast off into some strange world. He swings his blade at the air to clean it of blood and mutters a few words before turning towards the exit, "May you find absolution in wherever next you find yourself.".

With that done he cuts through the hidden passage with which he'd been kidnapped by and surveys the scene. Blood, limbs, corpses, and other signs of battle are readily apparent, his companions all seemed relatively fine, if a bit tired from the battle.

Tyrael walks over to them and nods at them, "Adria attempted to assassinate me, and has found herself indisposed as of a few minutes ago. If you wish to say anything to her before we continue onwards, do it now." he states.

Mathias and Barnock nod, both walking through the new entrance and looking down at Adria's disgusting mutated and mutilated body.

Barnock glances at Mathias, "You first?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-lava&apos;n-it..._49142093020450946">;m-lava&apos;n-it..._49142093020450946</a> for visiting.

Mathias nods, walking up and spitting on her corpse, "Go fuck yourself, witch." he says before leaving.

Barnock shrugs at his disrespect, his culture valued respecting the dead and making sure their corpse was at least buried... Legends told of resentful ghosts that would rise to haunt villages if their bodies had not been properly disposed of, while he didn't think they were that accurate, he still wished to send Adria off properly... Even if she was a bitch. A swing of his axe lifts the dirt of the cavern and sends an avalaunch to bury her body, though, he was momentarily taken aback when lava spurted from the ground and started covering the area...

Barnock hurriedly shuffled out of there, picking up the wall that Tyrael had destroyed and closed off the exit again, hopefully stopping the lava from filling the place. Truly, that had not been the most intelligent thing he'd ever done.

Tyrael "Are you all ready? I believe it's time to confront Diablo himself." he says, his force sounding cautious.

Selina "It's about time!"

Quennie nods, "I think we're ready... I don't know how we're going to reach them though, there doesn't seem to be an obvious exit.

Tyrael "There seem to have been an exit in the room Adria took me into, that is likely the place Diablo is hiding." he says, causing Barnock to begin sweating.

Mathias turns to look at the entrance but spots that Barnock had closed it off, "Barnock, do you mind opening that passage again?"

Barnock shakes his head, "Er, I think we should find another way around... I doubt Adria would make it so obvious." he quickly says to try and cover his ass, he'd never see the end to the mocking they'd undoubtedly give.

The group shrugs, Quennie uses her Death magic to resurrect 10 Diagrons and has them run over to clear the rubble. They do so with relative ease but are enveloped by lava, like a dam bursting, as soon as they move some rubble it spurts out all over them, quickly filling the cavern room the group was currently in.

They all look at Barnock with accusing glares, clearly, he was the one responsible for this...

Mathias "Barnock... Any idea on how to solve this, youknow, since you caused the problem in the first place."

Barnock shakes his head, "I could punch another entrance in the nearby wall?"

Mathias "And bring the roof down on us? I'd rather you not do that..."

Selina "How are we going to deal with that then!?" she exclaims as more and more lava begins filling the room.

Tyrael grinds his teeth, "As much as it pains me, it seems impossible for us to progress... We need to retreat and find another way through."

Selina "Ahhh... Realllly?"

Tyrael nods, "Yes, now let's leave before we're-"

The angel is suddenly interrupted as some sort of wind blows through the area, freezing the lava solid and coating the area in a light layer of frost. The hidden room which Adria's body was located had been completely frozen over, and while the floor had been raised a couple inches by the solidified lava, the exit was still accessible.


Mathias "Which of you did that?" he wonders aloud while looking at the girls.

Selina and Quennie shrug, "I thought you just did that..." the former responds.

Tyrael shakes his head, "Regardless of who's responsible, we mustn't miss this chance. Who knows when this frost will melt and give way again, onwards!" he says, briskly walking into the room and through the other exit.

Niggross Niggross

Hope you bois like the chap, if I missed anything please let me know.

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