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Elements High Book 1 original

Elements High Book 1

Author: Kat_Thornton

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Chapter 1: My fire power

Dear Diary, My name is Kat i'm 16 years old. My mom thought it would be a good idea to write about my years in High School life. The first day is in 2 days and I'm kinda nerves. She says this school is special "What is that suppose to mean?" Oh well i'll deal with it. I have a crazy family 2 little brothers a mom and a dad. My dad works with cars and my mom works at the skating rink. Me being the big sis I have to help them with everything and its really hard to help them with homework when I have homework to do myself. I have done it on time many times some were close calls. I wonder what school i'm going to mom hasn't told me much about it. Its one of those schools you live at so I have been packing my stuff. Thank god we have a roommate and we got to pick that person I picked my good friend Hannah shes awesome. Well I need to make a few more things so ya...


2 hours later around dinner. So far so good I guess dinner is normally crazy wait 3...2...1... The yelling begins it get louder and louder its driving me mad. My whole body is burning up from the inside. Than it comes out " ENOUGH " I slam my hands on the table. " Crash " The plates hit the ground and broke, the table has turned to ash. My family looks at me with a worried face. I ran to my room as fast as I could and slammed the door. The same questions runs through my mind "What just happened? How did that happened? What did I do?" My mom knocked on the door saying that we needed to talk I didn't feel like talking I was stuck in fear. She came in and started talking about the school I was going to. Its a school for gifted kids like me that had a element power and that Hannah had a element power to and that I should talk to her. I didn't say a word but I stared at my mom the whole time. Once she left I text Hannah.

Kat " Hey Hannah do you have a sec something happened and I need to ask you something.

Hannah " Ya Kat i'm here whats up? I think I know what your gonna say.

Kat " I just found out I have a element power Fire and my mom told me you have a gift yourself you just couldn't show me is this true?

Hannah " Yes its true I have the water element I wanted to show you so badly but my parents and yours thought it was best I kept it a secret till we got to school. Did your mom not tell you what school it is. I think its awesome you have the power of fire it suits you. Are you mad that I didn't tell you?

Kat " I'm not mad I understand why you had to hide it. All my mom said about school was its a school for gifted kids. You have the gift of water now that's awesome. Could you come over and spend the night? I rater not leave my room for a while.

Hannah " Sure i'll be right over I cant wait to show you how cool it is to have a gift like this. Ill also bring over some books you need to read so you understand this better if that's ok.

Kat " Sounds good see you in a bit Thanks for being honest. Hannah " No problem be there in 15"


After I got done talking to Hannah I put my phone down and looked at my hands. Wondering what will happen next. I open my door just a little to hear what my parents were talking about. My dad sounds worried that we should tell her now while we have the chance. My mom disagreed and said she should figure it out on her own shes very smart. I shut my door locked it and picked my phone up to text Shad. ( Shad is my friend I made online we are the same age but we have never met but hes a good friend maybe while I wait for Hannah he might know what to look for.) (But we only use are game names when we talk we don't know are real names.)

Kat " Hey Shad do you have a min to talk I could use some help?

Shad " Ya Nightmare i'm here but I only have 3 mins I got to go to my sisters house for a bit." Whats up?

Kat" I found out I have this gift and I was wondering if you knew anything about it?"

Shad " Ah..... Gift sorry what do you mean by that?"

Kat " I turned a table into ash"

Shad " Wow that's kinda cool but I can see how your kinda scared by it let me do some digging and i'll let you know in the mean time stay calm i'll be back in 24 hours"

Kat " Thanks Shad means a lot to me you can help take care of yourself. You wouldn't have a gift yourself would you?"

Shad " Not that I know of but it would be cool to have one I got to go talk tomorrow ok night, Nightmare"

Kat " Night Shad"


After a while Hannah shows up with to bags. " Dang girl what all did you pack lol?

Hannah " Well one has my pillow and blanket and some cloths and the other some books and movies. Are you ready to learn some stuff and have a good laugh? Ya i'm ready lets go. We get to my room and she unpacks her bags and gets her little spot ready for the night. When she was done she asks me this "So how did you turn your table to ash. " I don't know my whole body started to burn up I was mad that everyone was being loud at dinner I slam my hands on the table next thing I knew there was ash every where." Ah I see well from what my mom tells me some people can unlock there gifts from some what anger or fear. What you need to do is learn to use it with being happy you know light magic. If you use anger well you can change not care about anyone or anything. Ok how do I do that? Ok watch this. Hannah takes out a water bottle and opens its she closes her eyes and right before my eyes she was making water flout in thin air. Awesome... See you need to find and focus on something that makes you happy and think about something and do it. Ok i'll try. I put my hand out and I think of my parents being happy and once I opened my eyes all I saw was a little flame.

Hannah " That's a good start it just takes a lot of practice. Here read these books and see what you can find and i'll put a movie on."

Kat " Ok thanks Hannah now i'm not as scared."

Hannah " No problem what are friends for i'm glad to help now we can learn more together lol."

I started reading the books she brought and I saw and learned a good bit. Hannah was asleep when I got done with the second book so I thought I would stop there I turned the lights off and I tried to use my gift again. This time I focus on my friends well just Hannah and Shad. I open my eyes and saw more than a little flame I kept focus and told Hannah to wake up. She sat up and saw what I was doing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Hannah " Luna that's AMAZING your doing it your using your gift. What is it?

I opened my eyes again and saw what I made and I told her it was a fire flower.

Hannah " Its beautiful, ok now close your eyes and pitcher the flame going out.

I did what she said and next thing I knew the lights were on the flame was gone and Hannah was telling me good job for a newbie. Ok ok we should get sleep I need to finish packing tomorrow.

Hannah " Yes you do. ok goodnight Luna."

Kat " Goodnight Hannah. ( I hope this new school will be awesome.)

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