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44.44% Elements High Book 1 / Chapter 4: New team members

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Chapter 4: New team members

Dear Diary we have been here for at least 5 weeks and things are going good. My friends and I are passing are classes....for now. And of course we are already hearing rumors about fights. I can't be leave those are aloud. Its like a way we can practice are powers. Yes we still have classes but we have a lot of time to practice and learn combat skills. There's one rumor going around I want to see if its true. Some say there are 3 kids that go around helping to people that are hurt. There are 2 boys that can heal people and the third person is a girl that can make people feel pain like death. That sounds awesome... I hear that they practice at night when everyone is asleep so no one sees them train. We shall see about that lets get on with the day.


Zaria " Kat wake up were gonna be late."

Hannah " LOOK OUT!!!" ( SPLASH )

Kat " What the heck you guys that freezing."

Hannah turned the sink on put it on freezing cold ran to my bed with water right behind her waited for it to get big and threw it at me to wake me up. I was kinda mad. I'm gonna get her back.

Zaria " We had no choice we needed you to get up and ready so we're not late."

Kat " Late for what??"

Hannah " Oh my god you forgot." " We're suppose to meet up with the boys outside to practice are powers and some face to face combat."

Kat " Ok I'm up give me 10 mins ok."

After we got into are cool outfits to do what ever we are gonna do we headed out to get breakfasts. Once we got the food we headed outside and the show has already began.

Hannah " Dang are they trying to kill each other?"

Kat " I hope not..."

Steven and Noah were already outside warming up. Its like there doing a fight to the death it looks like there trying to kill each other. They are very strong when it comes to working hard for the team. That and when some one messes with me or Hannah they are getting beat up. Oh well...

Once the boys were done they joined us for breakfasts and they were hungry.

Zaria " So who won that one?"

Steven " It was a tie and it was also a warm up so it wasn't a real fight. It was a good practice." " Who's up next?"

Hannah " How about Zaria you go..."

Zaria " Ok I'll go but I don't want to vs Steven." "I want to go against Kat." " Kat are you done?"

Kat " You are so on." " Just don't fry me ok I want to live." lol

Steven " Be careful ok?" ( I will thanks <3 )

Hannah " Good luck Zaria " ( Thanks I'm gonna need it."

As Zaria and I get ready I wonder what moves she might use. If I were to v.s Hannah we don't really know who will win. Fire V.S Water. Right now Zaria and I are waiting to began. I'm so ready.

Kat " Are you ready over there?"

Zaria " Ya lets do this "

Hannah " READY....3....2....1....GO!!!!!

We begin to battle and I'm already tired lighting is a very strong element. She points at me and lighting comes out and came right at me..... AHHHHH. She made me fly backwards into the air maybe 15 feet off the grown I hit the ground hard.

Steven " Are you ok?"

Kat " Ya I'm fine my arm really hurts.... I'm gonna finish this."

I wasn't ok. My arm was in so much pain but I can still finish this. I get back up and I sent her a blast of fire. She jumped to the right and the look on her face was priceless she knew I was serous. So we began to fight even harder and oh boy was that fun. We have been at it for a while now we are very tired I know we have to end this soon and let someone go. I had to put a end to the battle. I notice something to my right in the distance. I t was them the secret kids. We have to meet them but if we stop now and walk to them they might run away. I came up with a plain but lets just say I didn't like it. I needed Zaria to blast me again and this time I need something to break so one of those boys can come help. So I did what I had to do I signed to Zaria and she saw them to ask me if I was sure about it I said yes. She signed to the others so they know what was fixing to happen Steven didn't like it but he knew what I was doing. I looked at Zaria gave her a sign to do it and she did it. I was blasted into the air yet again and I hit the ground hard. The arm I hit the first time broke and I was screaming the pain was well painful.

Zarie " Oh Kat I'm so sorry are you ok.... Was that good enough to get them to come over here??"

Kat " I'm ok just hurts a lot, I hope so...They help those in need and I haven't learned how to heal myself yet."

Steven " I am glad your ok... Zaria next time and I hope there will be no next time go easy please." " Hannah tell them to come help please."


One of those boys came over in a rush like he knew who was hurt. I take a look at the boy and I knew who was running right at us.

Kat " Guys I know who that is and I be leave I know the other two as well."

Steven " Oh my god is that Dylan and Andrew?"

Kat " Yep that sure is and the girl is Emily... Hurry up Dylan!"

Dylan gets to us and he says hi to everyone and asked whats the problem.

Dylan " Hey guys what can I do to help...

Steven " Dylan thank god your here can you please heal Kat's arm its broken?"

Dylan " I sure can." ( Thank you )

He gets on the ground and puts his hand on my arm. A glow appeared to show he was using his gift and it worked my arm was fixed. Than Emily showed up right after the boys...

Kat " Thank you so much man." " Also everyone this is Emily my friend."

Dylan " Happy to help."

Emily " Dylan whats going..... Wait Kat is that you?"

Kat " The one and only what took you so long to come say hi??"

Emily " I didn't know you were let alone you had a element."

Kat " Well were still doing practice your free to join us if you guys want."

We all got a partner and we kept practicing and we were all happy. Emily and I kept talking. Zaria signed to me asking me to ask her if they want to join the team I thought that was a good idea. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kat " Hey Emily would you guys like to join are team?" " I mean once every month each team fights another team we could use you guys help and they seem to like practicing with everyone.?

Emily " I thought you would never ask we wouldn't make it through those fights with only three people so yes I'm so in." " Hey Andrew, Dylan do you guys want to join these guys team.

Andrew " Yes It will be so much fun."

Dylan " I mean yes but you know they are strong so we can defiantly use the extra practice." " I'm in."

Kat " Cool...Everyone meet are new team members."

Everyone " YAYAYAYAY "

That afternoon we kept at it. We didn't feel tired at all we had so much fun. Once the sunset Hannah said goodbye to Noah. And Steven and I said goodbye and hugged and we all headed to are rooms. Goodnight....

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