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Prologue - Elextrian Academy by Beckett_33 full book limited free

Elextrian Academy Elextrian Academy original

Elextrian Academy

Author: Beckett_33

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A massive thunderstorm is running its way through Chicago as Oliver Watson is stirring in his bed unable to fall asleep. He groans loudly as he slams his hands on the bed, shooting his eyes open and staring intently at the ceiling fan above his bed. He takes a deep breath and reaches for his glasses as he situates himself on the edge of the bed. He looks at the desk across his room and smiles softly as he makes his way over. He looks at the papers sprawled along the desk as he plops himself on the chair and pulls out a pencil. He starts organizing the papers and as he is about to write something a voice catches his attention. "WE DID IT!!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A slight smirk appears on his face as he recognizes the voice as his fathers. He looks at the clock above his bed and starts to shake his head lightly, "That old man will wake up the neighborhood one of these days. I am curious as to what has them up so late in the lab, maybe I should sneak down and take a peek."

His smirk turns into a smile as he rushes out of the room and slowly makes his way through the house trying not to make too much noise. Eventually he reaches the back door as he puts on his shoes and walks out into the pouring rain. He looks up at the sky and feels the cool water sliding down his body, causing a slight smile to appear as he makes his way towards the cellar.

The rumbling of the thunder and the heavy rain are drowning out his steps, but the sound of his parents is getting louder as he finally makes it to the cellar doors. With each step he takes down the stairs the voices are getting clearer, and before he knows it he has reached the bottom. He looks up and notices the white overhead lights are on as his parents are

The voices are getting more clear with each step he goes down until eventually he is standing at the bottom of the stairs and notices the white overhead lights are on instead of the usual blue/green ones. His parents are standing in the middle of two metal boxes housing blue/black warping orbs as they are holding each other jumping up and down with tears streaming down their faces. "Emmy, we cracked it! We actually developed a small form of teleportation!! Shit, 2 decades of trying and we finally did it."

Curiosity got the better of Oliver as he wanted to get a closer look at his parents' creation, but he accidentally clipped the side of a table causing a wrench to fall off and land with a thud. A second after the tool hits the floor the house is struck by lightning causing the orbs to react wildly and push too much energy into the boxes. His parents turn around quickly with a startled expression on their faces and as they are about to say something the machines explode. A bright flash of white light fills the room, and the blast slams him into the wall knocking him unconscious. "Ollie, w--"

An hour has passed since the explosion and the sounds of sirens and men talking causes Oliver to slowly get his eyes open. He takes a deep breath as he tries to get up, but it only causes him to start coughing loudly. He keeps trying to move his body, but the pieces of broken wall on top of him is making it difficult. A fireman hears his coughing and sees the rubble move and screams, "We got a live one! Get the EMT's ready now!"

Oliver is in a daze and sees the outline of a man lifting him off the ground and smiles softly, but as his eyes scan the wreckage a look of horror replaces the smile. The lab he grew up in is in shambles and the wall behind him has caved in, and the worst part is that the last place he saw his parents was nothing but a massive scorch mark with two human silhouettes. "MOM!! DAD!!"

Unable to cope with everything his mind shuts off and he passes out, and doesn't wake up for 3 days. When he finally opened his eyes all he could see around him was white and with every breath he took his chest felt heavy. He tries to take a deep breath as his eyes scan the room making him realize he's in a hospital. Tears start welling up as the images of the destroyed lab and the scorch mark dance around his mind. The feelings of guilt, regret, pain, loss, and heartbreak were too much for him as something snapped in his mind. His bright green eyes once full of hope became cold and distant as the light slowly drained from them. "I did this!! I killed them!! I should've stayed in bed. I should've stayed in bed. I shoul--"

A few hours have passed as the doctor makes his way into the room and gives him a calming smile, which disappears as he sees the look in Oliver's eyes. "You're finally awake Mr. Watson. We were afraid you would never wake up. All in all you're in pretty good shape except for the bruising on your back and ribs, but we would still like to keep you for observation. Your uncle is taking care of the finances, so there is nothing for you to worry about. Get some more rest."

"My uncle?" Oliver said in a monotone voice.

The doctor looks at him with a somber expression as he gives him a soft smile. A gentleman with a black suit and his hair slick back walks into the room. "Ollie, my boy, it's Uncle Cal. Don't worry doc, I will stay here with him and make sure he understands what's going on."

The sharp dressed gentleman gently nudges the doctor out of the room as he gives Oliver a fox-like smile. Oliver looks at him and sighs softly as he lays back on the bed. The man walks over to him and sits on the chair beside the bed. "My name is Theodore Callahan, and I'm an underground robo league promoter. Your father and I were like brothers back in the day and we made a vow to each other that if anything ever happened to either of us the other would make sure our families were taken care of. It's such a shame what happened to him, but I will do my best to keep the promise. Once you're done resting you can head back home, I have men currently renovating it so it should be done by the time you get out. You will work for me until you're old enough to make a living for yourself or you can starve on the streets, your choice."

Oliver looks at the man and turns his eyes to the ceiling as he takes a deep breath. Mr. Callahan gets up and starts making his way to the door as Oliver sits up and says in a monotone voice. "I accept. Thank you."

He flashes Oliver a big smile as he knocks three times on the door. "Good, get well soon kid."

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