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Chapter 9: Lucifugus

The city Fuyuki, a lively city during the day, but in the evening the city is full of fear and terror. Missing people, "gas explosions" and creepy sculptures that look like humans appear every night.

The police are trying to solve these mysteries but with a normal way of thinking they can't find the answer to who or what might be behind these mysteries.

But there are some people who have an idea of ​​what is happening in Fuyuki at the moment. They are called "Magi" and they can use magic! These "magi" try to cover up these "accidents" with a magic that erases or manipulates memories, because they doesn't want people to know the existence of the supernatural world so that there is a certain balance on this world.

But with people who disappear every day and sculptures that look like people suddenly appear on the street. The whole internet is about these topics and the "magi" can't keep up to cover the truth.

On a rainy day. A blue-haired teenager in a black and red school uniform was yelling through the street. That people on the streets were staring at him because they wanted to know what was wrong with him.

"Shit where is this guy? Evan could told me where I could find him. Why didn't he told me, that bastard. What are you looking at, old man?" he yells at the people who are looking at him.

"Maybe I should just destroy this whole city *sigh* but how hard will it be to find someone with white hair."

"Even if I walk through the streets and scream, he won't get out. Is my target really that cowardly this time?"

The boys name is "Isamu, the Alchemist" and like Elohim he is one of the "participants" for a "competition".

But the boy didn't know that a person with a red crown in normal everyday-clothing observed him from a skyscraper.

'If I don't find him in three days, Evan will get mad again and I don't like it when he's mad. How can I-

He was thinking about a solution, but he felt a presence behind him. The person who watched Isamu for a while looked down on him with a creepy smile. Isamu felt threatened of that presence, but he too had a huge grin on his face because he could sense that the person watching him is strong.

"Found you" he said with a huge smile on his face as he looked in the direction of the skyscraper.

I don't remember that there was a blue haired boy in Fate/zero. This person seems to be looking for something. Is he looking for me? I could ask him."

"But he must be the person that Irisviel mentioned. 'The alchemist' , that's what she called him ..... because he uses alchemy. *sigh* They could have given him a better name. Probably Savitar could even give him a better name."

Elohim was talking to himself when the blue haired boy turned around and smiled at him.

"This person seems to be a huge problem for me. He is at least a kilometer away, it's raining hard and yet he noticed that I was watching him~"

Elohim and Isamu looked at each other and paid attention to what the other person was up to. Nobody moved until Elohim summoned his shadows and wanted to leave the skyscraper.

"That guy! He just wants to leave? As if I would allow that!" He said with anger as he clapped both hands together and pressed them on the floor to send an electric shock through the ground.

Reshaping the terrain around him into a barrage of spikes to attack Elohim on the skyscrapers. He reshapes the ground to maneuver himself around the area to reach the skyscraper.

The people who saw the spikes ran away and some hid to film this "magical" thing.

The spikes reached the skyscraper that was a kilometer away in a few seconds. Before the spikes touched the building, Elohim noticed something was wrong and turned around before going into his shadow realm.

When Elohim saw that he didn't know what to do next. What should he do in this situation?

He summoned his two handguns. With the white musket he shot Isamu who came up to him on a spike that he created, but with another spike he blocked the bullet.

Elohim wanted to shoot Isamu with his other flintlock pistol, but Isamu noticed this and clapped his two hands together again, this time pointing his index finger at Elohim instead of hitting them on the ground.

Suddenly the rain quickly gathered around Elohim and when Elohim was surrounded by water, the water turned to ice. Elohim was frozen up to his neck and could only move his head. It all happened in a few seconds.

Isamu took another closer look at the frozen Elohim and then smiled at him.

"Is your ability to summon firearms? That was way too easy, you are really too weak!"

"Sorry that I'm so weak ~"

"I didn't think your alchemy was at this level. Was that really alchemy that you used against me?" Elohim asked the boy without bothering that he was frozen up to his neck and couldn't move because of the ice.

"You bastard! Aren't you afraid of death? I could kill you in less than 5 seconds....  but it took me six days to find you, you white hairy bastard." isamu is angry because it took him so long to look for him even though his target is such a weakling.

"Of course I'm afraid of death, but I won't die this time until I achieve my goals. You can't kill me, but I can't beat you either, so what are you going to do?"

'I can't kill him? Is this white haired bastard telling the truth? '

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I can kill you whenever I want. My ability is to destroy objects and even give them another shape if I want. That means that I could even destroy your soul if I touch you."

"Hahahahaha" Elohim laughed at himself.

"Why are you laughing? You don't know in what kind of situation you are." Isamu said as he got more and more angry.

"Sorry, it's just saying my thoughts out loud will always be weird to me. But it is 'good' weird. My name is Elohim hayyim, the great spirit, what's your name?" he asked with a creepy smile.

"My name is Isamu" with these words he clapped his two hands together again and walked towards him.

"Isamu, your first mistake was to fight a psychopath, listen to the words of a former cop.

"Elohim hayyim, what are you fighting for and why?" he ignored what he said and asked him as his hand touched Elohim's forehead.

" Isamu, I'm only fighting for myself with these abilities. I'm just fighting for my own pleasure. I still want to see and do many things, even if it becomes difficult or painful. Difficulties and pain are a part of life and without these two things, you couldn't admire the beautiful things in life. I'll never give up! "

"That's a good advice from a weakling. I will remember it Elohim."

With these words the body of Elohim exploded, if it haven't been caught in the ice it would have exploded into a thousand pieces.

The ice turned back to water and combined with the blood. He looked at it without saying anything. When he looked at it, his whole body went cold. He had a feeling that he normally didn't have, a feeling where he just wanted to sit on the floor and relax even though it was raining.

The feeling was getting colder for him, so he wanted to sit down. The blood has already flowed to exactly where he wanted to sit down. But when he looked down, he saw an arm. It was his own arm and when he noticed it he grabbed the wound in pain where his arm should be. He bit his teeth and gave off a silent inner scream that sounded more like a growl from an animal because he had his mouth closed.

"My psychic strength is really worth admiring. Although it was my first time, I was able to cut your arm off without any problems. Don't worry, Isamu, I'll finish it for you extra quickly." said the real Elohim who has his normal flintlock pistol in his left hand and a completely white saber sword in his right hand instead of a white musket.

"It's an honor to meet someone like you, Isamu."

"Lucifugus: cancer sword satan!"

A three meter tall white astronomical clock with wings from a devil on the side, appeared behind Elohim. The Astronomical Clock pointed to the zodiac sign Cancer and enveloped the Saber sword in a white aura.

The ability "Cancer sword satan" envelops the blade with a white energy that has the ability to warp space-time or to cut space itself, but it is actually used to protect the user from attacks.

"Elohim you bastard !!!" he turned around and shouted Elohim. He wanted to hit his last hand on the floor to use his "alchemy", but before the hand could touch the floor, his head was cut off by Elohim Saber. His head fell on the floor but because of the loud rain you couldn't hear it hitting the ground .

"That is the first time I've killed someone 'personally' and that even with a sword. I really don't feel anything except the rain, though I killed someone a minute ago."

"I don't understand. How could something like that feel good to some people, could you answer the question stalker-kun~"

Two golden spears came towards Elohim, but he easily avoid them.

"You seem to be a threat to every mongrel in this filthy country, Zashu!" Gilgamesh said when he was on the other side of the roof

"You know this headless person wreaked havoc here." said Elohim as he pointed his sword in the direction of Gil. But Gil didn't answer him.

"You really want to fight. I had a strange feeling this whole today. It must have been this here."

"Okay then show me what you can do Clay-Lover-kun ~"

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