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14.28% Emperor's descendant system / Chapter 1: The rising of emperors

The rising of emperors - Emperor's descendant system - Chapter 1 by Yonko_master full book limited free

Chapter 1: The rising of emperors

Emperors have been in this world for decades. Some have the ambition to conquer, and some to expand their economy. In both circumstances, their abilities are limitless. They are all-powerful, and no person on the planet can stand in their way (except all mighty God himself). Legend has it that one person will mount 10,000 men to stop the emperor's tyranny. Humans are still waiting for this prophesy to come true, hoping that someone would save them from the dictatorship of the emperors warring over who would become dominant.

Since the death of Armdal, who was known to be the strongest of all emperors, others have been battling to decide on who he will be succeeded by. However, realizing how things were going to turn out, Armdal sent all of his power to a remote corner of the world in the hope that it would not be one of the rulers who would take ownership of it. This is why he erected an enchantment barrier, claiming that only a person with the purest soul and the purest intents will be able to wield his power and become HIM.

The hunt for Armdal's strength power has begun since then. Both humans and gods are still searching for this power, but it is stated that only the one from the prophesy will be able to retrieve Armdal's lost power.

Since then, the world has entered a period known as the Dark age...

In a remote place in Japan

[One afternoon in a little Japanese hamlet named Shirakawa]

"You filthy Bastards, you! I should have murdered you when I got the opportunity." the barman said while pointing at his client

"Oh Fuck you!" the client replied still drunk, "All of my loans were paid off a long time ago."

The barman started to lose patience, "Don't make me call the samurai, you jerk!"

A young man was walking by at the time, trying to collect some water from the main fountain while simultaneously keeping a close eye on the situation.

Many minutes passed, and the debate had reached a stalemate. When the bartender realized this, he began to take action.

Okay, I'll summon the samurais.

(The samurai were swordmasters who served the emperors. They were very strong and had great vision.).

"Listen, dude, give me a few days ok?" the client replied realizing the barman was serious. "Enough with the nonsense; I know you're not going to give it, so I'll send you to the samurai!"

Recognizing that the situation was deteriorating, he pulled out a knife, grabbed the bartender from behind, put his arm around his neck, and stabbed him in the back without hesitation.

Minato, the young man who observed everything, hurried towards the injured bartender only to learn he was already dead and the killer was fleeing for his life.

On the opposite end of the street, two samurais were going straight for him, and when Kirito understood what was happening. He ran for his life since one of the numerous regulations established by the emperor owning the village called Shikadai themes that it was banned to kill in the village, and if such a crime was to be committed, the guilty would receive a death sentence.

Kirito knew that as soon as he got to his residence, the Samurai with eagle eyesight would see him and begin hunting for him. Unless he fled the city right once, he was doomed to endure a hellish existence in the coming hours. The young man only had one problem, he lived with his mother, who was quite ill. She was suffering from an incurable condition, and her health was deteriorating day by day.

Cretus ran away from the crime seem in fear that he would be accused of something he didn't do Once he got home, he saw his mother on the bed, and he went close to her to explain the situation, and by the look on his face, everyone could notice something seriously happened

"Kirito, my son," she said as she was coughing, "what occurred in the outside world to cause you such pain?"

"Sadly, Mother," he said as he gave it a pause before continuing "I-I was observed by the londals near a dead body... I'm afraid they'll come after me and execute me *mumbles* I don't know what to do, mother, if I die, who will keep you safe?"

Her mother, smiled at him while she took his hand and replied, "You're worried about me even though you're in a circumstance that might lead to your death. My boy *takes a deep breath* you must leave right now. I already have one foot in the grave, and the other will follow shortly; staying here would ensure your death, and I don't want to see you in the underworld with me. For the time being, live, live for me son..."

Kirito couldn't help but look at his mother with tears because of how powerless he was in this situation.

"Go now, my son, and live for me..." she said

Kirito, who understood what to do, geared himself with a large bag containing food and a few gold coins, and he was dressed in a brown leather shirt called a hauberk and a black cloak to avoid being recognized, followed by his father's katana, who was one of the soldiers who fought against the emperor when he attempted to take over the village. He left after ensuring that his mother had all she needed.

Sakura's were crammed within the village's limits and the narrow streets. Kirito is unable to dissimulate his existence through the crowd because of their eagle eyesight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-descendant-system_20366479805614705/the-rising-of-emperors_54673138197257635">;s-descendant-system_20366479805614705/the-rising-of-emperors_54673138197257635</a> for visiting.

'The only way I can get through the londals is by going in the dead angle of the vision, but where could that be *looks up at the roofs of houses*. I think I found the solution' he thought as he smiled when looking at the roof.

Kirito then leapt over a wooden fence and into a chicken coop, where he climbed the roof by hopping on a box of rice.

He paused for a while to obtain a good sight of where he was supposed to go before beginning to survey the area. He then saw a gigantic hole that is only large enough for Kirito to get through if he grows himself to full length on the wall that separates the outside world from the town.

'The only way I'll be able to reach there in time is if I accelerate to maximum speed and alert the londals that I'm right above them.' He thought with his hand on his chin, 'The one advantage I have is that I will be higher, so they won't be able to get a solid target on me to hurl their spears at, but if I miss my jump, I won't have a second opportunity. *takes a long breath* Ok, I can do this.'

Kirito suddenly began sprinting at a rapid speed, leaping from roof to roof and generating a lot of noise because the roofs were made of aluminium sheets. When he was around 100 meters away from the hole, he noticed a swarm of archers on top of the wall, preparing to fire their arrows. Kirito, who didn't have time to devise a well-thought-out strategy, took his thick cloak and wrapped it around his head, and below the cloak, he placed the heavy sack to provide further protection for his head.

'Oh crap!' he shouted out 'I'm not sure where I'm headed!'

The only difficulty with this strategy was that the cloak was so lengthy that it obscured his vision. To put it another way, he was rushing without knowing where he was going.

He could feel the arrows striking his back, and they were becoming more forceful and entering deeper.

'If those arrows are piercing deeper, it implies I'm coming closer, therefore I'll remove the cloak and bag when I believe the moment is appropriate.' Kirito thought

When he reached a particular point, he took his cloth and sack from his head and began to dash toward the hole; however, an arrow struck his right leg, slowing his pace and making it more difficult for him to sprint.

However, the things his mother spoke to him before he left inspired him to run faster than ever before, and he tried the largest leap ever. He attempted to stretch himself as far as he could... But, at the last second, an arrow struck his right shoulder, causing him to shift, and instead of passing through the hole, he smacked his head on the edge of the hole, leaving him with a large cut on his forehead, and he plummeted face-first from around 4 meters away to the ground.

Suddenly, a swarm of Samurais rushed around him and seized him with such force and he was dragged to prison.

When he arrived in jail. He was able to restore consciousness once more. When he realized he had failed his mission, he burst into tears and remembered his mother.

"Mother!" he shouted out in tears, "I let you down! I hope you will forgive me for being such a failure one day! I apologize; please forgive me, mother!"

Suddenly, he became exhausted and slipped into a deep slumber...

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