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16.66% ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods. / Chapter 1: CH 1: PAST

Read ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods. - Chapter 1 online

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods. original

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.

Author: REDLAW

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Chapter 1: CH 1: PAST

"Let there be light!!!" Shouted a young boy. As he opened his arms wide.

The only answer to his outburst was an overwhelming silence. He was soon met with a mocking laugh,

"Stupid!! of course nothing would happen. Do you take yourself for God ?" replied a young girl standing by his side.

The two young children currently joking with each other were on a cliff overlooking a very large forest. The moon shone gently on them. The boy with his delicate face and long black hair and the girl with a boyish face and short black hair. Even though there were some differences, it was clear that they were siblings.

" Could you explain to me why you thought that shouting such an embarrassing line would make something happen ?" 

Her tone was rather sarcastic and biting, even though a bright smile was etched on her face.

"Hahaha!." The boy could only awkwardly laugh at the sharp tongue of his sister. 

"Don't ah ah-me. answer my question!!!!" shouted the girl. 

He sighed before looking ahead at the moon. His previous awkward expression nowhere to be seen.

"*Sigh* Sis, you know well what will happen tomorrow." Said the boy with a serious expression 


 Even though he seemed to act calm, the girl could clearly feel that it wasn't the case. She also knew the reason. The next day would be the most important day for the boy. Depending on the result, his life could drastically change for the better or the worse. Once she thought about it, she couldn't help worrying a little. The boy, seeing his sister worry let out a small teasing smile.

"You shouldn't make such a face. you look like a mon..."

"I dare you to end this line."

"Haha... Anyway dear sister, it's time for you to go back." 

"Humpf...Don't think I don't see what you are trying to do... *Sigh* OK see you tomorrow." And so, without turning back, the girl descended the hill. 

The boy, now alone, erased his playful smile and gazed coldly at the moon. 

"Tomorrow.. tomorrow is the day everything will change !! Father, wait for me, I will show you."  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


After saying those words filled with conviction he turned and began to walk in a different direction to the one his sister took.


Somewhere, a few kilometers away in a lavish room stood a group composed of men and women. The center of the room was occupied by a large round table. 

Twenty eight people were currently occupying the room. Though only half of them were seated. 

What was worthy of note about the table was that it was seemingly divided into fourteen sections and that each section had lifelike pictures drawn on it. 

For those with enough knowledge about the subject, they would understand that each of those fourteen pictures depicted a zodiac image while the last two depicted constellations outside of the zodiac. 

The current atmosphere in the room was rather tense, as if one spark would be enough to make everything explode. 

One of the people seated, a woman, who was placed in the section depicting the constellation of Virgo slowly raised her hand. 

The moment she did so, she immediately silenced the whole room. It was so sudden that the previous atmosphere seemed like a lie. 

The woman who managed this feat was extremely beautiful with a rather voluptuous body. Still despite her sexy body, she emanated a sort of saintly aura that calmed all feelings of lust. She wore a white tunique and her blonde hair shone like gold. But, her most distinct feature was without a doubt her fully grey eyes that seemed to stare vacantly.

She was called Anastasia Virgo, leader of the Virgo family and also known as the [BLIND MAIDEN].

Once she obtained the silence, she began to speak in a calm but steady voice,

"This situation will not be resolved if we continue like that. I suggest that we vote. Since it's an important problem, 2/3 of the majority will be necessary to pass the motion."

After a little while, the other leaders nodded in a show of approval. The Virgo family, while not the most powerful, was extremely respected thanks to their role as Judges and healers.

The vote went fast, The different leaders who were against the plan proposed raised their hands. The number of raised hands was six. They were the leader of the southern sky composed of [VIRGO], [CAPRICORNUS], [LIBRA], [SCORPIUS], [SAGITTARIUS] and [AQUARIUS]. Only the twelve leaders of the twelve Supreme constellations had the right to vote. The other two played a different role as such they didn't possess such a power.

After a moment of silence and seeing that no other hands would raise, Anastasia let a sad sigh and stood up. "I will respect the decision since this rule was established. But, once your plan fails tomorrow and trusts me, it will fail, I hope that the life of the little Sol wouldn't have been destroyed by your hand."

"You seem more emotional than usual. It's a little hard to stay calm since it's your nephew that will be given the blessing?" said a man in a taunting tone. He was Aldebaran, the leader of the Taurus family. He was a rather Hulking fellow. The typical muscle brained idiot type. At least, that was what he seemed like.

Anastasia didn't even bother answering him since she knew why he and most of the other leaders made the choice they did. Instead, she addressed the leader sitting in one of the two special places. 

"I don't understand why you approved of this plan. He may be your son and he may be even more talented than you but you should fully understand what will happen should you fail. You're basically gambling with his life."

Even though she didn't scream, anger could truly be felt in her words. She continued in a sarcastic tone, as she got up from her seat.

"Minos, It seems like my sister was even blinder than me since she fell for someone like you. Let it be the last time that you play with his destiny. If you try again, I will take back all the rights you have as his father and raise him as a member of my family, even if he doesn't manifest our constellation." 

Once she finished, she simply gave a salute of courtesy and left the room with her aid. Not caring in the slightest about the one she spoke to.

The room, now with only 26 people, fell into a strange and awkward silence. 

Every eye was fixed on the man named Minos. Minos, on the other hand, didn't seem bothered in the slightest and was even slowly humming a little song as if nothing happened. 

Despite his rather friendly appearance, he was one of the most feared beings in this room. People called him, [PERFECT ONE], a proof of how dangerous he was. As such, few people dared to adress him like Anastasia did.  

"With the departure of Anastasia, it will be impossible to discuss anything else. Since the motion has been approved, we will act according to the plan tomorrow."

The one who spoke was a young woman seated to the right of Minos. She was the leader of the second special family. She was also the youngest of all the leaders, being only seventeen years old. Her youthful appearance was a sight to behold in such a room. She was acclaimed as one of the greatest genii of her generation and was also known as the [SWORD MAIDEN].

As her words put end to the uncomfortable silence, the other leaders stood up and streamed one after the other outside the room. They had preparations to make.

A few minutes later, the only one still present were the sword maiden and Minos. They were the leaders of the two special families, namely, the Perseus and Heracles family.

"Even though I'm not close to that woman, she is more or less right. Why did you choose to put your son in such a situation? His chance of survival is really slim and even if he survived the result wouldn't be pretty. Most likely he would never be the same ever again."

"Do not worry, I know what I'm doing " Was all he answered back.

She sighed at this answer before showing a disinterested expression. No matter what was the result, it wouldn't affect her clan. As such, she simply wasn't that interested. She slowly got up from her seat will making her position clear,

"I don't really care. It's just a little sad to see someone like Sol being destroyed by his own father". 

After that, she also left the room. Minos, being the only one in the room still hummed his song. He thought about what will happen tomorrow and while he was a little sad about what might happen, he knew that it was necessary. 

'If I succeed, I am sure he will forgive me.'

Sadly, he forgot that even though he was called the perfect one, no human was truly perfect…


This is a rewrite. The first few chapters will be more a editing. But as the number of chapters grows, the differences between the original version and the new one will increase.

The old version was full of flaw. I hope this new one will be better

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