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100% Endless Universes - Young Master Path - The 1368th / Chapter 131: Proof of Not RIP Gwahahaha!

Proof of Not RIP Gwahahaha! - Endless Universes - Young Master Path - The 1368th - Chapter 131 by MasterRabbink full book limited free

Chapter 131: Proof of Not RIP Gwahahaha!


A Story of Millenia


The birds were singing their love song when a beautiful snow skinned lady in a yellow robe walked through a crowded village. She had a small basket on her. Compared to other villagers, she was a wonderful scenery coming from a painting.

Along the way, some villagers greeted her. She also replied with a smiling and a lovely voice. Until finally, she arrived at a wooden house. A common old house found in the village.

The lady hummed a bit while searching for her key. She smiled when she found the one and used it to open the old door.

"Who?" An old female voice called from one of the rooms.

"It is me, Allisa, Grandma Rachel." The lady spoke with a lovely voice like a canary bird. She placed some items from her basket into the table, then continued to the room where the voice came from and opened the door.

She opened the old door, a smell of flowers escaped from the door. It came from a sleeping baby. An old woman was sitting next to the baby cribs.

"Finally, you are back, Allisa. Your baby was sleeping. He cried a lot missing you."

"Thank you for today's help, Grandma Rachel. I have purchased some slices of bread for your grandchildren." The lady called Allisa gave a small copper coin and a bag of bread to the old woman.

"Thank you, Allisa. John and Sally will love this." Grandma Rachel smiled a bit and put the coin into her faded green robe while hugging the bread bag. Allisa accompanied the old woman to the front door before she returned to her baby.

"Little love, Mother is back!" The lady smiled and caressed the baby. She smelled the fragrant baby. A pair of lovely eyes opened when he heard the noise.

"Waaaaa!" The baby in the small baby cradle cried.

"Do not cry, Little Love! Mother just wanted to feel your soft skin." The lady held the baby head with her palm while swaying the baby in her hug. She pouted her small rose-colored lips and kissed the soft baby on the chin.

The baby felt happy for the warm touch stopped his cries. After calming the baby, she started to pick things from her basket. Small baby clothes were taken by her.

"Do you like this? The merchant said it is the new design from the city." She put it on the baby. At the same time, the baby touched the mountain embroidery on the clothes.

"Yes, Mother also likes this mountain image. You can see it from the place where you were born. Hehehe."

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"It is me, Priestess. They are coming. Our scout saw their carriage one kilometer away from here."

"Sigh… Fine. Finish the preparation!" Her calming voice turned strict when she didn't speak to her little love. She looked again into her little love.

The lady looked into the baby again. Her eyes started to blur, seeing the pure smile on her baby. She started to walk while carrying the baby. A shining purple card appeared in front of her.

"Will you hate mother for this decision?" She looked into the lovely pair of bright eyes. "I am sorry for not being strong enough to protect you."

She took the basket on the table before touching the card.

"Card! Space Walk!" Her soft voice was like a lullaby to the baby at the same time the card was shattered.

The calm village house around her suddenly disappear. It was replaced with a solemn white hall.

The hall was all dark with only a small radiance came from the torches on thirty-meter-tall pillars supporting the tall roof. A group of men and women in the purple robe was surrounding a pedestal in the center of the room.

"We welcome Priestess!" All the purple-robed people kneeled on one their knees.

"Is everything set as what I instructed?" The lady put the baby on the pedestal.

"Yes, Priestess." One of the men gave the lady a rolled animal skins scroll.

"Dismissed! Everyone should hide. There is a traitor in our temple." She opened the scroll.

"As your wish, Priestess!" All of them bowed before retreating from the altar into the darkness of the temple. Several purple lights shone before the hall turned empty except for the pair of baby and mother.

'Everything is ready! I only need to set the destination.' She traced the diagram and compared it to the altar.

"Ah! Mother can't bring you many things. Please forgive mother! Will you?" She looked into the baby and touched the baby's soft cheek.

"Mother will give you something better!" She removed a bangle from her snow-white arm. "If someday you want to know your heritage, you can use this." The lady put the bangle inside the baby's pocket.

She also activated a ring on her finger, purple warm energy appeared and two items appeared in her hand. They were a soft pink handkerchief and a card.

She bit her right index finger and using her blood to write a name. "Aiden! I hope you will use this name in the future."

Her eyes turned into the card.


She looked hesitating when she saw the card. "This may bring danger to you…"

"…" She looked again to her baby.

"I am sorry, Mother is selfish. I still wish to meet you again. Mother will seal it for you. When you are ready, you will be able to unseal this. At that time, this will give you power to unite us." She moved her long fingers and made a strange symbol on top of the card. The card turned white.

"We will meet again, Little Love." She put the card and the handkerchief inside the baby clothes.

"Mother wishes to give you more. Yet, I can only give a kiss and well wishes now." She kissed the baby. A patch of wet water appeared from her blurry eyes.

She moved her hand wiping the tear. "Mother didn't want to show you my ugly face for you to memorize. Hahaha." The lady's clear eyes returned. Her gaze was soft and warm for the baby. At the same time, the baby also kept looking at his mother.

"Aiden, mother wish you will grow into a handsome and healthy man."

"Do not let other kids bully you! You have to be strong and fight them back! Eat enough! Sleep enough! Always healthy! Always safe!"

"Mother wishes you to have a happy and fulfilling life. Meeting good friends and partner to share your life."

The lady left another kiss on the baby eyes. She took a rainbow crystal and a purple crystal and put them in a slot on the altar. Once again, she looked into the baby.

"You are the best thing in my life. I love you, My Little Love. Always."

"BRAK!!!" The door of the temple suddenly destroyed, removing the warmth exchange of a mother and her child.

The lady looked at the door. A body blocked the light outside creating a silhouette.

"It has been thirty years since we last meet, Lass." An old man in a light blue robe appeared. His body was filled with the cold aura. Starting from his feet, the temple started to be covered in ice and the air started to cool.

"WAAAA!!!" The baby started to cry.

The lady's eyes turned sharp hearing her baby cries. She poured her spiritual energy into one of her rings and a wooden staff appeared in her hand.

"Card! Space Lock!" The lady shouted. A purple card materialized and was shattered. At the same time, a cube of purple color appeared around the old man.

"Good speed. You are truly a genius. However, without a Forbidden Card, you will not be able to defeat me." The old man raised his left hand and punched the barrier. Shockwave energy appeared from the punch making the barrier shook, but it didn't shatter.

"Ugh…" The lady felt a pain in his body. "Yes, but you won't break that easily with a physical attack."

"But I can!" A melodious voice heard from outside the temple. A beautiful woman with sharp eyes entered the temple.

"Card! Space Spear!" A purple card materialized and a spear made of purple energy launched and pierce the barrier.

"Krang…" A piercing sound signaled that the barrier shattered.

Allisa felt a sweet taste of blood on her mouth. She couldn't stop it. From her small lips, it dripped onto the floor.

"It seems you are not surprised by my appearance, Sister?"

"Hmph… Only members of our temple knows this site. It is just… why?"

"It is because you are not following our temple's rule. Our temple is always neutral and has never involved with the struggle. You failed your duty as our priestess."

"I am not."

"But you are protecting the child of that man."

"Hmph… He is not the child of that man. He is my child. We are not related."

"Sigh… We have no ill will toward you, but please understand my palace can't live in the same sky with those people. Why do you have to protect him? His father is unworthy of you." The old man entered the conversation. "I give you the last chance to surrender the baby. You still have a long life. Perhaps many more babies in the future."

"Hahaha! I admit meeting that jerk is my mistake, but meeting my Little Love is my lifelong blessing. He is not that person's son and will never be. If I have to choose between having a breath or my baby! I will even use my last breath for a chance to protect him." Allisa raised her staff, five purple cards appeared in front of her.

"Sigh…" The old man sighed for the fall of a cultivation genius.

"Stop! She is intentionally waiting the time." The sharp-eyed lady shouted.

"Card! Move!" A clear card appeared before the old man and a solemn aura covered the hall. He raised his arm and swipe it to the left breaking the card.

Allisa felt her robe stricken and pulled her aside into the wall.

"Argh…" She felt all her bone was painful when she crashed into the wall. More than that, her injured body became more painful, and another mouthful of blood appeared on her mouth. Yet, this time, she couldn't forcefully swallow it.

"Ugh…" She vomited the blood and it stained her robe. She lost her concentration from the pain and her cards disappeared.

Yet, she felt happy. She had stolen a peek into the altar. "You are correct! However, it is too late. Hahaha…" Allisa memorized the two people who made her separated with her Little Love.

"Hmph! Card! Move!" The old man quickly aimed his hand toward the baby.

"The baby is in another dimension." The sharp-eyed lady shook her head.

"Card! Move!" The old man tried again. However, a pillar of rainbow energy has covered the baby. Before filling the temple with the rainbow color.

"You… You managed to solve the ancient formation." The sharp-eyed lady shouted. Her voice was filled with disbelief.

For ten seconds, everything inside the temple was rainbows. The pillar of rainbow finally disappeared, leaving a broken ceiling in the temple.

"Shit! The baby is gone." The sharp-eyed lady ran toward the empty altar.

"What a genius! Where do you send the baby?" The old man looked at Allisa with amiable eyes. There was no sign that he almost killed her a few seconds ago.

"Somewhere safer than this place." She looked to the broken ceiling. Behind her body, she materialized a card.

"No matter where in this world, we will find him." The old man calmly said. It seemed the failure didn't affect him. "What do you know about this formation?" He asked his companion while looking at the strange altar filled with strange lines.

"This formation could send the baby to unknown space and time." The sharp-eyed lady told the old man.

"Somewhere…" The old man looked toward the bright light that entered the temple from the broken ceiling.

"Yes. Even the unknown is safer than here. I will remember this debt."

"Huh! The Elder Council has revoked your position, Sister!" The sharp-eyed lady shouted.

"It is only you who wanted the position. For me, the position is just a shackle. We will meet again! Card! Space Walk!" The beautiful lady shattered the card hidden behind her body. Spiritual energy started to permeate to her body. Allisa gave a mocking smile to her former sister.

From outside of view, she started to disappear from the temple.

"You… Card! Space…" The sharp-eyed lady quickly materialized a purple card.

"No need to chase her." The old man raised his hand to stop the sharp-eyed lady. "She will find a way to find her child. We can use her to find the child, Bishop Reinia. Wait! I am sorry, it should be, Priestess Reinia." He said to the smiling lady next to him.

MasterRabbink MasterRabbink

“There may come a day that I won’t be able to help you, but there will never come the day that I won’t try.” - Unsaid Words

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