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100% Eternally together in the battlefield(BL) / Chapter 2: Oneshot (Part 2) (Final)

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Chapter 2: Oneshot (Part 2) (Final)

[Xiao Yun Xing's POV]

One and a half months later.

"Huff..huff" Two breaths intermingled together on a bed.

"Yun Xing...." Jun Ling looked at me with a gentle face but his two eyes burned with love and desire. How did we end up this way again? Ah...right. I confessed to him half a month a ago after realising my love for him and gathering enough courage...and was unexpectedly accepted. We had been intimate with each other since then and even extended to...this.

"Jun Ling...." I called out to him softly. We were half naked on the bed and I could feel his sturdy body upon me. I was supposed to be the dominant one here! But...I gave in to his gentle eyes today.

"nngh!" I moaned lightly after feeling his hard thing rubbed against mine through the thin layer of our clothes.

"ahn..Yun Xing..." Jun Ling continued rubbing against me as he leaned his face closer and kissed me.

"Mmmgh." It was just a simple kiss at first but then it got deeper and our tongues intertwined together.

"Mmnn. Jun Ling...I love you." I said with yearning and eager desire for him.

"I love you too." He smiled gently and then took off his remaining clothes as well as mine. His rigid and hard thing touched mine that was swollen with desire.

I grabbed his hard thing and caressed it gently.

"Ahh..." He moaned in response.

"You are so hard..." I whispered softly in his ear and kissed it.

"Mmm..." He let out a soft moan and mimicked me. We played with each other's hard cocks with our hands as our lips met with each other, tongues playfully dancing together inside our mouth.

We parted our lips with a silver line of saliva left between us. We panted for air after the deep and long kiss.

I pushed him under me after that and looked at him.

"Let me do it for you..." I then went down to his waist and sat on his legs, facing his crotch. I grabbed his cock and moved my hand up and down then lowered my head and licked the tip.

"Ahhn!" He moaned deeply and his hard thing shuddered. I found it cute so I licked it again to tease him. The hard thing quivered and pulsed as I continued to tease when it suddenly spurted out its white liquid which landed upon his abdomen and my face, he ejaculated.

"Ahhhh...huff..Yun Xing..." He moaned and called my name softly, his thing instantly becoming hard again even after just ejaculating.

I licked the white liquid near my lips and went up to him and kneeled with my legs spread to his sides and my hard cock facing his mouth.

"Your turn... Suck it." I said in a raspy voice.

He obediently opened his mouth and licked my swollen thing which made me shudder in pleasure.


He licked it a few more times then put my cock inside his mouth and sucked on it diligently. As he sucked on my cock, I felt pleasure inexpressible with words and moaned.

" feels so good..." I said and moved my waist slowly to match his rhythm of sucking my cock. I reached for his cock as I moved my waist and rubbed its tip which made him moan from his throat that I felt from my dick which felt strangely pleasurable. I did it again and he moaned as he sucked my cock, his throat vibrating lightly around my cock.

"'m going to come..." I said with a hoarse voice and pumped my cock in his mouth as I continued giving him a hand job.

"Ahhngh!" I ejaculated in his mouth together with him and his cum stuck to my hand.

"Haa...swallow it." I said as I took out my cock from his mouth. His open mouth showed the white sperm I just let out and some leaked out of his mouth, making him look so lewd. He swallowed the sperm obediently and even licked the liquid clinging onto his lips.

".. Yun Xing..haa...I want to be inside you." He said with great desire and then held me down on the bed. He suddenly seemed to have gained more energy as he rubbed his cock against mine and licked my lips then moved down from my neck to my chest and suckled on my small nipples.

" Mm..." I hugged his head lightly and let him continue to suckle both of my nipples, making them wet from his saliva.

"Haa...I'm going in.." He came near my ears and whispered then positioned his cock near my butthole that was quite wet from the sperm, invading it with his enormous cock.

"Ahh!" I groaned in pain as he entered me slowly. I felt my butthole being stretched out painfully by his cock.

"Yun Xing...are you alright?" He asked a bit worriedly after hearing my groan and stopped his movement.

"I'm fine...just hurts a bit. You can continue." I smiled at him reassuringly and endured the pain as he got inside me completely.

"Ahhn...Yun Xing. It feels good inside you." Jun Ling moaned with pleasure and moved slowly inside me.

"Ahh...hnng." I started to feel better after a while and moaned as he quickened his pace, pumping inside me. My hard cock rubbed against his abs everytime he thrusted his cock inside me.

" feels so good. Yun you feel good too?" Jun Ling asked and licked my ears, teasing it with his tongue.

"Ahh...I do..It feels very good...ahhn..don't lick it like that...ahn it tickles." I leaned my head to the side to avoid his tongue but he still came after me and continued to tease my ear, nibbling and licking it.

He continued to thrust his hard thing inside me and turned my face to him then kissed me. Our hot breaths and tongues twirled and danced together as our body continued to entangle, like wanting to become one.

"Ahhh..I'm cumming!" Jun Ling gave a low shout and then shot his sperm inside me after a big thrust which made me moan loudly. The hot feeling of the sperm inside of me made me feel horny again, my painfully swollen cock stood straight. Jun Ling took out his cock from me and looked at me with eyes filled with love.

"Did you like it, Yun Xing?" He lied next to me and said as he panted. I didn't say anything and climbed over him then kissed him passionately. Our breaths intermingling again.

"Haa...I'm not done yet." I said after parting from the kiss and stuck the tip of my cock to his hole then thrust half of it inside him.

His lower half body jerked in response and he groaned together with my moan.

"Uummph.. I feel great inside of you. So tight.." I said and started to move again and pushed the rest of my cock inside his body slowly. The feeling was so great and overwhelming that I never wanted to part from him.

I thrust inside and out faster and faster after he got used to the feeling, making him let out moans after moans that turned me on everytime I heard it.

"Ahh..yes, more." He moaned with his face showing the pleasure he felt and hugged me tightly with his hands and legs around me.

I stopped and pulled out my shaft from his hole. He looked at me with a puzzled face but before he could ask me anything, I flipped him on the bed with him facing the bed and his ass sticking out in the air.

"Yun Xing..! This....this posture!" He turned to me in surprise and said.

"Are you feeling embarrassed? How cute. Haha." I teased him after seeing his light blush on his cheeks.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure to let you feel very good." I said and didn't wait for his reply then thrust my cock inside him again in one go.

He gave out a low shout in shock but then it changed into lustful moans after I pumped into him more forcefully and faster than before.

*pa pa pa* The sound of our skins colliding against each other rang out loud in the quiet room and we continued to fuck each other in many more postures and ways even after the morning sun rose upon the sky. We only parted after it was bright outside.

"Haa...haha. Jun Ling. I never thought that you would really accept me." I said as we laid side by side in the bed.

Jun Ling held my hand tightly and said after giving it a kiss.

"And I never thought you'd fall for me too. I'm glad that you did." He said then continued to kiss me and gave a light peck on my lips. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Saving you was the best thing that I ever did in my life." I said with a bright and happy smile.

It was also the worst thing that I did in my life which changed my whole life and myself.


After a week.

I looked at the letter in my hand with a sad expression on my face.

'Yun Xing, I have to leave now. I am writing this letter to let you know how happy I had been all these time together with you. But this isn't a goodbye. We will meet again.

With love

Jun Ling'

"You fool...You could've at least said it in person than just writing a letter." I clutched the letter in my hand and a single tear dropped on the letter.

"I'll miss you, you big block head." I smiled and whispered.


3 years later.

In the Xiao mansion, the entrance, the corridors, the courtyards, everywhere, white clothes and lanterns were hung with no bright colour to be seen.

Inside the funeral hall, an empty coffin was placed at the centre with a name tablet on top of a small wooden desk. The name, Xiao Ming Shan was written on it.

A woman was staring blankly at the name tablet with empty eyes that were swollen by crying too much and some tears stains remained on her cheeks. Her figure looked very pitiful and haggard as if she had aged 10 years more in just a day.

She was my mother and the one whom we were mourning for...was my father, the general of Yan country.

I clenched my hands tightly into fists and stared at the empty coffin with pain, sorrow, anger and vengeance as I thought of the war report from yesterday.

It said that my father was defeated and captured by the 7th prince of the Jin country, Jun Bei Ming in the orders of the Emperor of Jin. But they didn't use him for negotiations or to threaten our country but made him go through inhumane tortures for 4 days and 3 nights straight. Till the time my father died, his body was unrecognisable.

As if this much wasn't enough, the Emperor of Jin actually cut my father's body into thousand pieces and fed it to the military dogs then sent only a piece of his nail to us on purpose. His majesty, the Emperor couldn't bear this great humiliation and loss of a loyal subject so he sent out another army led by two generals just to take revenge which also managed to pacify the Xiao family but...I still wasn't reconciled!

My blood boiled in rage and hate whenever I thought of the dog emperor of Jin and the 7th prince, Jun Bei Ming!

"AHHH!! MADAM!" A sharp scream abruptly brought me out of my thoughts which made me turn to my mother who had collapsed on the floor while I was unaware. I hurriedly came to her side and lifted her in my arms.

"Mother! Wake up!" I nudged her lightly and said with worries in my voice but she didn't wake up no matter how much I called for her and her head dropped to the side, her body getting colder as seconds and minutes passed by.

"!! Mother! Mother, you can't leave me! Mother...what am I to do without you too?! Father already left us but why must you leave me alone too?! Why?!" I held my mother tightly in my arms and cried loudly.

The people around me whispered in pity and sympathy but I couldn't be bothered with them at all because of the heart-rending pain in my chest and the grudge that I felt grew to the point of great hatred that could only be solved after the death of those who led us to this point with my own hands!

'Dog Emperor of Jin! Jun Bei Ming! I will repay this bloody debt with your dog lives! I swear to the heavens that I will not let this hatred go until I drink your blood and eat your flesh!'



Yes, I swore it that I won't let those who destroyed my family live and that I would kill them with my own hands and I really meant it but...why should it be you?

2 years had passed after the passing of my parents and it's been 5 years since I last saw him but to think...that our reunion would be like this...maybe we were never meant to be together.

"We meet again,...prince of Jin, Jun Bei Ming." I emphasised his prince title and stared at him with complicated emotions. To think that the place for our reunion...would be the battlefield.

"Yun Xing.." He called out my name with the same shocked and complicated expression on his face but I interrupted him before he could finish speaking any further.

"We are on a battlefield today. I didn't expect to meet you here in such a time and place...and also with these identities...but, Jun you even know...whom you captured 2 years ago? It was my father! Why did you do that?! If you had just killed him on the battlefield, I wouldn't have hated you so much because he would have died an honorable death but no! He was tortured for 4 days and 3 night till he succumbed to death. You still didn't stop there and cut him into pieces to feed to the dogs and only sent one nail to us! Why?!" I glared at him with hatred, pain, sorrow and rage mixed up in me that made me feel suffocated.

I never wanted to meet him like this. I never wanted to bear any grudges nor hatred towards him but no...reality was bitter and painful. Seeing him here clearly proved his identity. The only person whom I never wanted to raise my sword against....was the one that I hated the most these past two years.

"Yun Xing...I'm sorry. I really didn't know that he was your father! I was only following his majesty, the emperor's orders! I swear that I didn't participate in the torture or his death." Jun Bei Ming said anxiously after hearing my hateful words and seeing my complicated eyes.

"I don't want to hear your apologies! I don't want to hear your excuses! The dead is already gone, can you bring them back again with your apologies?! You can't!" I shouted at him in anger.

"Jun are heartless." I said as tears filled my eyes and threatened to fall but I held it back with everything I got. Jun Ling looked at me with a shocked face.

"Yun Xing! I don't want to fight with-" Just when Jun Ling tried to say something, an arrow was suddenly shot at me from the enemy side that aimed for my heart. I barely managed to dodge the vital points but was still shot on my left arm.

"YUN XING!" I heard Jun Ling shout at me worriedly but I couldn't hear his worries for me anymore as my blood boiled in rage.

"WHO SHOT THE ARROW! HOW DARE YOU ACT WITHOUT MY COMMANDS?!" Jun Ling shouted at the army behind him in anger.

"Heh!" I suddenly snickered.

"Yun Xing...why are you laughing?" Jun Ling asked me with worry and confusion on his face but I continued to laugh like a madman.

"Hahahaha. Jun Ling ah Jun don't have to act anymore. I finally figured out that you can actually act quite well. The assassination attempt, your injuries, me saving you and you getting close to me was all an act right?! You just wanted to laugh at me as you destroyed my family and humiliated my country, didn't you?! To think that I really believed that it was all real, that your feelings...were real. I was really a fool to think that meeting you was like a blessing but who knew that it was actually a curse instead! I should have just let you die in the forest! I should have just minded my own business and let the wild animals eat you instead! Why the hell did I save you before?! Why?!!" I shouted as if I had gone crazy and glared at him with bloodshot eyes.

"Yun Xing! It wasn't like what you just said at all! Please listen-"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear anything from you anymore. Soldiers, prepare for the battle! ATTACK!!!" I then commanded the army to attack the enemy forces without giving a chance to let Jun Bei Ming to say anything.

'I'm sorry Jun Ling. I can only do this to not let my resolve be overturned by my love for you. It was a game played by fate to make us face each other like this as enemies even after holding so much feelings for each other. I'm sorry father, mother. I can't avenge you two after all. I can't bear to...hurt this man in front of me but...don't worry. I will meet you two soon.'

"Jun Ling, let's settle this here and now! Hyaa!" I unsheathed my sword and charged at him. He parried the blow by holding his sword vertically.

"Yun Xing! Listen to me! Please! It really isn't like what you said!" Jun Ling stared at me intently in sorrow and pain but I hardened my heart and shouted.

"You even dare to talk in a battle!" I pulled away from him then attacked him again. One blow after another attacked him which left him no choice but to fight back.

'Right, you just need to do this.'

I used more force on my attacks and applied my inner qi in every attacks which made him have the feeling that I really intended to kill him.

'Then you must fight back.'

*clang* *clang* Sharp metallic sounds rang out every time our swords clashed against each other as we fought with all our strength and inner qi.

*slash!* I slashed a small wound on his left shoulder which made him look at me, shocked.

'That's it. Hate me, let go of your feelings and kill me!'

"Jun Ling! This is a goodbye!" I shouted and stabbed my sword at him but then suddenly I saw a soldier trying to stab him from his back which made my pupils to shrink.

"Watch out!!" I shouted then moved my body to act as a shield to him, the sword stabbed from the back to my chest, leaving a deep hole in it.

"Pfft!" I vomited mouthfuls of blood and my chest area was already dyed red with blood.

The soldier backed off in horror when he saw whom he just stabbed and ran away but got killed by an enemy soldier.

I turned back staggeringly to Jun Ling then freezed. Shock, horror and pain, I felt them all when I saw the sword in my hand stabbed in his chest.

"Jun...Jun Ling!!" I could only let out a hoarse and low shout of shock and worry after seeing his bloody chest. He had thrown himself to my sword before I knew it.

He staggered then fell to his knees. I quickly pulled the sword out and threw it away then kneeled down heavily. I held him in my arms and called out to him, the tears that I held back with my all, flowed down like a broken dam.

"Yun...Xing... You..must I...I never you. I..didn't mean to..hide my identity..from you. I didn't know..he was..your father. I really..didn't have any..hand in his torture and..and death. Yun Xing...I never...faked my feelings for you..cough cough cough!" He said it with difficulty and coughed violently, vomiting blood.

" Jun Ling!.. Stop talking!...You will..will be alright!.. Just stop talking. Your wounds.. will worsen." I hugged him tightly then said, I myself feeling my breathing becoming weaker and my life seeping out of my body but I didn't let go of him even a bit.

"Yun Xing...I'm sorry...I'm sorry for...capturing your father...I'm sorry..that you lose your..parents because of me. Cough cough!"

"I said don't speak! I had already...already forgiven you after seeing.. you here for that." My tears streamed down my face continously.

"Yun...Xing...dying...together with you...doesn't...seem bad. remember?..When you..asked for a..compensation You..said anything..was fine..other but..I don't have anything..valuable other my you."

"I...only that in this life. Although...we couldn't be together...alive...let's... be" Jun Ling said with a smile on his face, his blurry eyes were filled with love and tears as he looked at me.

"Jun Ling..." I held him tightly and cried.

"If that's...what you want,..then I will accompany you...wherever you go." I then smiled widely which looked uglier than a crying face. Jun Ling stretched his bloody hands and caressed my cheeks shakily.

"Ah..Xing. you. If..there is an afterlife..., I would...still like... to" His hands then limply dropped from my face, his eyes still staring at me but it was now empty with no life and shine in it like I always saw when I looked at them.

I stared at him blankly after feeling his body become stiff then felt myself nearing my death. I caressed his pale face gently.

"...Even in death,...your eyes...are beautiful." I planted a kiss on his forehead then closed my eyes slowly.

'Let's be eternally together here.'

*The end*

YueYe YueYe

Hello everyone. It's YueYe.

It's my first time writing a BL as well as a oneshot so I hope that you liked it. Please comment and review about how you felt about my story. Thank you! ^^

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