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100% Evelina and the Ruby Castle / Chapter 34: Hand in Hand

Read Evelina and the Ruby Castle - Chapter 34 online

Chapter 34: Hand in Hand

Alexi decided to cut off the romantic atmosphere that was continuously aggravating him. "Stop the romance this instant! I want Evelina to have her eyes on the goal."

"Really? Why not? Alexander is one of my goals," she rubbed against his left arm using her head, nuzzling him.

"Evelina, act professionally. Don't embarrass yourself to others."

She scratched her head, "I know. I am just fooling around you know." 0

"Are you serious? Why not experience an employee doing this to you? Will you be fully satisfied with her work?"

"Alexi, I know that. I am just acting a little stubborn to crank your other emotions!"

He exhaled deeply, "You are even making me suffer! The two of you must be colluding to unleash my anger!"

She laughed so tenderly, "Calm down, Alexi. There is no need for war."

"She is right, Alexi. Now, Evelina stop fooling around and listen to him."

"What are you guys planning? Are you guys hear just to make fun of me?"


"Are you serious this time, Evelina?"

"I am definitely serious this time, Alexi," she responded.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Let us go to the next training course."

"Is it still in this place?"


"What? Where?"

Alexi chose not to answer her question. He first closed his eyes and calmed himself. A few moments later, the room displayed a vast desert underneath the bluest skies and the shining radiant sun.

Sweats started to fall down as soon as Evelina felt the sudden change of the atmosphere. The climate was too hot and humid. It was making her body perspire a lot.

Her face glistened with sweat. She was currently fanning her face using both of her hands.

"Why are we here?"

Alexi opened his eyes as he sniggered, "Why are you asking me that? It's for your training," he said while giving her a self-righteous smile.

"Are you serious? Are you planning to torture me??" she complained. 'How can they torture me like this?'

"You better do as I say or else the two of us will leave you alone in this empty desert."

As soon as she heard his statement, in an instant, she feigned innocence, "Alright, alright. I will do as what you say," she answered back, as she waved both of her hands.

Alexi pointed to a direction, "I want you to climb over that hill and after that, you will have to run as you return here."

The particular place that was pointed out by Alexi was approximately a 5km walk for him. 'Hehehehe… let's see if you can endure the hot and humid atmosphere'

"Is that all? You can rest assured that I can do that! It seems like a piece of cake for me!" she spoke in a confident manner.

She winked at Alexi and Alexander at the same time. She patted her chest, making a sound, "I can definitely do that! Trust me my friend, Alexi."

Alexi smiled, "Oh, how confident you are."

Evelina was in a huff, "Are you underestimating my capabilities?" she asked, loudening her voice.

"No, I'm not. I am just stimulating your hidden abilities," he combed his own hair using his fingers, not bothering of her protest.

"It sounds like you are exposing an irony."

Alexander was standing still, not bothering the two; he was in complete silence.

He draped the right shoulder of Alexander, "My friend, Alexander, will not bother you. He will just observe you right here beside me." he uttered loudly, bequeathing her a self-satisfied look. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Is that how you treat me? You are clearly proving the subject of gender inequality here!"

"What gender inequality? For your information, at first, I never believed that the savior would be a woman. Is that gender inequality for you?"

"Alright, then tell me, why my guardian or trainer is not a woman?"

"Why are you asking me that? You should be lucky that it is me. Are you afraid of me? Don't worry I am not interested in building up a relationship with you!"

Her head slowly pivoted towards the direction, she didn't answer at all, instead, she positioned herself to ready for the running.

'You can do this, Evelina'

A few seconds have passed, Evelina started to run.

Alexi was moving his head from left to right, clicking his tongue, "What is she thinking? Why is she exerting great force at the start? Is she that stupid?" he said, as he faced Alexander.

Alexander sighed, "Just let her be. She is the rarest among the creatures in the sea."

"I have nothing to say at all. You have a different taste of creature, Alexander," he said.

His eyes landed to the figure of his woman running so fast and quiet, "Well, I admit that. All I want to say is that I will always support her no matter what happens and I am proud of her achievements." 'Evelina, are you a pushover? Why do you have to exert such a great force at the beginning of the race? You have to conserve your energy so that you could keep up'

"My only wish for her is to have more hope and become a brave and responsible person."

Alexander sniggered, "Hahahahaha!!! You act like you are her parent," he draped his shoulders while conversing.

Alexi frowned, his eyebrows twitched, "Does it matter? What are the criteria that made you conclude that I act like her parent? Isn't it alright to be just concerned about her state?" 'This guy is summing up another irrelevant conclusion'

"You have a point, my friend."

"So…how often do you do the 'vigorous activity'?" he asked with his eyes brightened in interest.

Of course, Alexander was not a pushover; he knew the meaning behind his statement. In an instant, his warm and shining face immediately fell down into sadness, "I can't believe that you are so open about that, Alexi."

Alexi wanted to create some exuberance with him so, he tightened his grip of the right shoulder of Alexander that was draped by his right hand, "Come on, Alexander, this is a conversation of just between the two of us men."

"Last week was every day, this week, I felt like a desert without her water."

Alexi smirked, "Hahahahahahaha!! I wasn't aware that you also have a mind of a pervert, Alexander," he uttered, raising both of his eyebrows upwards.

"Well, I am not. Of course, you haven't encountered it at all that is why you are curious to know, am I right?"

He laughed awkwardly, "Hahahahaha!! I am just waiting for her, okay?"

"Do you believe that she is still alive?"

"I am confident that she is alive and living safe and sound. I hope she won't change her heart."

"How many years have you been apart from each other?"

"3,000 years. That is quite a long time for me."

"So… it's three years? Wow… when is her menopause?"

Alexi's eyebrows narrowed, glaring at him, "Are you insulting us? We are immortals! Even a thousand years have passed, she could still give birth to a child!!"

"Oh. That's great!!"

"And so, my friend, are you relieved when knowing that she can give birth any age of her life?"

"Yes, but at the moment, we are planning on focusing our dreams first. Now is not the right time for that."

"Well, I am happy for both of you."

All of a sudden, Alexander noticed a change in his expression. 'He seems lost in thought'

"Don't worry, Alexi, we will find your woman. We will help you in finding the woman," he comforted him.

Alexi twitched his right eyebrow upwards, "How? How will we find her?"

'There is a possibility that she is one of the answers' Alexander deeply thought. He was certainly sure that she is one of the main reasons for the activation of the curse. 'If she is the one who started, then she must have a way to end it'

"Alexi, is she one of the main reasons for the curse?"

"As far as I know, it is yes. That man is showing off a blatant callousness," he replied with his eyes that were as taciturn as the avalanche.

"Alright, I'm currently thinking of a plan."

His eyes brightened in awe, "Really? Am I hearing that clearly? You're going to help me with my problem?" he asked in a loud and exciting voice.

He patted his back, "Of course, I already long considered you as a close friend of mine, Alexi," he replied with a sincere smile.

"So… when are we going to start working on this?" he asked, curiosity and excitement at the same time were overflowing him.

Alexander sniggered, "You just can't wait, huh? You really love her that much?"

Alexi scowled, "Isn't that a normal reaction for a person in love?"

He waved both of his hands, "Alright, alright, I admit that. I will also feel this way when it comes to Evelina."

Alexi barged into his statement, "I want to know when?"

"Together in our journey with Evelina. Just wait and see."

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