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19.81% Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord / Chapter 20: Goodness Offered

Goodness Offered - Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord - Chapter 20 by Warf full book limited free

Chapter 20: Goodness Offered

Silence enveloped the forest as the tens of thousands of Lamia surrounding Darkness Castle fell silent.

The blue aura emitted by the Lamia Lord projected a blue mist that spread out and caused anyone who was hit by its aura to feel an excruciating headache. Unlike the Dark Blue Aura that Lucia emitted when Evan met her.

Evan, who was still in the lowest Class, naturally felt a dizzy sensation in his head, but it soon subsided.

He slightly peeked at Piwood's expression, which should have been affected by the aura, but him didn't have a headache that Evan had.

It made Evan learn that the aura was a kind of intimidation that only worked on the lower monster classes. Obviously, the aura that the Lamia Lord possessed would not impact Piwood, who had already reached the Greater Demon Class.

Evan looked once again at the Old Tree Man's slightly irritated expression as he continued to stare intently at the Lamia Lord. He began to wonder what would happen if a Greater Demon Class emitted his aura. Would the one who was hit by the aura die instantly, or would it have a tangible impact on the body, like being ripped apart?

But those intentions were soon buried deep when he remembered that he would be the one who would be the most affected, given that there was a wide gap between him and Piwood. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/goodness-offered_54808710987447988">;m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/goodness-offered_54808710987447988</a> for visiting.

"Piwood, under no circumstances should ever emit your aura to frighten them!" Still, Evan's mind would be wary if he hadn't banned Piwood from the start.

"Yes, My King. I wouldn't be so reckless. If you hadn't forbade me to kill them all, I might have used it from the start."

Evan swallowed hard when he realized that the aura emitted by the Greater Demon Class could kill Lamias and, of course, himself in an instant. He felt relieved that such a powerful being was on his side.

"I don't want you to bother with it. If Lamia finds out the True Dragon King has awakened, perhaps they can become our allies." He still had doubts that the Lamia Race would realize he resembled the True Dragon King after seeing the Lamia Lord only 55 years of age.

But if he could make the Lamia Race his allies, it would save Lucia from death and be a valuable aid to Darkness Castle's power.

"Piwood! Do according to the plan I explained earlier when I was negotiating with the Lamia Lord."

Nodding, Piwood touched his ring, and in an instant, the two of them were in front of the Lamia Lord, who was 100 meters from the Lamia Army.

Lamia Lord immediately stopped his movements in surprise and was followed by all the Lamia elders behind him.

"Who are you?!" shouted one of the Lamia Warriors standing in front of the Lamia Lord.

"Haha! How dare you attack my castle!" With a look of superiority, Evan, who was on Piwood's shoulder, tried to intimidate the Lamia in front of him.

"Th-that, Master Piwood as well as the lizard Lord Baselix saw!" One of Lamia's elders stuttered who recognized the Tree Man.

"How dare you insult my King!!" A thin purple aura began to spread out from Piwood's body.

"Piwood, calm yourself down." Evan whispered in Piwood's ear.

"Heh! What kind of charade are you playing, Old Man? Asking a weak lizard to pretend to be a True Dragon King? Don't underestimate the abilities of Lamia Eyes."

Lamia Lord looked down on his two enemies. With his eye skills, he was absolutely sure that the purplish-black lizard wasn't emitting any aura.

"Believe it or not is up to you. What is clear is that you have disturbed my resting place! If you Beselix don't withdraw your army soon, you should know what will happen!"

Evan's cute voice suddenly turned fierce while intimidating Lamia in front of him.

'Whoa, I don't remember having such an fierce voice. Perhaps this is the power of that expensive skill.' Evan himself was even surprised by the significant change in his voice while trying to intimidate his opponents.

It worked when one of the 10 elders was frightened.

"Lord Baselix, please take another look at the lizard's eyes. It has a bright golden color, I'm a little worried that he really is the reincarnation of the True Dragon King." The frightened Lamia elder whispered to his lord.

"Are you planning on treason? Lord Baselix, don't waste any more time! The Princess of Darkness health will slowly improve, we must move quickly." The other elders disagreed with that opinion and asked him to ignore it and return to their primary goal of coming to the battlefield.

With Evan's hearing becoming more sensitive, he could hear their conversation. He had to ask them to withdraw immediately.

"Lord Baselix! I don't want on the day of my resurrection any bloodshed in my castle. And I will also ensure your safety from Lucia's wrath." Apart from asking the Lamia Lord one request, he also gave them one advantage if he accepted the negotiation.

"I refuse!" Without thinking, Lamia Lord immediately rejected it while smiling. He was sure that the two of them didn't realize that his army was slithering secretly to attack them from behind.

But just as his army was about to reach Evan and Piwood, dots of green light shone in front of them and stopped the surprise attack. Plants with bright yellow flowers suddenly grew in a circle imprisoning the entire Lamia Army.

Suddenly Lamia Lord was shocked when he saw and smelled the scent he hated most had mixed with the surrounding air.

"Damn it! How can there be a Mariegold Flower?" Lamia Lord spoke while trying to cover his nose.

"Even though it's just the two of us but you intend to play dirty? Isn't my negotiation not bad? Or do you want me to destroy your Race?" Evan tried to threaten Lamia Lord with his new voice.

But still, the incitement from the elders made Lamia Lord undaunted to reject Evan's threat.

"Confidence has its limits! But I still refuse it. The long-awaited moment to become the strongest race is at hand, I won't let anyone get in the way! Infernal Spear!"

Lord Baselix took a stance, and in an instant, he threw the spear in his hand with all his might vertically upwards.

"What are you doing?" Even though the spear was thrown carelessly upwards, but Evan was sure that the attack was clearly aimed at Lucia.

Warf Warf

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