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Awakening - Everyone Becomes Demonized: I Become A Six-Winged Seraph - Chapter 5 by Taking Medicine As Sweets full book limited free

Chapter 5: Awakening

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Seeing the wings on Hubert's back, all the children could not help but kneel down. Their eyes revealed worship and prayer. "God, have you really begun to respond to your believers? Did you send angels to save the world?"

Waves of light green fog floated out from the children's bodies and entered Hubert's body.

Hubert felt that he had gained faith from another six people.

"Get up. What do you plan to do in the future? Do you want to continue staying here or find a shelter?", Hubert asked.

"Can we follow you?", Chloe looked at Hubert with a pleading look.

She knew that most of the staff in the orphanage had been killed by Oink. Even if someone was lucky enough to escape, they probably would not return to the orphanage.

Therefore, they were a group of abandoned children.

It was not easy for a group of children to survive in this dangerous city.

Perhaps, only the angel in front of them could save them.

Seeing the pleading eyes of Chloe and the other children, Hubert felt that he could bring them over.

Firstly, they were all his followers. It was not good to leave them here to die.

In addition, although the pea men looked harmless, when they reached level 2, their strength would increase greatly. They could spit out peas and become natural shooters.

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It was perfect to protect the church.

Thinking of this, Hubert nodded. "Okay, I have a sanctuary in St. Raphael's Cathedral. We can stay there."

"I'll take them to pack their things.", as the leader of children, Chloe was very active. She immediately called for everyone to start packing.

The personal belongings in the orphanage were very simple. Everyone only packed a small bag, which contained some personal necessities.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

"Let's go.", after making sure that the children had done packing their bags, Hubert led them to the church.

The journey back was relatively stable. Other than the damaged cars and the fresh blood that had not dried up, there was not a single person on the way back.

Hubert knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

Right now, the shadow of the era of order was still lingering in everyone's mind. Their actions were involuntarily restricted by order and law.

After a period of time, the night would become the best cover for the sinners, and there would be no peace at night.

In his previous life, even after he became a level 3 minotaur, he did not dare to walk out of the shelter alone at night.

One could imagine how chaotic the city was in the night of his previous life.

"In my previous life, I did not have the ability. In this life, at the very least, I have to make the area around the shelter a true safe zone,", Hubert thought.

The group returned to the church.

When they entered the church, Hubert found that there were already many people gathered in the church.

There were fried-fish men covered in burnt yellow scales.

There were pizza men with tomatoes and cheese on their heads.

Hubert even saw a lobster man with red shells and claws.

Hubert used his Eyes of Good and Evil to look at these people and found that they were all white names. He let out a sigh of relief and then asked Father Marlin, who had been staying in the church.

"Father Marlin, who are these people? Why are they here?"

"They are all residents of the neighborhood and are very devout believers. They must have come to the church to pray and ask for God's forgiveness.", Father Marlin explained as he scratched his head with a thin branch.

"By the way, do you want to eat the fruit?", Father Marlin said as he picked a small fruit that looked like a saintly virgin fruit from the twig on his head and handed it to Hubert.

"What's this?", Hubert asked curiously.

"It's a fruit that I grew myself. I've eaten it and it tastes pretty good. It's a little like a tomato. I'm studying to see if there's a way to increase the yield. If the yield is enough, it can alleviate the problem of food shortage."

Hearing Father Marlin's words, Hubert almost fell to the ground.

He had lived two lives, this was the first time he had seen someone eat the parts of himself.

Although it was a fruit that had grown, was there really no psychological barrier to eating it like this?

"I see.", Hubert nodded.

Just as Hubert was about to ask something, a minotaur suddenly walked out from behind the church.

The minotaur was about two meters tall and weighed about 100 kilograms. Most importantly, there was a yellow halo on his body that represented the villain.

"Yellow halo? Does that mean he's a villain? How should I deal with him? Should I chase him out or stay and slowly influence him?", Hubert was a little hesitant.

At this moment, the minotaur named Porter spoke first.

"Kid, who are you, a refugee outside? Did you randomly come in to ask for my permission?"

"Your permission? When did you become the owner of this church?", Hubert squinted his eyes and said unhappily.

"I have my eyes on this place. This is my territory. From now on, if any of you want to stay in this church, you have to ask for my permission. Otherwise, get out of here.", the minotaur Porter said, at the same time, he pulled out a water pipe that was as thick as an arm from behind.

"Hubert?", Sophia looked at Hubert.

"Just do what you want,", Hubert said.

If it were a normal person, Hubert might have given them a chance, but this bullman named Porter was obviously not a good person. The yellow halo on his body had already said it all. Hubert believed that Sophia would take care of it.

"What are you guys mumbling about? Are you guys listening to me at all? Do you believe that I will smash you into minced meat?", the minotaur Porter waved the water pipe and shouted loudly.

The loud voice caused a few timid children to sit on the ground.

"I'll give you another chance. Reorganize your language.", Sophia pulled out the Glock 18 from her waist, removed the safety, and aimed the muzzle at Porter.

Porter was stunned when he saw the black muzzle, and then he laughed out loud. "Hahaha, little girl, do you think you can scare me with a gun? Quickly give me the gun, or I'll let you know how powerful I am."

Porter thought that Sophia was trying to scare him again, so he walked toward Sophia with big strides and reached out to grab the gun.


The sound of a gun was heard. A hot bullet brushed past Porter's ear, leaving a burn mark on his ear.

"Now, do you think I dare to shoot?", Sophia asked with a smile. She looked like a dark elf who had just awakened.

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