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91.11% Evolution: A Warlock's Rise To Power / Chapter 82: Against The Clock

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Chapter 82: Against The Clock

Nolan activated tread lightly and moved slowly towards the guard, hoping not to wake him. When he got close, he activated shadow form and slipped under both the guard and the door.

He quickly scanned the room before moving towards the desk, opening the drawers and looking for his target.

'Dang, not here.'

He then moved to the filing cabinet and opened it up.


The worn cabinet let out a noise as he pulled it open. With bated breath the thief waited but no one entered the room. He flipped through the files, failing to find what he was looking for before slightly lifting the cabinet drawer and silently sliding it back in.

'Of course.' Nolan said to himself after approaching the safe in the corner.

He tried the handle, hoping to get lucky, but if it were that easy it wouldn't be a thief mission.

'I really should have practiced before.' He thought to himself with a sigh as he took out his never before used lock pick set.

[Warning! You have been playing Evolution for almost 16 hours. Find a safe place to log out. You only have 5 minutes of in-game time before you will be forcibly logged out.]


'Hey Lucan, I am about to log off, I hope your quest is going well.'

'Ah, see you later, can't talk, I forgot about the time limit.'

'Good luck.'

Nolan fumbled with the tension lever as he hurriedly pushed it into the lock followed by the rake used to push the pins in.

He blindly started to jam it around as the touch sensation he felt in his hands started to paint a picture of its insides in his mind.

'Crap, crap, crap, hurry up, come on, where is that last pin.'


'Ha, ha, success.'

He pulled open the door to the safe.


He froze.

'Are you kidding me.'

A trap placed inside the safe would be activated if he opened the door any further. His latest thief ability was the only reason it didn't go off. His body stopped him from activating the trap without him even making a conscious decision to do so.

Nolan slipped his fingertips through the crack and felt around, getting a picture of what would happen if he opened it any further.

He gently lifted a wire from a hook attached to the door and slowly released it as something was pulling it further into the safe.

Without time to spare he opened the safe to see a disarmed, poison tipped crossbow pointed at him.

He reached past it and pulled out a file. He quickly flipped through it and found the parcel number to match the crate in the warehouse. He swapped the delivery form with the one Kelis had given him before partially shutting the door and rearming the crossbow. He closed it all the way and wiped away the smudges his fingers left on the metal safe door.

Throwing caution to the wind, he activated shadow form and slid out from under the door and then activated tread lightly as he sprinted down the hallway. With a leap into the air and a flicker of ethereal step he was outside, midair, in a gap between patrols. He grabbed his broom, mounting it before he hit the ground and then soared to the skies, quickly he turned down and dove towards an alley.

His feet touched the ground, and he stored his broom. Before he had a chance to look around, his vision went dark and a message appeared before his eyes.

[You're allotted play time is up. Please join us again soon.]

[7 hours and 59 minutes until you can log in.]

Brax opened up the capsule and used the bathroom before he found a text from Aunt Marie on his phone. She told him to come over to the main house for breakfast.

He showered and changed into some of the clothes he brought before heading over.

Just as he was about to knock on the door it was opened and he was dragged inside and given a hug.

"Didn't I tell you to not bother knocking. Are you trying to disregard what I said?" Marie huffed after letting him go.

"Sorry, habit." He replied.

"Then break it. You are family and this is your home. What kind of family knocks at their own house?" She said while dragging him into the kitchen where she had already cut up several fruits and cooked a few eggs.

"Eat up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day."

"Yeah okay." He said while taking the plate she piled high and sitting on the stool at the island counter. "I am sure when it's time for dinner you will tell me that is the most important meal of the day and I can't miss it."

"Duh, any meal I get to eat with my Braxy-pooh is the most important meal of the day." She said while sitting beside him with a plate of her own.

When he was halfway done she added another heap of food to his plate.

"Come on Aunty, I like a light breakfast."

"You shush, you're too skinny. Your uncle told me he met your lady friend last night. He said they only spoke briefly, but she seems to be a good fit for you."

Brax blushed and didn't say anything.

"Are you really going to wear that to your uncles' company?" She asked while motioning to the old casualwear Brax was dressed in."

"Bo said he was proud of you while you were acting like a big shot when him and his employees came to visit. You can't show up looking like a slob. Tell me what your suit measurements are. I will call and arrange something for you to pick up on your way in."

"Umm, medium."

Marie pouted. "How can a grown ass man think suits come in sizes like small, medium, and large." She then turned away as her shoulders began to shake.

*Sob* *Sob*

"Sister, I am sorry, I failed in raising your son. Brother-in-law, it is all my fault that your boy doesn't know anything. Don't blame him, I have failed both of you and your child."

"Aunty, don't be upset." Brax hurried to say. "It's not your fault. Calm down, I will make it up to you and go get a suit before I head to Terracorp. I am sure I can find someone to help me out at the store."

His aunty quickly turned around and wiped her fake tears away. "He, he, since you asked so nicely of course I will help you. Let me grab my purse, then we can go."

"Aunty, I said I will find someone in the store to help me. You don't need to change your plans to come with me."

"If I come with you, won't I be in the store. It's always easier to ask someone you know for help compared to a stranger. Now get moving."

'Dang it, I was tricked.'

Brax could only shake his head and place his empty plate into the sink.

"Stop fussing and let's go." Said Marie.

They walked outside and Marie led him to his place. "You can drive." She said. "I have to make some calls on the way."

Brax went to the garage and opened the door. Inside were two ridiculous cars. Both were sports cars with flashy paintjobs. In one space was a 2-seater convertible painted in bright electric yellow while the other was a 4-door speed machine painted blue with two white racing stripes down the center.

"You can't be serious." He said looking at the cars for the first time.

"What? They are so pretty. And look, this one even has doors that open upward." She said walking over to the convertible.

"Don't you have any normal cars?" Brax groaned.

"Your no fun." She huffed. "Fine, I will take you to our garage and you can pick out something you like." She said as they headed back to the main house.

Walking into the main garage Brax was stunned. There was over 50 cars, the entire back row were old collectable cars that his uncle fell in love with, even if he was tempted to drive them he didn't have the courage to play with his uncles toys.

"Wow, do you just spend all day throwing money around?" Brax remarked.

"Hey that's not nice." Marie said. "If I want something, I get it. You remember how it was like when Bo first started at Terracorp. We were in that small 2-bedroom apartment above the restaurant and you and I would have to cut coupons all day long while we saved every penny. Now that we have money why shouldn't I use it. It's not like we can take it with us when we die. Besides we have enough saved up and a decent bit set aside for Derek and Chris. We also saved up plenty for you, but it's not like you would ever take it, and now it seems like you won't ever need it. Just pick a car and let's go."

Brax looked around for a minute before he set his eyes on a normal looking black sedan. He got the keys from the safe box on the wall and unlocked it.

"This one? Really?" Marie asked with a disapproving tone.

"Yeah, what's wrong?"

"This is the car your uncle picked out for you, but I had it moved so I could put the convertible into the garage. Bleh, why did you have to let him be right, and it's such an ordinary car."

Brax smiled as he finally knew something his aunt didn't.

"It was made specifically to look ordinary, but it is far from it. Get in." He said, opening the door for her.

"I don't see what's so special, it's just-. Oh hey, this is pretty comfortable."

Brax clicked the push button start as the car roared to life.

"The Aero Specter costs more than those flashy things you put in my garage combined. It is the definition of luxury Aunty. You won't find a more comfortable ride and it is a beast of a machine. And check this out, stick your head over my seat and look out the windshield."

"Huh, wow, what is all this."

"It has a heads up display that projects all sorts of things that only the driver can see. Oh and look at this." He pushed in the analog clock on the center of the dashboard and skinny screen started to rise from the dashboard. "It's got touch screen navigation, in-car wifi and tons of customizable features."

He pushed on the screen a few times causing the interior to be bathed in a pale blue light while the upholstery turned a dark midnight purple.

"Oh, and it is also faster than those car's in my garage. I am surprised it isn't one of your favorites."

Marie only shrugged. "It doesn't have good eye appeal."

Brax didn't argue with her and pulled out of the driveway and headed towards the shop she punched into the GPS.

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