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29% EVOLUTION: CONQUEROR / Chapter 35: Chapter 34: Brutal Berserker 1

Chapter 34: Brutal Berserker 1 - EVOLUTION: CONQUEROR - Chapter 35 by Daoist_Xuyi full book limited free

Chapter 35: Chapter 34: Brutal Berserker 1

Chief Kou the Timid, the Goblin,

Not too far from Black moon lake, At the center of the area close to the outer Forest, majorly called Laboni by the sentient creatures that lived there, meaning 'Solemn'.

This was all due to a legend of a beautiful woman who had the the tail of an Ox, she was usually sited in the Area during the year 1400s, so it was concluded that she lived in the area. it was said that despite her being extremely powerful, She didn't like Chaos or disorder and would stop at nothing to destroy whoever creates one. Over the years, she had slowly disappeared but no one tries to create a nuisance, well that was until today.

A small village surrounded by trees laid there, controlled by Goblins as they busied themselves.

Countless messy houses filled the area, sticking out awkwardly. Despite that, they continued to work quietly with practiced efficiency. However, today, troubling news reached them.

Warriors from their new neighbor was advancing to their direction.

The village chief, Kou, upon hearing these news, quickly issued orders.

"Prepare for battle! We'll crush them!".

Kou said this like, he was full of confidence.

He then assured his people saying, Had they fought on the lands of their enemies, perhaps it might have been different, but now they came to them, especially considering they had them outnumbered. So this battle would be on their terms. If they set ambushes and proceed carefully, they were sure to win.

They relaxed a bit hearing this from the Chief.

While sending some to prepare for battle, he also sent a few Goblins out for reconnaissance in order to investigate the Invaders.

After all, Knowing the size of the enemy is a must.

"There is no way we will lose!" Kou kept muttering out loud but his heart was heavy as several thoughts rang out in his head,

'WHY?!! why us?!...I don't think we have offended them...or could there be something?'.

What he made him afraid was because he heard Orcs were in the group, "Those accursed Orcs again!".

Had they attacked the Mura clan, then it would've made some sense, after all they were the ones that posed the most threat… but why them?.

And thus the question slowly grew into unease that tormented him.

And this fears soon to came true, as it was just confirmed by the reconnaissance team.

Ten orcs!!, This was enough to breeze through 75% of the village on a normal day!.

"Why!…" he yelled subconsciously, The only one in his village who could put up a good fight was him as he was a first order shaman, but the rest were low level goblins. Although he tended to put a tough front when he stood before Nazu, it was because he had already established that she would not do anything to him because she couldn't be bothered with him and because of the villages location which was kind of sensitive.

Now from the description, the enemy sent 10 orcs that had all evolved once, along with other evolved Goblins that numbered around 40, How could he not be indignant about the matter.

The orcs were indeed a race bursting with life, renown for their reproductive abilities and battle prowess. How could he, a Goblin hold back 10 evolved versions of this same creature while trying to stop the other goblins that was the same level as him, it was simply unthinkable.

'How did their chief do it?, Do I surrender?, would those two help me?' He continued to pace around his village while watching his people busy themselves with the traps he instructed them to set. Making them feel confident with his presence.

"It couldn't have been that this chief had a special way of evolving his people…" Kou once again began contemplating, The mere thought evoked Awe, fear and greed in his heart.

"What to do??..."

"What could I do to escape from this predicament?"

If they fight now, defeat is inevitable. They don't have a chance at all, This was the disparity between quality and quantity.

In the end he decided to call for reinforcements.

And thus he sent one of his subordinates, "Go to Mura clan and tell them about the approaching enemy, Tell her, that if she can help us this time...I will join her".

"Yes!!" Although the Goblin seemed confused, he complied.

Upon receiving the orders from the Chief, left for the Mura clan.

Taking with him 15 goblins.


The goblins gathered with paled faces as they stated at the distant figures, their previous confidence was lost, leaving them listless as they came to understand that, Compared to before, their numbers meant nothing in this battle.

However, time doesn't wait for anyone and the Invaders had begun their advance till the enemy were just standing not too far from the village but something interesting happened, Nazu and a few of her Orcs secretly entered the village from a different area.

So Kou met Her, after all, she was their only hope, He thought but just as She appeared in his field of vision, She said "Swear your loyalty to me! If you do, Then we can talk"

Very straight forward as always, Kou looked at her like he was having an internal struggle but in the end Knelt down in subservience. For the sake of his people, He had to.

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.Meanwhile, Torrelsav had arrived within the periphery of the goblin village and began to survey its surrounding.

He had evolved into what he felt was called a Brutal Berserker, Strength without a blemish and a never ending rage playing at the back of ones mind. This gives him the constant urge to fight and Torrelsav felt like Alex had noticed this point before sending him out.

His perception speed is a hundred times better than before, so he could feel the changes within the village. When they were about attacking, He noticed the Aura of someone within that wasn't any weaker than him appear, so he chose to be on the side of caution. He noticed Urim had also become much more vigilant compared to the blank look he had throughout the journey.

At that moment, He noticed some people approaching them from within the village. It was a group of Orcs and a Goblin following not too far behind. Leading them was a female Orc, that had dark flaming red hair, She wasn't like most females that competed with the males by getting buff but she was somewhat slender but thic, Her muscles weren't hard, neither were they soft. she scanned them for a second, Unlike her, Torrelsav had spent year in the Arena, so he could somehow gauge people's strength. She was Obviously the one with a second circle Aura and a speed type too.

"Who's the chief?" She asked suddenly.

She flexed her wrists a bit, like she was trying to get them to relax, It was then Torrelsav noticed her weapon. It was a Sword that was only the length of her forearm, she Pulled it from it's sheathe and held it in reverse grip. Before anyone could answer, She somehow grew hazy and At that moment, she disappeared from her spot.


Torrelsav managed to block the attack on time with a frown, Just before She landed a hit square on the top of Urim's Head. Urim's eyes were wide open as he looked at Torrelsav's hands, before nodding silently and stepped back while signaling the others to step back.

"So it was you? why was he holding such a fancy sword?" She said casually before leaking the blades of her weapon. Torrelsav look at his right hand, He felt no pain nor took any damage but the hand kept shaking due to the vibrating response he got from his Axe.


'That wasn't just speed; it must have been this skill that The Chief usually mentioned'.

'How interesting'.

'I was planning on being cautious, but this completely took me by surprise, I can't let go of this chance' Torrelsav thought of this before looking at his daughters standing in the crowd.

After that, He blurred out of everyone's vision...

*Klang!!, kwan!!, CLINK!!, Claaan!!, Clang!!!* Strange sounds resounded in the surrounding.

What is this?, this was the question in everyone's mind.

They moved so fast that, others could not see.

Soon they appeared once again,

"Good Good HAHAHA!!!" Nazu laughed with Joy, she hasn't had this much fun in years. She smiled as she stood in a weird stance. Her left leg was in front of her right and she held the sword in reverse grip behind her while caressing the blade with her left hand. At this point, her eyes were glowing yellow in excitement.

Torrelsav's expression wasn't any different as his blood was in full throttle, but soon he spoke to clarify something when he saw her odd expression,"I am not the Chief, I'm here for the village on his command".

"You're not?!Interesting...but I can't ha..." Her voice expressed her surprise as she wished to continue but was cut short by a roar.

"ROAR!!!...Nazu!!I am here to save you HAHAHA"

A group of Orcs charged in from behind the tree line,

"""GROOOAR!!!""""They roared as they rushed over.


Black moon village,

'Lets use the Dragon...He he!!" A deep baritone voice rang out.

Daoist_Xuyi Daoist_Xuyi

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