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100% Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] / Chapter 7: Building a army..

Building a army.. - Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] - Chapter 7 by OdinEatsBooty full book limited free

Chapter 7: Building a army..

In a cavern in the side of the mountain lays a group of kobolds. This was their home, everything they loved and cared about were inside this cave.

Humans frequently come and go killing a few of their families, the kobolds were tired of it. The kobolds were tired of always being the prey, they wanted to take things into their own hands.

But they lacked the man power, they never had a leader who could control them and support them the way they wanted.

Until the day a lizardman appeared like a miracle on a day of the humans attack. The lizardman who looked completely different from others, but we the kobolds knew the moment he appeared that he was our leader. We could just feel it.


In a throne sat Ragnar, in front of him were 100 kobolds kneeling waiting for orders. Ragnar began telling the kobolds what was coming, what their plans were and how they would reach for a higher status. .

As Ragnar was busy telling the kobolds their orders, a hulking figure of 10 feet, with dark green scales alone its body. A maw with the length of 4 feet, as a thick tail is slapping against the ground as it kneels before Ragnar.

"This I simply amazing.. I cant wait too see you in combat Draco!" says Ragnar as he gets up as he walks toward Draco stopping a few feet ahead of him. "Let me check your changes" says Ragnar trying to be a kind king instead of a tyrant.

"I would be delighted lord!" says Draco whose on the ground kneeling before Ragnar

[Kings Inspect]

Name: Draco

Race: Titan Kobold Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Level 5


Health: 8,000

Stamina: 200







Star Ranked:4

Free Attributes Points:5

Skills: [Charge] [Frenzy ] [Roar of the Apex]

Passives: [Animalistic Combat] [Breath of a Predator] [Iron Body]

Titles: <The Kings 1st Commander>

Skill points:5

Evolution Possible: None

Ragnar who is very satisfied with his "creation" wants to test his new subordinate.

"Come at me" Ragnar roars towards while lowering his body to provide perfect balance with his tail. Draco not daring to decline his lord, proceeds to get up and roars towards Ragnar as he begins rushing towards Ragnar on all fours.

Since this is a fight using only their bodies Ragnar doesn't use his skills which are too powerful.

As Draco reaches Ragnar he swipes out with his claws as Ragnar side steps while grabbing ahold of Draco's maw proceeding to slam Draco into the ground. But Draco being physically stronger breaks free from Ragnar's grip as Draco follows up by biting towards Ragnar as Ragnar just backhands the approaching maw away.

Draco who is utterly shocked at the display of his lords power, begins taking this seriously. Ragnar who is looking at Draco with a amused smile, as he was having a lot of fun from fighting with someone on somewhat equal grounds.

As Draco is thinking of what tactic to try to use to overwhelm his lord, Ragnar decides to get serious to show how superior he is to his new army.

Ragnar then gets on all fours as he instantly launches towards Draco reaching his side in a instant proceeding to grab Draco by the throat lifting him into the air then slamming him into the cave like ground.

Seeing this display of power the kobolds all have stars in their eyes filled with respect and worship. Draco who just got choke slammed by Ragnar was filled with worship and respect as he witnessed Ragnar's power first hand.

As the fight is over Ragnar walks back to his throne, as he is taking his seat he speaks in a voice full of pride choosing 4 kobolds out of the group.

"" says Ragnar pointing toward 4 kobolds amongst the group.

"You shall be captains, you will separate in 4 groups of kobolds." says Ragnar whose resting his chin of his hand as he continues speaking.

"The four groups will be, Scouts, Warriors, Farmers , Builders." as Ragnar says this he decides to let the kobolds choose which ones are most compatible with which group.

After a few minutes Ragnar then speaks up "Scouts go search around the forest for any sign of a human village." as Ragnar thinks about how he heard about one from the humans he has killed.

In the meantime as Ragnar was bored of waiting for word from the scouts, after he tells the captains of each group to train their underlings. Ragnar proceeds to check out his status.

Name: Ragnar Chieftain

Race: King's Lizardman

Level 10



Stamina: 250

Mana: 50

Strength: 400

Ability: 350

Dexterity: 250

Intelligence: 100

Vitality: 120

Star Ranked: 5

Free Attributes Points: 13

Skills: [Kings Swipe ] [Kings Bash] [Kings Bite] [Kings Swipe] [Kings Inspect] [Kings Stealth] [Kings Command]

Passives: [Kings Pride] [Brawler]

Titles: <Chosen Slayer> <Human Eater> <He Who Controls Evolution>

Skill points: 11

Evolution Possible: [Level 100 Required]

"Now that i think about I never checked one what Titles or my passives due"

<Chosen Slayer- Due to Killing a Champion of a god, The more Champions you kill makes you stronger. +10,000 experience for next Champion kill. Beware for Champions will know of you>

"Hmm guess I got to kill more Champions then hehe.."

<Human Eater-Due to eating Human flesh. Human flesh taste much better than before thanks to the title. Beware as Humans now hate you>

"Humans already taste good, but now there better? Amazing."

<He Who Controls Evolution-Due to being the first creature to force evolution. Can control the creatures evolutions before they evolve. Beware you may be hunted for being a taboo>

"Seems useful, and I dare them to hunt me, ill show them whose the prey and who is the predator."

[Brawler- Whoever owns this passive is a being in which can adapt to all types of combat.]

"Hmm is that why I can move and adapt to this body so quickly? Interesting.."

As Ragnar was reviewing his status a kobold scout comes back.

The kobold kneels on one knee saying "Lord we have eyes on a human village not far from hear" in a shaky voice.

"You have done a great job." says Ragnar as he tells the kobold to leave as he tells Draco to go inform the group that war is coming.

"Yes lord right way" says Draco as he gets up off his knee exiting the throne room.

"Its time for conquest hehe" As Ragnar looks in the distance imaging destruction.

OdinEatsBooty OdinEatsBooty

I find it difficult to have the characters talk. I dont really understand how to explain that the character is talking and what he is doing while talking.

Anyway i hope its not too bad.

Hope yah enjoyed!

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