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85.71% Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] / Chapter 6: Obey me!

Obey me! - Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] - Chapter 6 by OdinEatsBooty full book limited free

Chapter 6: Obey me!

In a vast forest lurking with creatures of legend and myths a giant bipedal lizard is walking while ripping apart any creature bold enough to get in its way.

That lizard is Ragnar who is currently wondering around the forest to test his new ability's and get comfortable with his new body and fighting style.

Ragnar explored the majority of this forest while having the humans he killed before thoughts in mind. They said something about 1 star beast and 2 star beasts, so Ragnar began testing about strengths and starting creating his own thoughts on the matter. Ragnar who didn't find out much due to the creatures not being able too talk, started searching for intelligent creatures.

He soon stumbled upon a cave like entrance with traps placed around the ground to catch intruders. Filled with curiosity Ragnar used the skill [Kings Stealth] turning invisible as he explores. As he enters he quickly notices the lizard like beings, Short little bipedal creatures the size of children, with scales all over their bodies.

Ragnar uses [Kings Inspect] on one of the creatures.

Name: <Unnamed>

Race: Kobold .

Level 4









Star Ranked-1 Star

Free Attributes Points:

Skills: [Set Trap] [Boost]

Passives: <None>

Titles: <None>

Skill points:0

Evolution Possible: <None>

After Ragnar finished reviewing he noticed that these were Kobolds and at how weak most of the creatures were compared to him. He then noticed a new stat, which he assumed was due to his [Kings Inspect]

"So these kobolds are 1 star creatures?" thought Ragnar as he is walking past crowds of kobolds, as well as wondering what exactly shows what star you deserve?

As Ragnar was in the cave he noticed a sound of footsteps that sounded differently than the kobolds. Ragnar then smells humans who entered the cave, as they were charging through the kobolds slicing most in half as they dodge through the traps.

As many kobolds are getting killed something filled Ragnar as he sees this. Anger..

"Why? why do I feel such anger by seeing these creatures die?! I shouldn't care! Why!" thinks Ragnar as he deactivates his stealth, as Ragnar comes into view of all as the fighting instantly stops.

Seeing this monstrosity and feeling his royal aura belonging to the lizard race, all kobolds instantly kneel as they chant in their lizard like voice.

"Kin..ggg!" "Kin..ggg!" all the kobolds chant

Ragnar who sees these creatures all kneeling before him and worshiping him, Ragnar is filled with excitement and a desire for more.

Looking towards the humans who are cowering in fear as they begin to back step as they turn to run until one of their fellow humans yell out.

"Fight! We are adventures! its our duty to kill these filthy monsters! This thing in front of us can bleed so we can kill it!" Says the human leader of this group, as the rest of the humans gain back their morale.

Seeing this Ragnar smirks at their stupidity and clenches his razor sharp teeth together as he got insulted.

Ragnar then speaks towards the humans in his draconic voice "How dare you humans.. calls us filthy...we are the true race... we are the most royal...rejoice as I will bless you with my presence" as Ragnar says this he roars as he uses his new skill [Kings Command]

As Ragnar uses this skill a aura of a king rolls out of his body in a shockwave as it hits the humans. "Kneel" says Ragnar in a voice befitting of a king.

"What is this! you demon what have you done to us!" says the humans as they are in despair at not being able to control their body as they all kneel towards Ragnar. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_49774200537277115">!_49774200537277115</a> for visiting.

As all the humans are all kneeling toward their new lord the kobolds are filled which extreme happiness at being able to find their king. Pride that has not been in their bones, began to fill up as their entire being is filled with pride due to their new leader.

"Tell me about the star creatures and what classifies a star creature." commands Ragnar as he crouches down to look them in the eye as he lightly moves the tip of his tail down the group leaders cheek.

" creatures are what classifies certain creatures with a level of strength. If a creature has 50 overall stats not counting health, they would be star rank 1. If a creature has 150 stats overall it would be star rank 2. says the human as he continues to struggle to not tell the creature in front him but is forced against his will too.

"Ahh so what about the difference between creatures? do the stats differ according to race?" asks Ragnar as he roars for a answer

"Humans are the weakest creatures when it comes to stats, but we use are our smarts to trick and use tactics to win over the other races. Orcs have one of the strongest innate strengths, every race has advances over the others. Also creatures who evolve have stats differing according to what race the creature evolved into."

"Makes we are done here hehe" says Ragnar shows a evil grin as he gets up and walks towards his new followers.

"Get em boys" Ragnar says to his new follows as the kobolds all rush towards the humans who are still commanded to stay kneeled.

Ignoring the sounds of the humans screams Ragnar walks towards the ending of the cave. Once he gets their he stumbles across a throne in which a kobold 3 times as big as his fellow members.

Ragnar begins to walk towards the kobold as the kobold gets out of his seat and kneels towards Ragnar.

"Lord.." says the kobold king

"Rise" the kobold begins to rise as Ragnar asks "What's your name?" while looking down into the kobolds eyes.

"Draco lord.." says the kobold while not daring to lift his head.

"Well Draco.. How would you like to be my first commander?" asks Ragnar whose currently looking in Draco's eyes daring him to decline his request.

"Lord I would be honored.." says Draco whose overcome with glee to become a subject under their lord.

"Good..Good.. I now grant you my blessing!" says Ragnar as he places a hand on Draco's shoulder as a egg completely envelopes Draco inside, forcing him to evolve.

This was a power Ragnar got due to his royal race. The ability to help his subjects evolve. This is the power which makes Ragnar the supreme being in the future.

OdinEatsBooty OdinEatsBooty

If your wondering how could these kobolds just willining bow down to another? Well these creatures are not like Humans. They only support the strong and worthy, and they could tell Ragnars royal blood. Who is better fit to rule them if not the king lizard?

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