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71.42% Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] / Chapter 5: This World is so amazing

This World is so amazing - Evolution of the Monster King [Dropped] - Chapter 5 by OdinEatsBooty full book limited free

Chapter 5: This World is so amazing

After killing the group of humans, Ragnar got a message from the system as he has reached level 10.

"Evolution Available"

"Holy shit I can evolve already!? man I didn't even think about that due to having so fun with those humans earlier hehe" says Ragnar while wagging his tail in excitement.

Ragnar then lays down on the grass as he wraps his tail around him, then instantly opens the Evolution tab to check out his new forms he could take.

"Available Evolutions"

"Six-Legged Salamander- A rare salamander which has six legs standing at around 8 ft tall while being 10 feet long with a width of 5 feet. A lizard known for its destruction. If host chooses this evolution host earns the skill "Fireball" Potential Evolutions?-Weak

"I'm not gonna lie, that sounds awesome hehe" says Ragnar while imagining him destroying many human empires as a giant lizard, as he snaps out of it while thinking there's more to go.

"Low blooded Dragon-A dragon with a low amount of true dragon blood. Usually discriminated against by other other dragons for not being pure. This evolution allows host to go down the dragon tree of evolutions.. By choosing this path host gets boosts in all stats along with growing small wings. Potential Evolutions-Strong

"a Dragon?! that is simply possibly the best thing I have ever heard of in my life. That automatically crosses out the first evolution, well I think I already know what I'm going to go for but there's nothing to lose by checking out the last one"

"King Lizardman-A unique being, Due to host having "Alpha" and title "Chosen Slayer" status host gained this evolution. A creature never seen before, a creature born to lord over all lizard folks. For he is the king."

As Ragnar wasn't really thinking the last one could be better than the dragon, he instantly changes his mind once he read what it was. Ragnar for the first time since coming to this new world began to think hard about his future choices.

Does he want to become a giant dragon in future who spews fire burning down empires, or sit on a throne while commanding millions of creatures to do his bidding?

After thinking long and hard Ragnar had made his choice.

"King Lizardman"

Since Ragnar made his choice he decides it would be better to evolve in a safe place.

So Ragnar begins walking in a direction he thinks is best.


2 hours pass as Ragnar spots a cave in front of him, along the way in his journey he stumbled about many prey for him to use for after he evolves. He drags all the prey that he killed during his journey inside the cave.

Ragnar then settles down in a spot inside the cave as he thinks about evolving.

Ragnar then falls asleep as a egg of sorts begins to cover him, Almost like being swallowed the egg traps him inside as you can see Ragnar's body slowly deforming and rebuilding over and over again taking shape.

Inside the egg you can see a head ,torso, arms and legs all taking form.

All of a sudden the egg begins to crack, then burst wide open Ragnar floods out along with blood and goo like liquid. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Ragnar then wakes up after his evolution and is amazed at just the stats.

Name: <Ragnar Chieftain>

Race: King Lizardman

Level 10:( 0/ 10000 )










Free Attributes Points:13

Skills: [Kings Tail Swipe ] [Kings Bash] [Kings Bite] [Kings Swipe] [Kings Inspect]

[Kings Stealth] [Kings Command]

Passives: [Kings Pride] [Brawler]

Titles: <Human Eater> <Chosen Slayer>

Skill points:11

Evolution Possible: [Level 100 Required]

Due to host having class "Ruler" all skills become associated to the class.

[Stealth] changed to [Kings Stealth]

[Kings Stealth]-Only royal blooded creatures are allowed to lay eyes upon your form in this ability.

[Kings Bite] [Kings Swipe] [Kings Bash] [Kings Tail Swipe] [Kings inspect]-all become more powerful versions of themselves.

"Holy shit, I'm OP as fuck.." says Ragnar while still sprawled out on the floor chillin, "Well lets see what [Kings Command] does.

[Kings Command]-A order from you is the absolute order, No creature can disobey unless they have royal blood.

"Hohoo this is gonna be fun" says Ragnar as he finally gets up to check out his new body.

As Ragnar gets used to walking on two legs again begins to study his new body, a creature around 8ft tall with scales covering its whole body. A body with the muscles of a orc, a true killing machine.

Ragnar wants a better look so he runs towards a lake, surprised at his speed in running, he jumps into the air around 50ft high as he is amazed at how powerful he is and also how beautiful the scenery is.

A forest as far as his view can see, with mountains surrounding the forest with birds as big as houses flying in the distance.

Ragnar then lands next to the lake as he sees what he looks like. A lizardman standing at 8ft tall, a massive maw with a horn atop his nose with muscles threating to break through skin, with horns on both shoulders as dark red scales running down his whole body with a 3 meter long tail with a arrowhead attached to the end. Opening his giant maw he notices a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth capable of biting a human in half with ease as a tongue sticks out that split in two like a snakes.

As Ragnar is looking at the monstrosity he has become a smirk appears on his face as he says "I will be supreme, the Monster King" then begins laughing crazy in his new lizard like voice.

OdinEatsBooty OdinEatsBooty

I'm honestly sorry guys. I was going to drop this but i saw a few comments on my last chapters and it made me feel horrible for wanting to drop this. Seeing those comments full of support made me truly happy and i wanted to write more of this book. Thank you guys so much, i will try to update this book everyday! :)

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