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100% Evolution: Reborn as a monster / Chapter 14: Savior

Savior - Evolution: Reborn as a monster - Chapter 14 by TH3L0LG4M3R full book limited free

Chapter 14: Savior

My footsteps echoed through the tunnel.

The moment I had heard the scream I had activated my 'Dash' skill and started running in its direction. After running for a little bit I had come across a tunnel from which the smell of blood came and entered it, which lead to me now running full speed down said tunnel.

'Man, I'm faster than I thought'

I hadn't taken the time to see how fast I could actually run, this was a good chance to test it out and I gotta say, I'm very fast.

After running for a few seconds I came upon quite the scene.

A girl was being attacked by Dark Stalkers.


[Dark Stalker (Level 5)]

[Dark Stalker (Level 4)]

[Dark Stalker (Level 2)]

[Dark Stalker (Level 3)]

[Dark Stalker (Level 4)]

The moment I saw them I used my 'Appraise' skill to get an idea of how strong they were.

'Good, there's no Tier 2 so I won't have to worry about one of them using magic'


When I determined none of them were a threat I closed the distance between me and one of them that was about to attack the girl. I appeared right next to it and swiped straight down with my sword which cleanly decapitated the unfortunate Dark Stalker.

The second one was within striking distance too. He was biting the leg of the girl, leaving it wide open for my attack. Taking advantage of said fact I stabbed it in the eye, instantly killing it.

I took a single step forward to bring the third one withing strike range. It had noticed me already and leapt at me, revealing its vulnerable belly.

'Are you some kind of idiot? Sure, make it even easier for me to hit you'

Since I didn't want to get covered in guts I decided against using my sword to strike and instead kicked it straight in the chest, when my foot made contact with said chest I felt it crack which made the Dark Stalker spit up blood before being sent flying.

The fourth and fifth apparently recognized the danger I presented and had started running. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Too slow'


I was so fast that I quickly overtook them and was now standing in front of them.

One of them decided to attempt to attack me and used the speed it had already achieved to charge at me. Now I could just hold up my sword and let it spear itself but I decided to make use of one of my other skills, so I punched it.

Its face met my fist with an incredible speed.

You know in cartoons when someone head gets hit with a frying pan and gets squished? That's what I looked like except with a whole lot of blood.

The last remaining Dark Stalker apparently decided it would rather try to get past me than attempt to fight me as he attempted to run past me.

'You're not getting away'

I stuck out my leg.

It tripped.

The Dark Stalker, now sprawled on the ground, immediately tried to get back up but I was faster. I lifted up my leg and brought it down with so much strength that the moment my heel met its head it exploded on the floor like a watermelon thrown from a high place - if there were brains in said watermelon.

It was a gruesome sight, but to my surprise it didn't do anything to me.

'I've already gotten used to sights like this, huh? I've only been here for... wait, how long have I actually been here?'

The fact that I couldn't see the sun combined with the fighting and the Evolution had made me completely lose track of time.

'I couldn't have been here very long, right? A few days, maybe?'

"Thank you"

Hearing the voice reminded me why I had come here in the first place.

I looked up at the sound of the voice and was about to answer when I realized the girl had already fainted, I didn't have to wonder why as there were bite marks on her left leg and claw marks on her right arm.

Seeing those wounds made me panic for a second as I thought she might've died from losing too much blood, but when I approached her and saw that she was still breathing I calmed down.

Upon closer inspection I saw that the wounds weren't that deep, that didn't mean they weren't bad though.

'I should probably do something about those wounds'

The problem was I had no idea how, I only knew basic first aid.

'Let me think, what do I need to do first...? Ah, right, clean the wounds!'

Except I didn't have any alcohol.

I did, however, have water nearby.

I was about to pick up the girl when I saw the corpses of the Dark Stalkers.

'It would be a shame to let those go to waste'

I went over to the corpses real quick to consume them before going back to the girl and picking her up.

[Consumation success. Multiple sources of biomass consumed. 146 biomass gained]

[All stats increased by 15 due to increase in biomass]

I only glanced at the notifications before moving back through the tunnels towards the lake I had been at before.


I was going to upload this chapter earlier but I accidently misclicked which closed the tab and, since I forgot to save, I lost the entire chapter.

Webnovel please add an autosave feature :(

Anyway, new chapter, hope you enjoy this as much as I was frustrated at having to rewrite it :)

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