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50% EXCEL / Chapter 2: Ch1: Welcome, Elistein Academy

Ch1: Welcome, Elistein Academy - EXCEL - Chapter 2 by AR_Phantom full book limited free

Chapter 2: Ch1: Welcome, Elistein Academy

Novaestrelle, the former world, where everyone lived in peace along with the gods. Thus, it was known as the "Land of the prosperous". However, due to the onslaught, faced by the powerful miasma, it was destroyed.

Before the last moments of its disappearance, the gods created another universe in which four worlds reside.

Terestra—the temple's residence,

Zrildawn—the incomplete land,

Heiltron—the forbidden land,

And Asteria—the world of mankind.

Mankind has been in residence in Asteria for thousands of years. They have lived in peace and had forgotten about the horrible past they suffered.

Or so they thought...

A new conflict strikes. This time, the cause is unknown. 50 years ago, a strange phenomenon had appeared in Asteria and the world had fallen into debris. People started evolving into creatures unknown to man. 20 years later, it was confirmed that the unknown species were the ones who annihilated Novaestrelle, the Geluires.

People have feared that one day; Asteria might suffer the same events as in the past. But there were some that stopped them. Several forces have stood up and defeated the Geluires one by one. And thus, these renowned people were entitled: "The Royal Elites".

The Geluires are still on track, but as the years go by, the Royal Elites have done everything they could to stop them.

Now, on the year 926 in the Common Era, a new batch of Elites shall rise.


"You have heard the announcement yesterday. The government has now published a statement to find new Elites that will stop the Geluires and find the root of this phenomenon once and for all. It had been fifty years since it started yet, we have found no clue on how to stop it. The minister had proposed that students will be picked from different various schools to be assigned as royal Elites."

"But sir, the students are too young. How will they be able to handle the monsters at their state?" One of the officials said.

The other officials agreed as well with his questions as the news was too unreal for them.

"Do not worry about that..." the leader implied. "...They will be trained by one of our trusted officials. We have already asked for her voice and she said that she would be willing to help."

"But still, what if these kids fail? What will we do?"

"Did I not tell you to not worry about it?" He fixed his papers and gazed at the officials. "In fact, we have sent one of our top workers to assist the students. The candidate had recently been deported to the new school as of today. According to the records, younger generations tend to have more powerful Asters* than older generations. They're more vigorous and as of last year, the rates of these kids have increased, making them the best candidates for this job. I know everyone is concerned about this, but this is for Asteria. We must do what we can to secure the safety of our people."

The room was colored in silenced. Unable to hear another utter, the leader stood up and fixed his tie.

"Now that there are no more questions, this meeting is officially over."

- - - - -

It was a bright, sunny day in Xiena, Orladon. A perfect day for the students to enjoy their first day of school.

Elistein Academy, a school that raises the heroes of the century, The Royal Elites. It is where they are trained and build to follow one specific rule: "To ensure the safety of all people in Asteria".

The students came from different parts of the world. Different races, different nationalities, different people. They are now set to live a journey they have never experienced before.

At the perfect moment, a black car showed up beside the gates of the renowned school. The back door opened and revealed a girl in a black and white uniform. Her jet-black hair shines in the sun along with her bright, golden eyes. She grabbed her suitcase out of the car and closed the door.

"Good luck on your first day, Lady Dia*." The driver said before driving away from her sight.

She took a glance at the gate of the school before going in; unknown to what might happen next.

Since she arrived 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time, she went around finding a place to sit since she had been tired from 2 hours of travel from Quiazill.

She found a white bench not long ago and sat in. On her suitcase, she grabbed a book inside and began to read, just to ease the time.

She was much indulged in reading ever since childhood. Every time she would have some spare time, she would do nothing but read. It had become a hobby of hers and she was completely fine with it.

A few minutes later, an unknown silhouette came in her direction. She completely sensed it the moment it sat next to her. She halted her reading and secretly stared at the figure that was busy looking at the flowers in front of them.

The figure was a female. Her long blond hair that almost reached the ground when she seats, partnered with her amethyst orbs. It is as if you are staring at a princess from a fairy-tale.

The female noticed the stare around her and turned her head beside to see her companion. She smiled at her afterward.

"Nice to meet you. Sorry if I bothered you, I just got intrigued by the flowers. I can't help but stare at them."

She turned her eye at the bright middle mist camellias that were planted in front of them. This flower is very common in Orladon and you can almost see them everywhere you go. The flower is sometimes mistaken as a rose. Since then, the flower has been used for events such as valentines.

"It's alright." She continues reading her book.

"By the way, my name is Kiarra, from Elistein academy."

She offered her hand, waiting for a response. The girl hardly becomes sociable and since she doesn't want to be rude, she gave her a proper handshake.

"Elistein...So you're from this school." She said.

"The truth is I actually wanted to study in Gertria. But since my aunt is the principal, I get the chance to study here. How about you? Which school did you come from?" Kiarra curiously asked.

"Northshire." She simply answered.

"Northsire? Isn't that the exclusive school in Quiazill? I heard that only powerful officials are allowed to enter there, you must be so lucky to study there."

Kiarra continues talking to the girl for a while until she realized...

"I forgot, I didn't ask for your name yet."

She finally finished the book she was reading after a minute. She closed the book and eyed the girl beside her.

"It's Ylona*."

"Ylona...Hmm, your name is very bright." Kiarra complimented. "Say—"

Kiarra was interrupted by the chime of the tower bell.

"Well, it looks like we'll have to continue this later. We should get going now; the gymnasium hall is just a few walks away. I'll guide you don't worry."

Ylona and Kiarra both stood up from their seat and walked all the way till they reached the school's gymnasium hall.

The gymnasium hall is very crowded as of now. Students from all over the world have collided in one room and now, it was time for the ceremony to begin. Everyone was seated in their respective seats.

In front of them was a huge stage. A woman in black made her way in the middle of the stage and carefully observed the crowd. Her short platinum hair shined under the bright lights of the hall.

"Welcome, students from different parts of the globe. I am Alpha Citrine Eurhaile, the principal of Elistein Academy. It is very wonderful to meet you all and to have this opportunity to train the new generations of Royal Elites. I give my appreciation to all who accepted our invitation. Now that the current status of the world is still unknown, we have to do what it takes to end this crisis. As you may all know, Asteria has been suffering from an unknown phenomenon since 50 years ago. Geluires started invading places one by one and in a matter of time, they will multiply even more. Our job is to stop them from increasing and you, students will serve as the primary weapons for this task." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"The former Elites have already decided that this matter in the current time will be passed on to the next generation and for it to happen, we will pick several students to replace them. But to do that, we will hold a special event that will determine who will make it and who will not. The task is to be held by tomorrow noon."

The hall was quiet except for Alpha. Everyone was focused on the speech and in their minds; they are determined to be chosen as one of the Elites.

The Royal Elites are known in Asteria as the highest rank an Official can ever have. They are respected and acknowledged by those who meet and know them.

But of course, there are sacrifices made to fulfill this role. There are several Elites who survived, and there are those who did not. The amount of price they get is nothing compared to the lives that were lost in battle.

To be one is both an honor and a responsibility. Yet, you must be prepared to lose your life once you step into the battlefield.

The students present in the hall are all prepared to make the sacrifice, whatever it takes to get of this conflict. Even if the price, is their own life.

"I expect that everyone is ready for this. I know that with your skills, this exam will be a breeze. Take it as a simple walk in the park. Remember, after we gather the selected students, the job will start immediately. We must do all that we can so that finally, this phenomenon will disperse from this world and the world will gain peace and harmony at last."

Alpha cleared her throat before continuing. "Since that, this is everyone's first day, we will give you time to rest. I can see from everyone is tired from their trips and I know some of you are craving sleep. Before you can explore the campus, I suggest that you get your room numbers from the dormitory. The dormitory head will provide your keys and other extras you may need. If you need assistance, feel free to seek help from the student council, they will be available anytime during school hours. Other announcements will be held in our rooms after this. That is all for today. I hope everyone enjoys their time and wishes you all good luck for tomorrow."

It had been a few minutes since the ceremony ended and Ylona is now on her way to the dormitory. She made her way to the upper mount of the campus where the female dormitory is located.

It was much crowded as soon as she entered since the other transferees are also inside. She went to the counter to receive the keys from the dorm lady. Afterward, she went upstairs to find her room.

Minutes later, she found her room. Using the key, she unlocked the door and went inside.

The room's design is very simple to the precise. Cream-painted walls, floor made from white marble, and grey and white furniture emphasize the room.

The room is composed of three other rooms: The bedroom, the living and dining room, and of course, the bathroom.

After finishing with her luggage, Ylona felt a vibration coming from her pocket. Her phone was ringing. She answered the call and a woman's voice came into the speakers.

[Outdoor cafeteria, 1 pm sharp. I'll be waiting.]

- - - - -

Ylona made it to the garden patio that was only a few walks away from the dormitory. Looking for a place to sit by, she spotted an empty garden table and sat on the chair.

"Welcome! Ms. Ylona I assume?" A maid unknowingly appeared behind Ylona.

"Yes." She shortly replied.

"The principal will be coming shortly after a few minutes. Would like to have some refreshments while you wait?"

"Tea would do," Ylona answered.

The maid bowed before leaving Ylona on the patio.

While waiting, Ylona observed the garden since she had nothing to do. She had left her book at her room after receiving the call.

The flowers are well-arranged and the colors are in sync. The bushes are perfectly trimmed and the fountain looks like it was newly painted.

Five minutes later, the maid arrived, holding a tray of tea that she ordered.

"Here you go, the school's finest tea. The principal was the one who suggested the flavor; I hope it is to your liking." She poured the tea into Ylona's cup and speaking of the devil...

"I hope I'm not late."...Alpha, who was finally finished with her work, has arrived.

She sat opposite Ylona who was drinking her tea. The maid placed a cup to alpha and poured her tea.

"Thank you, Sarah," Alpha said.

"Would you like to add something else principal?" Sarah, the maid asked.

"Maybe a tart, the usual flavor, and make it two."


The two were left with their tea while a gust of wind blew the scattered leaves next to them.

"Now then...should we start now?" Alpha Asked.

Ylona, who finished her cup of tea, answered..."Spill it."

"It's only been three months since we last talked and you're treating me like a stranger, quite, aren't you?"

"Don't talk like that as if I don't have something else to do. I'm not a freeloader like the others. I am very busy myself. "

"What matters is that you're here. You can consider this a day-off. When Spade contacted me and told me you accepted, I felt very delightful." Alpha said.

"It's not like I really wanted to go..." Ylona informed. "Honestly, I don't see the point of coming here in the first place. They should've just finished this themselves. Needless to say, this is a waste of time."

"Oh, you know the government. They're too lazy to do this so diverging a pointless plan is a perfect plan."

"If you already think so, why do you still helped them?"

Alpha sipped her tea and continued.

"Maybe because it sounds interesting. I admit this plan might go on the blink...however; it is possible it might not. We will not know what the future holds; even I can't see it fully. But, a backup plan such as this could go well."

"Even if you say that picking those who are younger is not that great of a plan. The fact that younger generations are considered more powerful won't change the point that they are more unstable. Younger Asters tend to be out of control, especially when the user cannot master it. In any case, it will take at least 5 years to completely improve and as of now, there's no time for five years."

Alpha couldn't help but agree. Over the years, younger generations are considered more powerful than older generations. But it still cannot change the proposition that they are very precarious.

For decades, records of almost 500 million children from the age of 7-15 being confined in special facilities increases due to high rates of unstable asters.

"That is true. I did once inform them about it but ultimately refused the idea. I do have no choice since this project is very big; it's a waste to cancel it." Alpha stated.

The maid came back, holding a tray of tarts in her hands. She placed it on both Alpha and Ylona and left afterward.

"Did he bribe you?" Ylona asked.

"I don't think it like that..." Alpha said, pouring tea into Ylona's cup. "...You can say, it's like an agreement."

"And how special is this 'agreement' of yours? You're not the type of person to accept without anything in return." Ylona said back.

"You knew me so well. Of course, I would accept it as simple as that. Conditions must be made to keep the job."

"If I found out how stupid that condition is, I'm leaving right now." Ylona stoically said

"I know that...and I promise I won't disappoint," Alpha said, grabbing a bite of the newly brought tart.

"Speaking of which, how's at Northshire? It's been a while since I visited any changes?"

"Not much, same as always. Who knew you and the principal are sworn, enemies. You used to say how much she adores you."

"Oh well, things change." Alpha blurted.

"You mean you just lied?" Ylona replied.

"Oh come on. She is one interesting foe. I feel delightful just seeing her woe."

"Sure, whatever you say..."

Ylona grabbed the fork and took a small portion of the tart.

"Good?" Alpha asked.

"Not bad. Although it's too sweet." Ylona replied, drinking her tea after.

"It was actually from Quiazill. I managed to find it after visiting a good café."

"Since when are you interested in tea? As far as I know, you only like wines." Ylona pointed the fork at Alpha.

"Who says I only drink wine? I also drink other beverages. I even found out that you can infuse tea to wine."

"When it comes to drinks, you sure do know a lot..." Ylona commented sarcastically.

"Of course I do. Especia—"

The conversation was cut off when a silhouette arrived behind Alpha. Her auburn hair reflects perfectly in the sun, adding contrast to her emerald eyes.

"Marie! Lovely day isn't it." Alpha smiled, sipping the last drop in her cup.

Marie steadied her pose and fixed her glasses.

"Principal Alpha, I know it's quite rude to interrupt but you must realize you still have other things to do."

Marie Schutzengel is Alpha's assistant and is sometimes classified as her bodyguard. She had been serving Alpha for over 10 years ever since Alpha took over the school.

"So you ditched out again?" Ylona stared at Alpha who was busy eating the tart.

"I prefer to call it, a break," Alpha said with a smile.

"Geez Alpha, you always do this. I am very sorry Ms. Dia, but I must borrow the principal for a while if that is alright." Marie said, asking for the girl's consent.

"Don't worry, I was about to leave myself." Ylona placed the cup on the coaster before standing up.

"Leaving so soon?" Alpha questioned.

"I have some business to take care of that I must do, a business I can't ditch out."

"I appreciated that comment a lot."

The wind blew far strong than usual, blowing off Ylona's jet-black hair.

"I'm leaving. And for Pete's sake, finish your work. Sometimes I don't know how you got your position."

Alpha smiled and rested her chin on her palm. "Take care."

- - - - -

"...Well that's her for sure. I often get kicked out of her office because my aunt couldn't focus on her work," Kiarra explained.

"That woman is always a pain in the neck," Ylona said.

They have reached their final destination, which is the school garden; different from the one Ylona was at earlier. This garden is located near the school museum, where all the school's prized possessions are held.

"Well, this is our last stop. I hope the tour helped a lot. It's my first time so I'm not that good but if you need to ask sometimes don't bother coming to me. To tell you the truth, there are actually more hidden routes that no one knows yet. If you would like, we could explore it." Kiarra stated.

"You sure do know a lot..." Ylona replied.

"I used to play around here since I was 7, and I happen to find a lot of unknown routes here. One of them even leads to the backdoor of the principal's office."

"Backdoor? In a third-floor room?" Ylona asked, facing Kiarra.

"I was confused at first when I arrived at her office, but I remember, the route consisted a lot of stairs."

"I see..."

Seconds later, a call came from Ylona's phone. The number informs Ylona that the caller is someone she knows.

"I'll be heading back now. Call me if you need anything. I'm going back to the dorm." Kiarra said, waving goodbye to Ylona.

After Kiarra left her alone, Ylona who was left with her phone, answered the call.

[I'm informed that you're already at the school.]

"That's right. What is it that you need?"

[I'm going straight to the point...]

"But that's..." Ylona replied, taken aback by what the caller informed.

[I know what you feel but we have no choice. Understand that you have other things to take care of inside the school. You can't just come back and forth all the time...]

Ylona and the caller went silent for a while before Ylona proceeded to answer.

"I understand."


Kiarra: Hi! It's a wonderful day, isn't it?!

Ylona: Not really, considering that you are so loud.

Kiarra: So mean!


Ylona: Will you just focus on your work and stop lounging everywhere?

Alpha: Why so gloomy? It's a wonderful day today.

Ylona: You two really are relatives, I believe that.

Chapter 2:

-Quest for the count

Guides (*):

1. Aster - is commonly known as the special abilities most beings had. They are commonly found in people from 7-60 years of age. They can be transferred once the body is not able to handle them. For example, Alpha's Aster is Forecast, meaning she can predict what could happen in the near future, however, she cannot see the whole scenario, it will only be in clips. (To be discussed in further chapters)

2. Ms. Dia - Ylona's nickname in the official. (To be discussed in further chapters)

3. Ylona - the name Ylona means 'torch', 'light', 'bright', and 'shining' according to ancient Greek.


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