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Voice Call - Falin Saga - Chapter 45 by Maomii full book limited free

Chapter 45: Voice Call

Nanyi's first thought when he saw the two crests was that maybe he didn't have to worry so hard about his choice since he would probably be using both skills paths.

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But once he looked closer, he saw that although the page contained both crests, the one that represented 'Force in Power' was blacked out with the words inaccessible written across it. 

"And my second thought would be that the path is closed off to me forever," he muttered to himself. "I might as well read the description for it anyway. Just to see what I missed out on."

Force of Power: Like a flower that needs the sun to live, if you take this path, then so would you. However, unlike a flower, you won't be using the sun but the life force of creatures to sustain the powers that this path would give you. *For 3 hours a day, you will draw in the life energy of your surroundings, causing nearby monsters and NPCs to aggro.

You will incur hatred and ignite flames of anger in others. These powers come with great responsibility. Can I trust you to handle them? ~Hirwen

After reading that, Nanyi was grateful, he didn't choose that crest, or he would have a whole new set of problems to deal with. 'I've already got too many as it is.'

Shaking his head, Nanyi started to read the other crest description, the one he chose.

Harmony in Food: The world is an ecosystem that needs nutrients to survive. For the creatures that inhabit the mortal realm, these nutrients are gathered from food. For Earth's spirits, these nutrients come from the energy of nature. Since you are both human and spirit, you need to balance food and nature equally. *Every day for an hour, you need to bask in nature to regulate your powers. (Fullness will lower 5% faster than other players.)

People and plants are similar. They both need to eat to live. However, it is what they eat that makes all the difference. ~Hirwen.

'Does that mean I just need to stay outside for an hour a day?' Nanyi wondered as he read the paragraph. 'It couldn't possibly be that simple.' 

When he thought about it, he had a feeling that it was more to it. Then, seeing a small question mark at the end of the last sentence, he let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. 

'Thank goodness,' Nanyi thought as he clicked on it.

Helpful Hint: When basking in nature, it needs to be done by either standing under strong sunlight, dipping your feet into refreshing waters, or being surrounded by tons of foliage. *A meter will be placed to your fullness bar. 

Nanyi knew it couldn't be that easy, but then again, what in this world is. However, he would rather have to do this than suck life energy.

Satisfied with his choice, Nanyi turned to the next page of the journal. It seemed this page and the ones after it would contain the recipes used in his skills.

Besides the two he gained from the quest, the rest were greyed out. Not even their names could be seen.

Knowing that there was no point worrying about the ones he couldn't use yet, he only paid attention to the unlocked ones.

As he read the recipe for Lækna essence, he finally understood why it felt so familiar to him. The formulae to make the essences he would use to fight were the same as when he had to make food essences for the kitchen. 

Food essences are usually just substances that would change or alter another substance's flavor, but here he was using them to fight. Nanyi thought that was ingenious. 

Just as Nanyi was about to check the other recipe's description, a ding sounded in his ear.


[Guardian system: Your ward Dignified Sprout has logged in]

Smiling as he read this, Nanyi completely forgot about reading through the second recipe and clicked on the friend's list tab. Once he did, he saw Weilong's in-game name highlighted in green, signifying that he was online. 

Nanyi pressed the boy's name, eager to contact him, but he was beaten to the punch just as he was about to. 


[Kerfi: Dignified Sprout wants to start a voice call. Do you accept it? Yes/No.] 


As soon as he gave his consent, the system message disappeared, changing to a transparent blue box that contained the image of a long-haired young boy.

Nanyi couldn't believe how different his cousin looked inside the game. From his eye shape to his mouth, the game had altered everything.

"Ge, I'm in the game! I wanted you to know!" Weilong exclaimed through the screen excitedly.

Laughing at the boy's antics, Nanyi said, "I can see that. By the way, you look so strange. If it weren't for your voice, I wouldn't have known it was you."

"Hey! Like you can talk, plant man."

"Plant man?" Nanyi rhetorically asked while laughing. "I'm not a plant man but an Earth Spirit. Get it right."

"I know! Your storyline is crazy. Did you know that?"

"You saw?" Nanyi asked.

Although he did leave the monitoring function on, he thought the boy would only watch until he saw him connect his pod before entering. 'I guess he watched everything.'

Nodding his head, Weilong said, "I sure did. I wanted to see what persona you got. Did you know that you sent us to the wrong town?"

"I did? Are you for real? I thought you said, Prost Meadow!"

"No, you must have heard me wrong," Weilong said, shaking his head at Nanyi. "I told you Frost Chateau, not Prost Meadow." 

Nanyi couldn't believe that he made such a horrible mistake like that. He knew how meticulously his cousin had planned out everything, only for him to ruin it.

"I'm so sorry, Weilong. I didn't mess up any of your plans, did I?" Nanyi asked with concern. 

"No, it's okay. I realized that it was better this way. I was taking the easy path, but sometimes easy doesn't equate to fun. And even though I need to make money in this game, I want to have fun while doing it. How would I have fun if I'm just following in the footsteps of other people?" 

"That's right," Nanyi started, smiling proudly at the boy. "You're your own person, after all.

Looking everywhere but at Nanyi, Weilong said, "Anyway, my storyline sent me to talk to a traveling theater troupe. But, as you know, I won't be able to leave until I finish the standard first few quests." 

"A theater troupe?"

"My storyline is freaking awesome. I'll tell you about it once we meet up in person. I just wanted to let you know that I will be in the center of town." Weilong told him. 

"I might have one or two quests left until I can leave and meet up with you," Nanyi said. "But as soon as I'm done with everything, I will start heading there."

"Okay, I will wait here for you once I'm done with my quests. Bye, Ge."

"Bye," Nanyi said, giving the boy a wave before exiting out the call. 

Maomii Maomii

[Radomnized quest has been created: PatchworkArtist please check the comment section for your quest!]

P.S. Guys, I know me updating two days in a row is weird but I want to train myself to update 6 days a week (rest on Saturday). Wish me luck!

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