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91.66% Fantasy Life [Rise Of The Gryphon King!] / Chapter 32: Monster Arena 1

Monster Arena 1 - Fantasy Life [Rise Of The Gryphon King!] - Chapter 32 by LesserCodex full book limited free

Chapter 32: Monster Arena 1



The crowd around the arena roared with excitement as Solis stepped out.

'What's with this place?' His vision was blinded by the sun before adjusting and looking around. He found two other monsters with him, the arena was oval-shaped it reminded him of the ones he's seen in movies where they released lions to fight gladiators.

Across him on the other side was a Light blue Ice wolf and a magma wolf. Both beasts had the came collars around their necks and looked around puzzled like he was. It was then he heard a familiar voice coming from a platform at the edge of the arena.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our new monsters to my arena, I assure you they're tough! And rough! And only one will come out... ALIVE!"

""Woo!"" The crowd roared, buzzing with excitement as Solis and the other wolves looked at one another.

What was going to happen, the question was will they won't they? Arnold however watching them stand Idly shook his head.

"Tsk, tsk this won't do... haha, I guess you guys need a little encouragement."

He smirked and made a hand gesture, three chains appeared in his hands. In the next moment, Solis felt something tugging at his collar, he looked down and the blue glowing chain from before appeared connected to his collar.

A single command no, not a command would be an understatement, it was an order that forced itself in his mind, But not his alone.


"AWOOOOH!" Both wolves howled and charged right towards him!

'The fuck!' He also felt the command forcing him into a wrathful state, but he was more in control he raised his wings flew up in the arena.

'Can't I just fly away?' He thought and soared higher in the air, the wolves ignored him and attacked one another clawing, biting and launching each other with powerful attacks across the arena.

""Hahaha! Pft! Haha!"" Members of the crowd laughed as he flew higher to escape. Even Arnold who was watching chuckled, as soon as he crossed 50 meters magic circles appeared around his collar and him.

'What the!?'

His eyes widened in the next moment as small magic circles appeared around him, bolts of electricity formed around him.



Each launched simultaneously causing him to fall, his body spasming uncontrollably, the wolves stopped their fight and directed themselves right towards him.

""Pft! Hahaha! Haha!"" The audience roared again with laughter. While the wolves neared.

Solis growled, picking himself back up.


[You have gained the skill "Lightning resistance!"]

'Now is not the fucking time.'

He heard the paws of the wolves approaching and recovered flying himself back in the air, this time below the mark, The Magma wolf was the first to fight as it lunged at him meeting him in the air trying to catch him by the feet with its jaws.


He swerved dodging and as it descended he dived behind and hacked at its vulnerable back.

Shunk! Shunk!

After his third hit, he sunk his talons in its back, digging through its flesh and turned his head.


The Ice wolf let out a low growl from behind him, he met the eyes with it, its mouth already open with its claws stretched midway in the air to kill him, It let the magma wolf attack first to lower him and wanted to land a finishing blow by dragging him to the ground.

'As if.'

Solis already noticed it deliberately slowed down and assumed it was for something like this. This is why he held the Magma wolf in his grasp, he twisted his body with his might and launched the wolf, ramming it into the Ice wolf in the air.

Woosh! Boom!

They collided and were sent flying together, ramming into the walls of the arena.

""Woo ooh! Yeah!"" The crowd cheered at the display as Solis flew over to their bodies and pined down the magma wolf by its neck, the ice wolf was lying beneath it unconsciously, absorbing the impact between the magma wolf and the walls.





The shouts of many from the crowd clouded his mind, as well as the forced commands by the collar, but he was still at the helm of all things. He stared at the magma wolf's eyes, feeling its fear and confusion. It was the same for it as well.

He didn't have to be sorry, right? He just wants to live like the wolf, they even took part in the migration to kill other monsters and rise above. So what was the difference?

He pondered this question raising his other talon high reflecting it in its red-eyed. It widened and shit its eyes awaiting. With a switch motion, Solis brought his talons down.

Shunk! Shunk! Shunk! Shunk!

He repeatedly slashed at its neck, finally killing it. The crowd erupted in marvellous cheer.


[You have gained the skill "Talon slash!"]

'Hm?' His head tiled as he saw the screen. Why now? He's done this before, hasn't he? Or was it because he always used mana talon?

'Maybe there are skills I can try to get now that I can't use magic,' He thought and descended to the Unconscious Ice wolf, He had no plans on waking it, It would be better to kill it while asleep. And that was his intention.

Shunk! Shunk! Shunk!

He sliced its head off completely and watched it roll around in a pool of his own blood. The crowd cheered again as Solis watched dead bodies, a lightbulb lit up in his mind.

'I can't access my inventory, but I can take their cores and use them to evolve.'

"Hey, what's it doing!?" A wild voice shouted from the stand pointing at him dragging most of the crown including Arnold.

Shunk! Shunk!

He kept on hacking at its chest until he found a blue pearl 'There it is!' he smiled inside prepared to eat it, but his collar glowed once again, the light drawing his attention.

'No. No. no!' He cursed, multiple magic circles appeared around him. In the next moment, multiple fireballs and lightning bolts were conjured around him.

Woosh! BZZ! BOOM!

An endless volley of attacks burned and shocked him repeatedly, but he stayed strong getting closer to the mana core.

[You have gained the skill "Fire resistance!"]

[The skills Mental Fortitude Fire and Lightning resistance have levelled up!]

Arnold who saw this from his stage smirked as a blue chain appeared for all to see linking his hands to Solis's neck "Not on my watch," He grabbed and yanked the chain back the force launched Solis away from the mana core and across the arena smelling against the opposite wall.

The mana Circles disappeared as he lost consciousness and blacked out. Arnold cleared his throat before clapping to gain back the crowd's attention!

"Ladies and gentlemen! WE HAVE OUR WINNER!"

He bellowed, pointing to the Unconscious and smoking Solis. A few seconds and the crowd erupted in cheers like before giving thunderous applause for the show.


'Ugh... my head... That fucker with my chain, when I get out of these, I'm going to rip his hand off and make him eat it.' He groaned while raising himself from the ground, looked around and found himself back in his cage.

There was a piece of meat in the corner and like before it was on the verge of rotting. The moonlight hit through a crack in the wall, indicating the time to him.

'I have no choice for now...'

He sucked it up and ate it. 'I need to get stronger somehow, but I can't train as I want to... this is hell...' He took time to think of ways to get stronger. While in thought, he recalled something he had missed.

'I wonder if Hela's doing... if she's surviving, I can't say becoming a slave isn't the worst thing but in this world... There could be worse fates, I don't want to think about it.'

He shook his head, pushing the thought to the back of his mind, and started focusing on plans. He raised his talons and struck his collar.

Clink! Clink!

He kept on doing so repeatedly until it chimed and glowed blue. In the next moment, several small magic circled appeared around him, each with fire and lightning bolts ready to fire. He covered himself as they charged up.

Woosh! BZZ! Boom!

'Grr ah! It burns!'

He tanked through the attacks, it was like having to heat from the shower on too high and burning yourself, But he powered through until it was over.

'Hah... hah... I did it... okay if I'm right then Status'

Health: 100% |Stamina: 100% |Mana: 1100/1186% [Blocked] | Soul: 100%

'I was right, I did use my mana to hurt me but only when I was on the ground,' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!%5D_17859690606404405/monster-arena-1_56492628631419666">!%5D_17859690606404405/monster-arena-1_56492628631419666</a> for visiting.

He took in a deep breath, and clawed at his collar again, trying to take it off. He couldn't, but after a few tries, it glowed and conjured more magic circles using his mana. He grunted and tanked more the flames and electricity, even to the point of crying mentally.


[The skills "Slash, Mental fortitude and fire resistance have levelled up!"]

But his was only one of his other methods to train, he would test his other Idea the next day.

LesserCodex LesserCodex

How long will Solis have to stay in the arena a week!? a month!? and what of his training!? will it be fruitfull in the end? will he become power full enough to escape? if so then how?

If you liked this story then vote and comment letting me know.

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