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Ch 21: Elin's problem - Farming Inside The Dungeon (The legend of farm-style dungeon) - Chapter 21 by Rysangel full book limited free

Chapter 21: Ch 21: Elin's problem

" Hmm, so that's all about it. Ray-nii didn't really know about it, but just choose the one that your heart truly wanted. Ray-nii will always support you no matter what."

Ray said while placing his hand on the girl's head, making her eyes go moist.

" *Sniff* Ray-nii, I don't want to leave the orphanage. But they said I will only be a burden to the orphanage if I stay."

The poor girl eventually said what in her heart.

Ray looked at Elin and sighed. Just what are those guys thinking, telling a pure and kind girl something like that.

He pulled Elin into his embrace and consoled her.

" Don't worry, Elin. Ray-nii now has enough money for all of us. You don't need to think about that."

" Hehe, Elin knows that Ray-nii is the best. Elin will try her best to be Ray-Nii's bride in the future."

Ehhhhh? Listening to the little girl's words, Ray's heart shook a bit. He checked at the side whether there was FBI eyeing him up, and after making sure everything was safe, Ray sighed a bit of relief. However...

" Not so fast Elin, Ray-Nii has said himself that he will be my husband after he grows up."

The big-sis of the orphanage suddenly appeared with a teasing smile on her face, teasing Ray and Elin.

Of course, hearing the big sis's words, Elin and Ray's faces grew red.

" Big-sis, don't say it like that. It was before when I was still six years old."

" *Sniff* Look at him, after Ray-Nii grows up, he doesn't want this big sis anymore, even after this big sis kept herself only for Ray-Nii this whole time. It seems this big sis will end up not marrying someone until she grow old."

The big sis's teasing made Ray's face became even redder, but soon the three broke into a group of laughter.

" Hahahahaha, that's enough. let's go; the other little guys are waiting for you guys in the dining room."

They stood up and proceeded to go to the dining room. But it seems the big sis still has another plan.

She came closer to Ray and whispered something in his ear.

" But what I've said before is true, you know. I have kept myself clean all those years just for you."

" %&^%&^&%&%."


The next day, Ray decided to take Elin to school with him.

The event yesterday made Ray realize that those bastards from the corporation were aiming for Elin, and he was afraid they would make a big move for her.

Moreover, Ray also wanted to gave them some warning not to mess with the little guys at the orphanage, or else he would be the one to teach them some lesson.

Ray and Elin eventually reach Elin's school, and after making sure Elin gets safely into the school, Ray decided to lurk around the school for a bit, waiting if some of those bastard from the corporation were here.

A few hours of waiting later, there was still no sign of the guys from the corporation, and Ray was about to went back to his dungeon.

However, suddenly..

" Help, please!"

Ray heard a woman sound calling for help not far from the location where he was right now.

At first, he hesitated for a bit whether to go help or not, but after some pondering, he eventually decided to go and take a look.

If he could help, then he will help, but if not, he would just let them be.

It might sound too cowardly, but for Ray, that motto was also one of the reasons why he could still survive in the dungeon until now. He knew his limits, and he wouldn't challenge something that he wouldn't be able to beat.

He soon arrived at the source of the sound, and he found a beautiful-looking mature woman was surrounded by some rough-looking thugs.

" Please let me go. I will pay you guys no matter how much money you guys want. But please just let me go."

The woman pleaded heavily to the thugs, but it only made the thugs more excited. For them, the feeling of making a woman feel despair was the best.

" Hehe, don't worry, lady, you will soon feel good and beg for more."

However, just when those thugs were about to make a move on the lady, a pebble suddenly came and hit one of the thugs right at his temple, making him fell down embarrassedly.

" Who!!!!"

" Humph, just some delinquent and wanted to bully a beautiful lady in my presence?"

Of course, it was none other than our protagonist, Ray.

Before he took some action, he had used his appraisal skill and check the stats of those thugs.

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[ Burly looking thug 1]

[ Lv. 1]


[ Burly looking thug 2]

[ Lv. 1]


[ Thug leader.]

[ Lv. 3]


'Humph, just a bunch of waste, and they wanted to look cool? Let this Lao Tzu show you what life is.'

Actually, Ray's level was not that much higher than those thugs before he gained the DM system. But after getting the DM System, Ray now could singlehandedly beat those bastards into pulp.

He moved closer to the thugs, and with one roundhouse kick, he eventually defeated the three of them and made them faint.

" And that's how it is done."

Ray, who had defeated the three thugs, now shifted his attention to the gorgeous-looking lady.

In fact, Ray's reason to help this lady was not only just because he could easily defeat the three thugs.

He had eavesdropped on their conversation earlier, and just by looking at the appearance of the beautiful lady, Ray could conclude that she should be coming from a wealthy family. Thus this helping was none other than Ray's way to make some money.

Of course, these thoughts was exclusive only to Ray, and the Gorgeous looking lady had no way of knowing it.

She looked at Ray, and after seeing how Ray could easily solve these thugs in a flashy way, her heart's somehow beat faster at the youth in front of her.

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