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0.29% Fate/ Beginning with Type Moon / Chapter 1: Chapter 1
Fate/  Beginning with Type Moon Fate/  Beginning with Type Moon original

Fate/ Beginning with Type Moon

Author: koijiro21

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Spring, 1994.

Japan, Fuyuki City, Miyama Town.

In a remote, old, and dark mansion, lives one of the three noble families—

the Matou family.

In a spacious and tidy room, a delicate crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, though it isn't working properly. Only the dim moonlight streams through the windows, casting elongated shadows on the wooden floor, stretching to the door.

The shadow of a boy, also extended by the slanting moonlight, is Matou Shinji.

Late at night, the blue-haired boy, Shinji, has lost count of how many times he's stood in front of the mirror, scrutinizing his reflection with a furrowed brow and squinted eyes.


This seaweed hair really is exactly like the second young master's!!

The boy—seven-year-old Matou Shinji—is somewhat distraught. Though his past life's memories have just returned, the current situation offers little joy.

Yes, the boy named Matou Shinji is a transmigrator—or rather, a reincarnator. However, for the past seven years since his birth, he hadn't retained any memories of his past life. It was only tonight, while preparing for bed, that those memories suddenly awakened!

A golden finger. Still offline, and who knows if it will ever come. What if it's not like those gratifying stories from his previous life?

Shinji irritably fiddles with his soft hair, feeling increasingly uncomfortable as he looks at himself in the mirror.

Honestly, this world is quite dangerous; after all, which part of the Nasuverse isn't? But then again, if he doesn't do anything reckless like in FSN and just lives quietly as an ordinary person, maybe he could live a stable life. Perhaps he could even run away like his uncle, Matou Kariya, who likely already met his end.

However, after regaining his memories, everything seems out of place. His sister, who just joined the family a little over a year ago, his grandfather who never looks him in the eye, his father who "temporarily" pays attention to him—all of it feels wrong.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the Fourth Holy Grail War just ended.

What? What's the Holy Grail?

Don't mind it, it's just a toy for Saber to cut, though it does carry some danger.

Fate route? UBW route? HF route? Impossible. From the moment his past life's memories reawakened, he no longer has anything to do with those routes.

Only the original Shinji would be that despicable. When the time comes, he'll just stay far away.

Thinking of this, Shinji lying in bed feels inexplicably relieved. He is not the original Shinji, staying away should be fine, yes, indeed.

A talentless eldest son without magical aptitude?

Doesn't matter, as long as he has enough to eat and wear.

An old monster who has lived for five hundred years and forgotten his original intentions? Not my problem! I'll just live peacefully and take the money like my cheap dad.

And then there's his sister, who he used to feel a bit protective of before his memories awakened. Though she is indeed quite pitiful, and by now has probably spent a whole year in the worm storage before he regained his memories,

Sorry, Sakura!

Big brother is powerless to help you!

You have to understand, in return, I'll stay far away and give you some condescending care! But don't worry, I won't do anything too excessive!


[A message from your ancestor, Emperor Qin Shi Huang: "I am your grandfather. Take me to the Holy Grail War!"]

The sudden voice in his mind startled Shinji!

At this moment, Shinji felt like Shirou possessed!

I'll save my sister!

I'll end the Holy Grail War!

At this moment, Shinji felt a surge of righteous fervor, but it quickly faded.

Something's off.

Why does the voice of the First Emperor sound like Siri? And not even male Siri, but female Siri. Also, claiming he's the reincarnation of Fusu? This is too much.

[Don't doubt, I am indeed the First Emperor from your original world, and you are indeed the reincarnation of Fusu.]

Hmm. I don't believe it.

[If you don't believe me, call me grandpa, and see if I respond.]

I won't call you.

[I've wandered the world for two thousand years just to find you and make it up to you. I even followed you to this strange world, yet you won't even call me grandpa?]

I'm not inclined to. Also, how about you switch to something like Xiao Ai or Xiaodu or Tmall Genie? I'm patriotic and don't like Siri.

[System initializing language switch.]

Hearing the mechanical voice, Shinji's eyelid twitched.

Are systems nowadays all this cheeky?

[Hello, grandson. I am Tmall... your First Emperor grandpa.]

Shinji: ...

[Switching complete. Now, call me.]

Shinji: ...

[Call me quickly.]

Shinji: ...

[Quickly, grandson, or grandpa will disappear.]

Are you done yet? Taking advantage like this? Shinji felt like swearing.

[I am truly the First Emperor. Do not be unfilial. Call me quickly.]

Why don't you just give me your card number, and we'll call it quits?

[I am not your gambling addict uncle.]

You're definitely not the First Emperor!

[System binding unsuccessful, initiating system removal.]

A mechanical voice, distinct from the Tmall Emperor's, sounded.

[Grandson, call me grandpa quickly.]

At this point, Shinji realized that this might indeed be a system, but it needed to be bound, and the binding condition was calling it grandpa.

Hmm... Forget it, a real man can submit and bend. The most important thing is to learn to compromise with life. Shinji comforted himself in his heart.

"Grandpa, grandpa," Shinji whispered softly.

A real man knows when to yield. The most important thing is to learn to compromise with life. Shinji consoled himself in his heart.

[Ah, good grandson.]

[System binding successful.]

Two completely different mechanical voices echoed simultaneously in Shinji's mind.

This damn system! Shinji cursed inwardly.

[Detected excessive resentment towards the system, initiating forced removal.]

[Grandson, call me grandpa two more times to neutralize the resentment.]

Damn! I'm not playing anymore! Shinji hugged the quilt tighter and decided to ignore it.

However, the cold mechanical countdown made Shinji a bit conflicted.

[10, 9, 8, 7]

The next one will be better, the next one will be more obedient, the next one will be a soft, sweet, silver-haired, red-eyed beautiful girl. Shinji comforted himself. But...

Will there be a next one?


"Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa..."

I'm so damn pathetic! Shinji cursed himself.

[Ah, good grandson.]

[Matou Shinji, your exclusive First Emperor grandpa system has been successfully bound. Any problems during use are non-refundable. Finally, I wish you a happy life.]

Shinji immediately jumped out of bed and started hitting the bed with his pillow in frustration.

Damn! I got played!

koijiro21 koijiro21

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

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