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Neighbor - Fate/dungeons - Husband who can be the shield/armor - Chapter 1 by AmNotnuttyy full book limited free

Chapter 1: Neighbor

Even though, I'm doing this first time, I want my stones! How dare you read and not giving me stones and not putting it on your collection makes me mega sad >:C

People are going expect like what you would expect it's not going to be like FGO with calamities it's going to be much different and it will be a huge harem already having the characters in mind yeah if you want characters added don't bother they are selected by my will pretty much, I have already thought of adding them but slowly. Of course don't want to make it bland and shit which I will try not too. No promises.

Waifu's are fgo characters


"Heroes huh what a bunch of shit" the boy muttered under his breath watching the TV while sitting on the couch.

*knock* *knock*

"Are you there Senpai?" it's me Sakura" Cadrel hearing her voice went to open the door already knowing who was knocking and by the voice of the person.


"Sakura come in", Cadrel letting her into his home which she gladly entered showing off a dazzling smile to which Cadrel got dazed by it as it made her beautiful. Such smile was something that Cadrel love to see anytime of day.

"I brought some ingredients for us to eat, I'll cook for us"

"Then feel free to use the kitchen", Cadrel lets her use it anytime knowing how she comes visit him everyday since he moved he here as her neighbor.

"So will you join school?", Sakura asking him since she will join there this year as the new school year is approaching for new students to join into the school and learn how to control their powers that they all manifest at the age of 15 which everyone in the world knows that.

"I don't know..."

"Why?", Sakura was worried as she asked him. Hearing her worry Cadrel who had sat on the couch with the TV still on. "Do I really want to? Will you go?"


Cadrel then thinks that at least she will and go with her to protect her from that bastard Shinji. I'll lay my hands on him when, I get to know my powers. 'I'll join then"

"Yay!" hugged by Sakura, Cadrel returns the hug but after a few seconds Sakura coming from her realization. that she is hugging Cadrel blushes as her heart beats faster and faster taking his scent into her nose. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'So good his smell", Sakura thinking that to herself with Cadrel being oblivious to what she is doing.

"I-I'll go cook!" Cadrel looked at Sakura who ran with the bag of groceries in hand to the kitchen. Sitting on the couch again slouching looking at the current news of monster reports.

[Today folks we have the one and only head chief of the Adventure Association and we are here to know what happened to the dungeon that appeared near Korea as a dungeon an S tier appeared out of nowhere what do you have to say to this head chief?]

[Yes, about that the guild master of Kender Guild their powerful members were able to take down the dungeon along side with other powerful guilds that helped them with this task to completely defeat the dungeon and it's monsters inside]

A grey haired old man who's body has yet to look wrinkly or skinny it's nothing but that he is buff even though with his grey hair and beard indicating he was old it wasn't like that. He looked healthy enough to not look like he has some problem with his health. His frilly grey hair looking still good on him. Just one look at him he is no pushover but a tough, serious man ready to pummel anybody if they do something bad to which people give him the outmost respect.

[Mr. Ainz would by any chance their be another S tier dungeon?] A reporter asked the question to the head chief who by all means nodded.

[Yes, I believe so and we will be prepared for any sort dangerous dungeons that appear here in South Korea]

[I got a question will there ever be a dungeon above S tier?]

This question made everyone curious to know as no one has heard or ever seen a dungeon that is higher than an S- tier dungeon which is the most hardest dungeon to ever defeat and it required the help of many people which are the from the top guilds in south Korea.

Cadrel who was hearing this question coming from the mouth of the reporter was curious as he heard so many stories about these S tier dungeons being terrifyingly hard to defeat that many of the top guilds in one country have to band together to defeat one. Adventure's and such growing stronger by training themselves mastering their techniques and powers. It kinda made Cadrel exited not to go to school but to fight these dungeons as his curiosity makes him want to get these "artifacts" or "equipment" that dungeons and monsters drop.

[We have yet to see such anomaly occur but one thing to say about this is that we will always be prepared for such events]

Then all I heard was blah blah blah

"Dinner is ready Senpai!", Cadrel hearing Sakura shouting his name from the kitchen.

"Coming!" Cadrel goes to the kitchen and sees Sakura wearing a pink apron on her front. As she turned around which made her hair sway mid air. She looked stunning that Cadrel was daze for a split second but got out of it. As for Sakura she didn't miss how he stared at her with a look of appreciation as a pink tint on her cheeks appeared.

Sakura went to the living room placing the plates of food on the table opposite of each other. Both sit down to start eating.

"So good your food is the best", Sakura looked at Cadrel who was delightfully eating her food with a happy expression. Making her heart beat faster and feeling happy, warm in her heart that the boy she loves, likes her food that she put her heart into it which is all the time. Every praise coming from his mouth makes her heart flutter and makes her happy no matter what.

Finishing their food Cadrel had a thought in mind to ask Sakura which made him worried about her. "Sakura how is Shinji is he doing anything to you?" Sakura hearing the name of her brother went gloomy but hearing the sound of concern coming from Cadrel's mouth made her warm and fuzzy.

Then Cadrel noticed a small cut on her wrist that she seemed to try to cover with her purple long sleeve sweater.

"This who did this to you? was it shinji?" Cadrel spoke with venom when saying his name already knowing it was him as he confirmed it when Sakura flinched.

"So it was him!" Cadrel had anger boiling inside of him he wanted nothing more than rip him to shreds but thinking that it will make Sakura sad from doing so and because they come from quite the rich family of well renowned strong S Tier adventure's called the Matou family. But one thing Cadrel learned is that they have severed their connection with them so even though this happened. Cadrel still thinks that the possibility of them coming back to help him would come if something happened to him or Sakura.

"S-S-Senpai it's not w-what you think"

"I already know it was him, I won't do anything to him" Sakura hearing his words sighed in relief and was grateful that he didn't go and try to do something to him as Shinji is still her brother she takes care of. But still that bond between siblings they had is fading bit by bit but still she will always take care of him.

"but you're staying here and sleeping here"

"S-Senpai!" Sakura blushed madly as her heart started to beat faster and her mind thinking of lewd things to which she puffed and her head had steam coming from it as she used both hands covering her hands. Cadrel looked at her and noticing his words he was a bit embarrassed to get such a reaction from her but dismissed the thought he doesn't want Sakura near that bastard.

"Just stay here you can use the spare room don't go anywhere" Cadrel told her with a firm voice which made her shiver and nodding in acceptance about staying here. "O-Ok" Sakura could only squeaked those words. So they stayed together.

[A/N: Are you thinking of something lewd!? How dare you it's a family friendly fanfic jk tehee~]

So they kept each other company till night as it was day time chatting with each other. Not getting bored as they are both interested in each other but Cadrel has feelings for her though their is her brother. he wants nothing more to eliminate him first or have him wiped off the face of the earth before he gets Sakura. Keeping her to himself safe and sound so she won't get mistreated by that scum.

AmNotnuttyy AmNotnuttyy


Give me STONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 NOW

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