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19.77% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 50: Breaking the Legend

Breaking the Legend - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 50 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 50: Breaking the Legend

Using berserk, fei stood equal footing with everyone. They took each step, hardly resisted pressure of Holy Mountain. They tried their best among which, fei even supported Yan Chufen who could no longer resist the pressure of Holy Mountain.

One small step after another, they finally reached the 99th step of Holy Mountain. The next step will be the height step of this whole mountain also breaking the record. When five of these people reached the top, even the sect master was alarmed.

This was like creating an unprecedented history of the Five Elements sect. The sect leader was a middle-aged bulky man with black short hair. He stood up like a mountain, his eagle-like eyes were focused on Peak of Holy Mountain. He was very nervous from the inside so not many could see his nervousness. He was still showing a heroic stance standing like a mountain.

When fei and other boarded at the 99th step, they start collapsing. First was Yan Chufen, Second was Lei Gang, Third was Zhao Guiren and last was Gen Niu. Only Fei stood up but this took every bit of energy from him.

Unlike other floors, you just have to stand on the 99th step for ten breaths of time. After 10 breathe, a person standing at the top won't feel single pressure as for why no one knows. Because no one has ever stuck to 10 breaths. Knowing this fei still didn't give up. He starts running Mountain and River Body Art though the pressure is huge if he can stick for ten breaths of time running Mountain and River Body Art.

Then with such pressure, he might get a successful breakthrough.

This time he wants to breakthrough in his physical strength. His endurance has increased, his attack power is good, his speed is better but his defense is worst. Now he can't get defense art, first he needs to enter the inner court and even if he does. That doesn't represent the will find art that fits him the best.

Even if he got Sword and Saber Sovereign jade which consist of a large number of arts, he couldn't find something that suits him the best. But now is a different case because if he breakthrough then he enters stage; Body Hard as a Rock.

Unlike the previous times, he didn't sit because he can't otherwise he will get disqualified. While standing he runs Mountain and River Body tempering Art at max. He even let his second soul understand the second stage faster.

The pressure is getting heavier, now just one breath has passed. Fei was tempering his body to the fullest. As each breathes passes, blood start rushing out of his body. This was a horrible case. Fortunately, his body was strong that not much blood dropped.

Three breaths, four, five, six, seven

At this fei felt terrible pressure almost bending in his knees but he holds on. His mountain and river body art is running at full speed. If he can persist till another three breathes, his body will be able to breakthrough.

Normally to reach the second stage, one must fulfill the different conditions. But here is different because his body, soul, and qi all are getting pressed by Holy Mountain pressure. So he just got a lucky chance to breakthrough.

Eighth breath, ninth breathe, and finally tenth breathe.


Finally, a large explosion occurred in his body. This was a sign of his physical strength breakthrough.

"Boom" "Boom" "Boom"

Several explosions occurred in his body after breakthrough. These were the explosion of blood and bones inside his body. It was completely changing his bone power. For normal people, this would be hell-like experience but for fei, this was nothing.


After the breakthrough, fei released a powerful pressure from his body contest against pressure from Holy Mountain. "Boom" Both pressure collides neglecting each other so that now Lei Gang and others can stand up.

"Brother Fei, did you just breakthrough?" Lei Gang was dumbfounded when pressure was released.

Fei nodded his head but got an unexpected reply.



Lei Gang and Yan Chufen were the ones who spoke. Gen Niu was silent cause he didn't know how to reply. As for Zhao, he was an enemy so he didn't praise. Although these were like a curse, it is praise after all no one can describe Fei since this incident.

Even those who were below were speechless. While they were taking another sound rang.


A giant bronze door appeared out of nowhere on the border of the 99th step and 100th step. This was a sign of a challenge. Everyone including fei had a solemn expression; this was the hardest test of all. To breakthrough this giant door, one needs talent, not power.

To break this door, one needs to attack it with the concept of any elements or any weapon intent. Not only that, but one would also require powerful qi, soul, and body. Qi means the quantity and purity of qi, not cultivation. Soul and body mean, level of soul, and body according to his cultivation. This means bronze doors evaluate perception and talent at the same time.

Others were already disqualified, only fei was walking near the bronze door.

Fei knew he would only get a two-shot try. Fei also knew the requirement. He runs thunder force and five elements in his body. He summoned five dragon cells at once. Now with his body defense, he calls bear pressure of these five dragon cells. He also used bronze body. He gets into the position.

His legs bend, his fist clenched as he drew his arm back. Then he looked at the bronze door, says some words then punched.

"Steel Fist Intent"

"Mountain Breaking Fist"

His fist turned silver black, qi, and blood in his body exploded into his fist. He punched with all of his might.


The fist collides with the bronze door, fire sparkle covers the whole scene. When everything settles down, we saw the bronze door was a little bit damaged but not open.

Everyone was disappointed. They start whispering with each other.

"So he couldn't reach the top"

"Well, it is very hard after all"

"Yes even if they didn't reach the top, we got five genius students who reached 99th step"

"Yes we should be satisfied with this"

At that time, only sect leaders and those four on the 99th step could see a face. They weren't much disappointed hoping fei wouldn't lose confidence in himself. After all, if that happens, his cultivation won't breakthrough and this will be his heart demon. They didn't want their best student in such a position.

Even though fei didn't break but he stood the pressure for ten breaths of time which was enough for them to recognize him as the best genius of the Five Elements Sect.

After all, breaking the door was like a legend for them and even standing on 99th step pressure was an epic task for them. But when they see the expression on his face, they were scared.

He wasn't disappointed but smiling instead and that smile was a little creepy. It's like saying 'I haven't tried my best. Give me another chance'.

"Hey, this bronze door really blocks my attack" Fei looked at the four of them and said with the same expression.

Four of them hesitate not knowing how to answer. If others were to say this indifferent expression, they would have despised him but according to fei expression. It's like he wasn't satisfied and wanted to attack again. At this moment Yan Chufen came forward and said "Brother you can try another shot"

Fei looked at Yan Chufen, then at the bronze door. He once again looked at his fist then walked near the door again. Fei was walking and a sword appeared in his hand. Others were a little surprised but Lei Gang wasn't. He was very excited instead. He saw a fei sword then move his hand catching the hilt of his own sword.

He was pure swordsman, now seeing another swordsman he immediately grabbed his sword hilt but didn't take it out. Excitement flow through his face, others didn't know why he was so excited.

Fei took the sword in his right hand, holding the sword he walked but stopped and looked at Lei Gang. He then looked Lei Gang sword. Lei Gang immediately understood fei intention so he unsheathes his sword and throws at fei. Even though fei still has his black sword, he won't use it since it is inside the pagoda with little Yan. So it would be very hard to get it in this situation.

Fei grabbed Lei Gang's sword with his left hand. This was a spirit low tier sword. Fei took a deep breath, run fire, and ice in his body. His ice was very high level the same for fire. Now thunder qi was already transformed into thunder force, fire and ice were the strongest qi in his body.

He had already reached four-level concepts of these two so it was turned for the final move. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Dragon Cells"

"Bronze Body"


"Sun and Moon Eruption"

Fei took some steps back then jump. He spins his body in a diagonal angle rotating his sword while falling towards the bronze door. He slashed with both of his swords.

"Crack" "Crack" "Crack" "Boom"

It released the concept of ice, freezing door then the concept of fire burst like an explosion breaking the bronze door into pieces. His strength increased due to dragon cells and bronze body. Everything doubled up with berserk. He also released sword aura cover it on his sword and finally destroyed the bronze door into pieces.

Sabin_Subedi_Fei Sabin_Subedi_Fei

Please support me with comments and reviews. I promise to make the chapter better and better as it progresses.

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