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20.07% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 51: Comprehending Concepts

Comprehending Concepts - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 51 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 51: Comprehending Concepts


Yan Chufen and the others disappeared from the 99th step. The next time they appeared was in front of the whole crowd. They were a little shocked but soon calm down. After all, this is a high-level sect, it contains a teleportation array which is not a surprise.


While they were lost in their thoughts, a sect master from behind made some sound to attract their intention. He walked in front of Yan Chufen and others saying "You four climbed up to 99 step of Five Elements Holy Mountain which is great for our sect. Now you four don't have to participate in other tests. You four from now on are true disciples of the Five Elements Sect. There are five great elders in our sect. You four can choose on your own. As for the reward, you can ask vice sect master"

Saying this, he walked a little far away and looked at Peak of Holy Mountain. He was very concerned about fei after all when that bronze door breaks whole mountain peak was covered in fog.

Seeing the sect master leaving away, four of them looked at the vice sect master. The Vice sect master was fat and small with a big curly mustache. He looked back at them and said with a smile on his face "You four will receive a chance to choose one of spirit ranked top cultivation art, martial from Martial Art Pavilion. You will also get a thousand body, qi, and soul essence pill for each. You will also get fifty middle-rank spiritual crystals, one awakening pill and one spirit ranked middle-tier weapon."

Hearing this, happiness appeared in their face while others get jealous but no one said anything. This is after all vice sect master decision.

At this moment on the top of Holy Mountain

Fei was surrounded by clouds.

"Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang" "Bang"

With five collision sounds, five different words appeared in front of him floating in the air. Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Metal look profound. Words were emitting powerful intent. Fei looked closer finally coming to a conclusion. These words were written with powerful intent. These intents are like sword intentions but a higher level.

Normal sword intent is formed by cultivator sword aura, fighting will, and soul power. When a sword cultivator can balance all three only then he can truly practice sword intent.

Normal Sword intent is in the level of concept. The concept is the materialization of any kind element such as fire, water, etc. Sword intent is the materialization of sword aura. In common sense, the concept is higher than sword aura since the concept can be used for real attack damage.

But intent of other elements than a weapon like a sword, is completely different than sword intent. These are also called Martial Intent not martial arts intent. There are thousands of martial intents and if you can understand martial intent means you can cultivate real law. Laws are a higher form of martial intent but laws are not some cultivators can cultivate easily because there are still some the steps to learn laws.

Laws can even change surrounding like if one cultivator cultivates fire law then he can turn the place where he is fighting into the land of fire and unless the cultivator himself or higher level cultivator turns off that fire, nothing can destroy that fire.

Of course, fei doesn't understand the law, he only understands the concept. He didn't know about intent until he practices Sun and Moon Eruption Sword Art. He understands only fire and ice intent can bring forth the true power of Sun and Moon Eruption Sword Art.

Now he can perform all three moves but he hasn't reached perfection. Not to mention, to bring forth the true power of the last attack fei needs to cultivate this art to martial intent level.

Now he is seeing words written with martial intent. He got shocked, sitting cross-legged immediately trying to understand the concept of five elements. He first focuses on fire. He tried to understand the 'fire' word with his soul power. He felt his soul sucked inside the 'fire' word. He saw nothing but land covered in fire.

The fire burns everything in its path including earth and metals. The fire was destroying and exploding here and there. Fei was middle of the land; he can see what the 'fire' word means. It means to burn. Fire burns anything and everything in its path.

This is the true power of fire. While his soul was understood fire. Fei body was covered in red fire. This was the concept of fire. His red flame was getting brighter and brighter. His concept of fire was increasing every second. At this moment his concept of fire reached level seven trying to break through level eight.

After all, the higher the cultivation harder is it to breakthrough and without guidance, it is almost impossible unless some external help is gained.

But at this moment, his body changed into the fire itself. His body looks like a body made of fire. Now no physical attack can hurt him. This was Fire Spirit Body. His body flame was burning red fire made of concept. His fire body was yellow and pale red whereas his concept of fire was total red. Now his body fire was burning his concept of fire.

Fei face turns pale, he didn't expect his fire body going berserk trying to burn his concept of fire. Fei shouted "Stop"

"Damn it! Stop"

"Stop" "Stop" "I said stop"

No matter how hard he shouts, his body fire didn't stop and continued to burn his concept of fire. But at this moment, his red fire explodes.


It didn't do any damage to the fei body but burn its surrounding. Of course, there was nothing to burn only cloud which can't be burned at least with his level of concept to burn the clouds is impossible.

Only now fei notice huge change in his body.

Level Eight Concept of Fire

His fire body was burning his fire not to destroy his concept but to supply fire qi into his concept to breakthrough. Now fei felt like everything he understood was nothing. He didn't even think of using his fire body to breakthrough whereas his fire body did it on its own. This was very shameful for fei but he didn't think a lot on this matter.

Now that he can't continue to a breakthrough in the concept of fire, he needs to change the concept.

He focused on water. Water is very subtle, hard, and soft. It is very hard to control, counter, and catch. Water is a nemesis for fire and completely opposite. Now fei wants to understand the concept of water with his foundation, it's not easy but also not much difficult because he understands the concept of Ice. Without further thinking, he started comprehending the concept of Water and it didn't take him long enough to understand the concept.

Fei quickly understood the concept of water. His body was covered by water drops. These are the concept of water. And drops are getting bigger and bigger as time passes. His concept of water is increasing slowly but steadily. Finally, it reached level six and stop. For water, he didn't have any external resources to break through so he stopped.

After water, he didn't try other elements instead start to understand the concept of ice with the foundation of the concept of water. Ice is hard, it is sometimes unbreakable. It can freeze anything even fire only if its level is high. Likewise, if the fire concept is high then it can melt any kind of ice.

It didn't take a long time for him to reach level six concept of ice.

After Ice, he starts with wind. He was already at the fourth level in the concept of wind, so it didn't take a long time to reach level six. The wind is fast, it can blow everything in its path. Being with the wind, flying like the wind. His comprehension of wind legs and wind wings also increased.

After the wind, fei starts comprehending earth. This was something very new to him. If it is not for the magical effects of the Five Elements fruit, fei wouldn't even awaken earth spirit roots. His devouring spirit roots can devour any kind of energy and add that energy attribute to its own.

Five Elements Fruit consists of five elements of different energy which is why fei could awaken it. Now he has six attributes in his spiritual roots. He could still have seven but he didn't awaken the Water attribute. This was something that never has happened in the world of cultivation. The highest number of attributes one could awaken is two. Some people have five elements spirit root. But this type of spirit root is called trash spirit root.

You have to cultivate all five types of elements qi to balance qi in his dantian which decreased the speed of cultivation by several times unless someone possesses heaven level martial spirit. But not to mention heaven level even spirit level martial spirit is rare in the Zhen Qi continent.

Fei didn't think much about his spiritual roots since they were yellow level now. Fei needs lots of energy to upgrade his spirit roots so he needs to depend upon his martial spirits and cultivation arts. Even though his five elements of dragon martial spirit is just yellow level one star. Its cultivation speed is no less than the yellow level two stars.

Fei had two elements to comprehend before getting rewards so he didn't waste much time thinking and starts comprehending. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sabin_Subedi_Fei Sabin_Subedi_Fei

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