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20.37% Fighting For Eternity / Chapter 52: Creating a new Physique

Creating a new Physique - Fighting For Eternity - Chapter 52 by Sabin_Subedi_Fei full book limited free

Chapter 52: Creating a new Physique

It's been three days since fei has continuously comprehended concepts.

"Finally finished"

Fei while sitting crossed leg sigh a relief. He then stood up, white cloud in front of starts clearing up. Fei walked straight and finally saw an altar with four different boxes. One was, another was silver, another was golden and the last one was black.

Fei got curious and move forward. He had already reached six levels of concept in all elements wherein fire, he even reached the seventh level. This was already a satisfying reward for him but he also doubts that would be a reward.

After thinking he dispel such doubts, after all even if it requires better perception to understand a concept so, in one way for those who couldn't understand the concept of five elements, this gift will be a waste. But on another hand, if they don't understand the concept of the five elements then they can't break the bronze door. So that may be a reward for those who understand five elements, but not for those who don't understand.

This is after all Five Elements sect, so it is no doubt without cultivating all five elements qi one shouldn't be able to breakthrough. This is true since in all these only two people have reached the top, one he and another one was from three hundred years later.

Fei walked straight towards the altar. He reached in front of four boxes. These boxes look like a treasure box with no lock. He opened the first gray box. He saw a blue pill and a note on it. He picked up a note and starts reading.

'I am the founder of Five Elements Sect. Here I will reveal a secret of our sect. Five Elements Sect heritage art is Five Elements Spiritual Art which is earth ranked high tier art. But this is incomplete which I found on Black Tortoise Continent, ancient tomb. I was very lucky to get such art. But on my way to returning home, I was ambushed by my senior sister. I didn't expect her to be such a vile woman. I got injured so couldn't return home. I escape from her and hide in the Zhen Qi dynasty. I thought of revenge but later find out my martial spirit was gone. I was poisoned and lost my martial spirit. So I decided to settle here. I checked back treasures I got from an ancient tomb. I found three treasures mainly. This fill is one of them. There were only two pills in here. But before eating this pill read this carefully.

This pill is like a doubled-edged sword unless you have both Five Elements Physique and Five Elements Bloodline don't take this pill. To practice Five Elements Spiritual Art, you only have two ways either create Five Elements Origin or use this pill to merge your Five Elements Physique and Five Elements Bloodline to form Five Elements Origin. The first is a relatively safe but time-consuming method whereas the Second is a very critical but fast method. Unless your Will power is stronger don't attempt the second method."

After finishing reading, fei was quite shocked. He didn't think this art would be Earth ranked high tier. But frown on hearing practice method. Both weren't suitable for fei but he still has to choose. So he decided to bet on the pill. He has more than enough will power but less time.

After putting a pill in his storage ring, he moved at the second box. He opened the second box and saw an old book. On the cover of the book was written 'Five Elements Spiritual Art'.

Fei opened the book and let the system copy it. After all, he was said not to bring this book out. So he did as he was said, he let the system copy and moved towards the third golden box. Opening the golden box, he saw another book with some words written on its cover page 'Five Elements Indestructible Sword Technique'. He also saw another paper near it and starts reading.

'This is another book I got from an ancient cave. This is also incomplete but already on the par of Heaven ranked high tier art but its drawback is, it required a person to have Five Elements Attribute on their spirit roots otherwise you can't practice it unless you manage to practice Five Elements, Spiritual Art. If you read this then, only copy content on this book but do not take it otherwise consequences will be serious'

Fei did the same again after reading. He let the system copy it. Finally, he moves forward to open it. But when he tried, he got unsuccessful. Then he saw some words over the box. 'Only who has a destiny with me shall get this'.

Fei frowned, didn't understand what to do? He thought again and again. He thought for two hours finally get a conclusion. He murmured "If I want to have a destiny with him then I should cultivate what he left here"

Fei then shook his hands and a pill appeared in his hand. This was the same blue pill, he got from the gray box. He sits cross-legged then put a blue pill in his mouth. Slowly blue pill entered in his body, fei shouted "Five Elements Bloodline, Five Elements Physique merge"

He was refining blue pill and producing energy that was attracting, blood, and a cell. These two are so small hard to see so fei could only rely on his instinct. The medicine pill was melting as its energy was trapping blood and cell, trying to merge them.


At this moment, his body let powerful roar coming from his blood and cell. It was clear; they do not want to merge but if fei fails that means his five elements bloodline and physique would be lost. If that happens, then the blue pill effect will backlash him by attracting every part of his body into it like a black hole destroying his body on its own. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Fei knew this was going to happen so he cried "Eternal Will Suppresses the Heaven"

A golden fei made of gas appeared in front of blood and cell. It released terrifying momentum directly crushing the aura of blood and cell. With this, blood and cell tried to retaliate again and again but didn't succeed.


Fei shouted with all his might, as for his blood and cell. They were merging with no hindrance. But at this moment, inside his sea of consciousness, black bead trembles and release powerful momentum. It shook and let out a drop of black blood from it.

This blood without fei consent entered a place near his chest where pill energy was merging blood and cell. Black blood entered the pill suction area then try to resolve with fei blood and cell but this merging produces powerful energy that sucked inside pill energy. When pill energy was sucked away, it enters black blood.

Like pill energy, it also starts devouring his Five Elements Bloodline and Physique. This action made fei mad. He let painful growl and said "Damn! Black bead if this causes any harm to me then listen well even though I am weak now, one day when I get strong, I will enter your bead to destroy one who is doing this. So you better be obedient."


As if the black bead heard fei, it starts releasing enormous energy to suppress fei arrogance. After all, now fei is just a weak character in front of black bead. But what black bead didn't think that fei would counterattack at this moment.

"Damn Black Bead"

���Dragon Elephant Suppresses God"

"Eternal Will Suppresses the Heaven"

"Golden Buddha Bloodline- Buddha Prestige"

Fei didn't back down, he let his entire tricks from his arsenal. AT this moment, inside his consciousness, four phantoms appeared.

The first one was a black human-like figure but it was producing evil like the energy in all directions. The second was a dragon head elephant body figure that was letting his suppression into a black human figure. The third was a golden fei which is fei will. At this moment, he was sitting crossed leg with one of his eyes open letting terrifying aura from him. Finally last one was, a golden figure sitting on a white lotus.

This was Buddha's figure. This wasn't his bloodline ability but the prestige of his bloodline. Even though he doesn't understand why he hasn't gained any ability but activating this bloodline is enough to suppress anyone under fei cultivation.

"Boom" "Boom" "Boom" "Boom"

After several collisions, the black human figure disappeared while fei was saying something "I don't know why you choose me and I don't care. I want to grow fast so help me and I will return that favor"

Although not long words but enough to make the black-figure understand fei intention, it let the smile on its face before disappearing.

"Congratulation for creating new physique"

At this moment, the system rang in his mind as he though. Seems like this achievement caught the system's eyes. Fei then read a new interface in front of him.

Five Elements Devouring Physique

Level- Spirit middle rank

Ability 1- Devour = It can devour another physique to increase its level.

Ability 2- Five Elements Body Tempering = It can be used to absorb five elements treasures to temper own body

Description= Physique made of Five Elements Bloodline, Five Elements Physique, and Sky Swallowing Demon Beast Blood. This physique is different from another physique not because of devouring ability but it is made out of the same physique.

Five Elements Devouring Origin- Two (It represents physique limit; that his physique can absorb others, limit increases with Physique)

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